16 Realms Collection - Seventh Realm

Seventh Realm 30ml

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The Seventh Realm Essence

Ingredients: A blend of flower, gem and cosmic essences, water and alcohol

Suggested Dosage: 10 drops, twice daily under tongue, or in a glass of water

Creative Alchemy, Reverence, Interdimensional Communication


- Supports increased High Self thinking, self-empowerment, inner strength and feeling safe on the Earth

- Grounds spirit forces within the body and the ability to work lovingly on the physical plane

- Amplifies the use of the second chakra to create our reality from a world of chaos, with purification when necessary and ability to love each other, the planet and all life.  This then encourages your soul to feel at home in your body and to resonate with the sweet song of belonging on Earth.

- Enhances the ability to journey into the mysteries of creative visualization and dream journaling, as used by ancient Shamans.  

- Relieves one from a sense of powerlessness, hopelessness, anger or depression due to physical or emotional trauma being released

- Promotes a strengthening of all forms of communication through an ability to enhance the transfer of information.  This could be at an interpersonal level, such as that between two people, or esoterically between Higher Self and earthly self.  Sharpens whichever sense is required for a greater level of comminication to take place.  This also includes a strengthening of telepathic abilities and clairaudience as well as creative activities associated with the throat chakra such as singing or speaking.  

- Supports re-birthing ones self to restore balance and perspective with one's process, and the ability to fully engage in life

- Eases things one has had a "charge" around, that are not so important as to lose one's center; for instance, in an argument, assists recognition of what one is wiling to give up.  

- Releases fixations, rigid attitudes, tantrums, inappropriate use of will.  This brings clarity, centering, integrity of self, discernment to what is highest option; releases harsh attitudes that create strife among family, friends.  More letting go and compassion will then flow. 

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