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Brand Unavailable Product Substitute    
Physica Alkalize C   Pro Vitamin C
Physica Biocurcumin Phytosome Theracurcumin Pro-60
Physica Bio-Omega3 or Omega Gold OptiMega-3 or OptiMega-3 with Vitamin D
Physica Buffered Magnesium Magnesium CitraMal
Physica Carduus Marianus Milk Thistle Tincture
Physica Cat's Claw Tincture Cat's Claw Tincture
Physica Cilantro Intrinsic Cilantro and Yellowdock Tincture
Physica CoQ10 Liposome Tincture PQQ or Ubioquiol CoQ10 or CogniQ
Physica Dandi Intrinsic Dandelion Tincture
Physica Dong Quai Intrinsic Angelica Tincture
Physica Echina Intrinsic Echinacea & Astragalus Tincture
Physica Guggulipid Intrinsic Guggulipid & Green Tea Tincure
Physica Hawthorn Intrinsic Hawthorn Tincture
Physica HPA Axis CortAlign
Physica HypoZymase BioDigest
Physica Lapacho Intrinsic Pau D'arco Tincture
Physica Maca Intrinsic Maca Tincture
Physica Methyl B-12 Spray B12 Methylcobalamin
Physica Omega Gold or Bio-Omega3 OptiMega-3 or OptiMega-3 with Vitamin D
Physica PancreaLF BioDigest
Physica Sambucuus Intrinsic Magical Child Elixir
Physica Solray-D Vitamin D3 or Vitamin K2, D3 and A
Physica Temple Warrior Thrive Immune Blend
AOR Estro-Adapt EstroVantage
AOR GABA Gaba Chews
AOR Holy Basil Caps Holy Basil Tincture