2013: The Year of Possibility and Transformation

“Wrap our souls in the shroud of rapture and sound.  Create in us everything which has been lost and all which is unknowable.” – From Song of the End, Christine Fortuin

“I dwell in possibility…The spreading wide my narrow Hands, To gather Paradise” – From I dwell in Possibility, Emily Dickinson

2012 heralded the largest human awakening on the planet.  We were firmly told by the Universe that our Light was needed here.  Through personal and common adversity and tragedy we were guided and supported on this new path.  Those of us that took this Universal gift and used it to find self-love and growth now have the prospect of embracing possibility and further transformation in 2013.

Now that we learned to love ourselves more deeply, we have the ability to open our tender hearts and truly learn to help others from a place of service.  We did this step by step; by shedding layers of subconscious wounding, shame, guilt and blame.  This taxing process permitted us to truly be seen and accept others in on a deeper level.  This makes Universal Love now possible and has begun to dissolve the walls between all people.  We have the opening in our hearts to connect more deeply with others and see the commonality of our human experience.  This kind of loving honesty is the deepest union we can have with each other.  We gather vigorous life force and dynamic health when we connect with ourselves and another living being this intimately.  When we live this way everything is possible. 

At this time in our evolution the theme of possibility for humanity isbest mirrored in The Magical Child archetype (as described in the fourth chakra section of my book, page 153).  The Magical Child archetype is an emerging collective human behavior that we are cultivating to meet the challenges in the new paradigm, which is aptly named: The Age of Love.  The Magical Child reminds us to explore life with spontaneity, awe, and a renewed sense of connection to all living things.  It strives to take time to live in the present moment and find the deeper meaning in every situation. This archetype perseveres with courage and a pure heart when faced with difficult circumstances.

It is time to return to child-like wonder and the belief that anything can happen. In doing so one’s life can transform from mundane and stale to a mystical adventure of the unexpected.  This year many will line up with their new soul journey to align more fully with what is sacred and spiritual.  Passion and purpose will fuse into one.  We need this heart based energy to catapult ourselves to the next level of world change.

The Magical Child is connected and inherently bonded with all things feminine.  All of us will be drawn ever closer to nature and to vigilantly protecting the feminine (Mother Earth, children, women and animals).  As humans with a building feminine force inside of us which is demanding to be heard, we will increasingly challenge old ways of thinking and doing through spiritual activism and benevolent action versus the old paradigm of anger, destruction and conflict.  This is starting to happen all over the world and will grow with intensity in the next three years.  It is now possible that enough of us will unite together and step out of our comfort zone and complacency to make the needed changes.  2012 gave enough of us the consciousness to know that we cannot stand by and allow the feminine to be desecrated any longer.

As part of this archetypal and energetic change within us the flu virus has been staying with people longer than usual and then mutating; just when you think it is over you get ill again.  This is an intense cleansing in many of us that is affecting the sinus, throat, thymus and lung area the hardest and will continue until the end of January.  Our fourth and fifth chakras are aligning with the new level of loving consciousness but unfortunately we are being hit physically hard through this process.  I have found myself feeling ill off and on since November.  It merely means we are clearing to move to a higher vibration and as this shift occurs we do not feel like our “normal” selves.  Since there have been such intense shifting in the last two years, it seems that many of us had one health event after the other.  As one shifts there is also the tendency to feel absent minded, forgetful, lack clear thinking, the feeling of heart palpitations and other abnormal sensations.  I get a throbbing in my throat for a day, or last year, due to the intensity of shifting, I would inexplicably throw up.  Not pleasant but it certainly cleared everything out so that I could move forward!  We will continue this recalibration process and in doing so find the possibility of drawing ever closer to our heart’s calling.  This will happen for the first six months of the year, so we must now be patient, continue our clearing process and allow Divine intention to unfold and lay down its path before us.



Important Cosmic Dates for Jan and Feb 2013:

New Moon – Friday January 11th

Full Moon – Saturday, January 26th

Imbolc/ Mid-Winter – Saturday, February 2nd

New Moon – Saturday, February 9th

Full Moon – Monday, February 25th

Mercury Retrograde – February 23rd to March 17th

To help you navigate through the first part of 2013:  for the flu virus – Cat’s Claw, Astragalus, Reishi, Vitamin C & D, Healthy Boundaries tea, Release the Grief tea, Love Chakra tea.  To align you with spirit and sacredness – The Guru Essence. To open your heart and to  find courage to be emotionally available – Hawthorn and Borage or The Lover Elixir or The Lover Essence.