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Awaken to Your True Self and Embody Wholeness

Elevate Your Consciousness!

Join me on a transformative journey of spiritual growth and self mastery during these unprecedented times of planetary awakening and the Age of Aquarius. 

We are preparing for the next Golden Age that begins in 2032.  However, many are unprepared and will find these initiatory years confusing, frustrating and hopeless unless one is willing to actively engage with and master the principles and laws of the Universe and Divine Creation. 

As a sensitive, intuitive, empath, as well as Lightworker, Wayshower, Lightbearer, Starseed, and/or Awakened Soul, you already know that this is a sacred and alchemical time, but you feel you need more guidance, consciousness, and spiritual support to help you navigate your way through.

This online learning portal is for you if:
  • You want to take responsibility and accountability for your personal self-mastery, and understand that to 'be the change" you must choose to anchor the new co-creative paradigm shift into your earthly body/mind. 
  • You recognize that nature has its own energetic, psychospiritual healing powers and is a powerful ally in your evolution.
  • You wish to engage with the wise counsel of archetypal energies situated in your chakras to support you through earthly and spiritual trials.
  • You recognize that high vibrational, galactic alignment and attunement is the new way of BE-ing human.

BECOME your Divine True Self and express your earthly and spiritual purpose! 

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the courses start and finish?

When you purchase a course you will have access to all of the lessons immediately. 

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to a course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. 

What if I am unhappy with the course?

If you are genuinely unsatisfied with a course for whatever reason, contact me within the first 7 days of your purchase via email: to arrange a full refund. In the case of pre-enrolling in a course that is yet to be launched , you will have 7 days from the start date of the courses for a full refund. 

How long does it take to complete the courses?

This varies depending on the level of your concentration, interest, time given etc. For example, for Navigating the Ascension Journey, it takes approximately 20 uninterrupted hours to read the content of this course. This excludes the time needed to apply the information and reflection questions, as well as practice with the belief cards and other tools. Navigating Spiritual Embodiment is similar. Navigating the Future has about 5 hours of video content, plus pdfs and support materials.

These are not the type of online courses that you can complete in a couple of hours. You will likely work on them for a few weeks to begin with, and then often revisit it.  The information in these courses stretches out to a lifetime of Ascension influence, and it will take time to apply if you are using it in a healing or therapy practice setting.

Once you dive into any of these courses the information will start energetically recalibrating you. You will find that it takes time to integrate/digest parts of the information fully before you mentally and intuitively open to receive more. It is best you honour the time you need to truly receive the full value of these courses and enjoy the journey of reconnecting with your True Self.

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