Health and Psychospiritual Consultations

These 45-minute to 1 hour sessions include Plant Spirit Medicine protocols to help you facilitate higher states of consciousness and dissolve negative psychospiritual and physical issues /patterns.
All consultations will be conducted via Zoom.


Adult initial consultation
$140 + GST (includes a copy of my book, Opening the Senses of the Soul)

Adult follow-up consultation
$95 + GST

Wise Person initial consultation (65 years and over)
$110 + GST (includes a copy of my book, Opening the Senses of the Soul)

Wise Person follow-up (65 years and over)
$85 + GST

Child consultations (up to 17 years old)
$85 + GST
If you are booking in for a Health and Psychospiritual appointment with Samantha, these intake forms must be completed prior to your session:  Senses of the Soul Health Questionnaire

    Soul Chakra Reading

    A 45-minute, in person, intuitively channeled reading regarding your dominant chakra, soulful purpose & gifts, life lessons and current challenges.  
    $225 + GST

    This reading will be conducted via Zoom.

    Soul Wisdom Oracle Reading

    A 20-minute audio Oracle Reading using the Senses of the Soul Oracle Card Deck. $88 + GST

    I will record a 20-minute audio recording about your soulful journey at this time using my Oracle Card Deck along with any Cosmic, Ascended Master, and/or Angelic guidance that is channeled.  The audio session will be emailed to you.  When you purchase this session you can include any specific questions that you want me to answer in the special instructions section on the shipping cart.  Note: this session is not about predicting your future, but to give you specific clarity and wisdom needed at this time on your life journey.  

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    Individual Soul Journey Box

    A soulful box tailored to your individual needs! $66 + GST

    To guide you on your journey, I will channel a mini soul reading message for you, or the person you wish to gift this box to.  The box also includes three Senses of the Soul products that I intuit to help you at this time:  an Archetypal flower/gem essence, a spray and a tea.  If you wish to send this box to someone whom you feel could use the support, please put their name and the reason why you wish to send them this box in the "Special Instructions" section of the check-out page.  I will write a channelled message and include it in the mailing box. 

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    Watch a live recorded Soul Chakra Reading that I did during the "Do What You Really Love" Telesummit!