2014: The Year of the Spiritually Fittest (Part 1)

“The law of evolution is that the strongest survives!’ ‘Yes, and the strongest, in the existence of any social species, are those who are most social. In human terms, most ethical…There is no strength to be gained from hurting one another. Only weakness.” ― Ursula K. Le Guin

“The crisis of our times is not only an ecological and political crisis but a spiritual one.” – Anne Baring

 “Nihilism is a natural consequence of a culture (or civilization) ruled and regulated by categories that mask manipulation, mastery and domination of peoples and nature.”  ― Cornel West, The Cornel West Reader

January 2014 has not roared in to greet us, nor has it been a seamless transition for us either.  These last few weeks have been more of a whimper than a bang.  Instead the first half of January has been a time to contemplate our next moves, continue to cull away the excess baggage of our inner life and integrate our lessons from a most transformational 2013.   In fact, many of us are still a little stunned from last year’s learning and are grieving the patriarchical world that we are leaving behind.

This collective human state at the moment is best reflected in a flower called:  Angel’s Trumpet (see picture below).  Angel’s Trumpet’s spiritual energy is specifically targeted towards our inner masculine woundedness.  Our human history with core values that embraced annihilation and domination has deeply wounded us and our planet.  At this point in our co-creative evolution we have finally hit the wall and have been literally forced to look at and live through aspects of this shadow of our masculine. Last year served to show us that only through the unshackling of old core values and ideas about our relationships with each other, other species and nature, can we be truly free.  Only through a deep surrender of personal will to control and dominate will we be able to have healthy expressions of creativity, passion and inner power and be able to therefore serve each other and the planet.  Many of us who are now walking a conscious path learned to surrender and be receptive to change internally; without pushing and pulling.  It is in the being that we become open to aligning with Universal Will, receive wisdom through this receptiveness and then blossom into our individual aspiration. In essence we become “spiritually fit” – truly becoming whole and integrating our human soul with Oneness.

Our past need to dominant and control (outwardly or passive aggressively) is now showing up as a deep soulful call to be responsible for ourselves, live in harmony with each other and to co-create.  We are still struggling with this concept but the tipping point officially came on December 21,2013 . However as I have explained in my book Opening the Senses of the Soul, it takes months for new consciousness, once it hits our Pineal gland (7th chakra) from the Divine source, to integrate through to the rest of our chakras, our body, our DNA and our cells so that we are truly “living it”. That is why we are having so many digestive and immune problems at the moment.

So it is important for the rest of January to find the courage to surrender, be still, continue to repair and re-order our lives with compassion and grieve this dying, patriarchical wound with our heart and emotions.  Remember that courage is the dividing line between low vibrating self-serving behavior, and empowerment in service to the higher good. We are going through a deep spiritual death of our old masculine self – and as a result many are feeling unsure, lost or unmotivated.

Co-creation has truly taken hold in our collective psyche however we find ourselves on a new road without a map and only vague directions.  If we cannot and should not control and direct our life or the actions of others, if we cannot have what we have been told by our culture and its institutions that we should want, if we cannot stay attached to a material way of life to acquire what we think we must have to give us a sense of purpose and abundance, if we give up our old way of living to embrace something completely different – then what is next?

Many of us have dreamed of a world that is fair-minded, safe, collaborative and abundant for all creatures.  And that is just the point:  we have mostly talked about it, wished for it, perhaps dipped our toe in and then sat on the sidelines cheering the few who have dared to live their lives differently from the zombie like hoards.  We are still on some level even after the forced self transformation of last year, not completely shedding our old skin and opening with joy and willingness to change.  There are glimmers of light, some excitement, malaise, some movement forward and trepidation that many are feeling deep within their soul.

It is extremely important to become gratefully receptive during this intense spiritual dying and rebirthing process so that we can receive the necessary insights and motivation to integrate the new masculine and feminine together within each of us.  To live co-creation more deeply through being spiritually fit is our direction for 2014. I have seen many wonderful forecasts for 2014 but I do not feel comfortable laying out details at this time. I will do so in Part 2 of my next blog on the New Moon (Jan 30th).  We will then be ready to transition into living these deep changes that we have gone through since 2008.

Our New Year will not kick up its heels until after February 1st , which is the official Chinese New Year; The Year of the Wood Horse.  With this horse energy the key words for the next phase of our human journey are freedom, power, adventure and passion!  But first we must get through this last bit of dying and rebirthing…until then…

Blessings and love,


Physical and Psycho spiritual Symptoms for January: we have been hit by two set of solar flares since the beginning of Jan; on Jan 1st and Jan 7th respectfully.  These solar flares are anchoring the Oneness consciousness within us.  So we have and will still be experiencing mood swings, sluggishness, slow bowel movements, gallbladder pain, tightness in shoulders and neck, menstrual irregularities, being spacey, depression, headaches, pressure on the eyes, hot flashes with sweating, sleep disturbances, bouts of excessive dreaming, insomnia and shakiness. The flu swept in with a vengeance before, during and after the holidays. As mentioned above it is important to be still, rest and allow one’s self to absorb the wisdom of last year.  Until we learn to surrender to our learning addictive behaviors will continue to plague us.   So know that you may feel compelled to over eat, over drink, over sleep, overwork and in general over indulge until you have properly balanced your third chakra power center on this next leg of your spiritual journey.  Understand that you are being initiated:  any kind of death or change in your life will also mark the birth of a new you, a different version of you, so understand that this is the process you are in right now – you are not going backward – you are making progress!

Herbal Allies for January:  Cat’s Claw is working well for the stomach flu and for general flu support; it also protects against the invasive/abusive energies of others. Elderberry is excellent for viruses and colds.  It actually blocks and inactivates virus receptors in the body. Elderberry reminds us that we are already Light.  It enables us to hold the light amid great darkness as it dissolves all shadows.  Reishi Mushroom is a great immune supporter.  It also stills the mind, reduces negative or worrisome thoughts, and provides a bridge from head to heart so that one can live from ones heart and from one’s passion.  Reishi, like other mushrooms, is about the murky mystery of death and rebirth – a transmutation from decay to new life which shows that in the circle of life all is really connected. Support these herbs with Vitamin C and D!

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Important cosmic events for Jan, Feb, March 2014:

New Moons – Jan 30, March 1

Full Moons – Jan 15, Feb 14 (Valentine’s Day)

1st Mercury Retrograde of 2014 – Feb 6 to Feb 28