2014: The Year of the Spiritually Fittest (Part 2)

“Once you go into a ceremony, you go into the light, around the curve, and you bring your patients back from another world where they are already dead, from lack of spirituality.” – Yakima healer

“The white man talks about the mind and body and spirit as if they are separate.  For us they are one.  Our whole life is spiritual, from the time we get up until we go to bed. – Yakima healer

 “Every action should be taken with thoughts of its effects on children seven generations from now.” – Cherokee saying

As I mentioned in my last blog, those of us walking the conscious path of human evolution in 2013 learned to surrender and be receptive to change.  Pushing, pulling, demanding, pleading, suppressing or ignoring as responses to inevitable evolutionary shifts will not bring the desired results that we think we need.  We learned that it is in the being that we become open to aligning with Universal Will, receive wisdom through this receptiveness and then blossom into our individual aspiration. In essence we become “spiritually fit” – truly becoming whole and integrating our human soul with the universal energies of Oneness. (See my last blog for more details)

As we move into the Year of the Wood Horse on February 1st, our newborn “spiritually fit” self is much more secure and ready for new adventures.  We now stand taller, we love more deeply and feel more self-responsible.  Our hearts have expanded; we know that we are not alone and that we are all in this together.  Repairing the planet happens firstly in our own heart’s and then with others.  Last year’s energy of introspection now gives way to “Living It’ on the outside of us.  It is time to come out of the spiritual closet and practice our new found inner power; we need to align this new sense of ourselves in our daily actions, in our choices and in all of the sentient relationships that we encounter.  In essence we are being asked to take living to a higher spiritual frequency so that more people will follow.  It is important to understand that everything we say, do and think in the next two years will greatly affect what we manifest and therefore significantly impact the future of our children and the planet.

With these concepts of spiritual mindfulness and energetic connection we can then embrace the energy of 2014 which is reflected in these four key words:  Freedom, Power, Adventure and Passion.

Freedom – We will continue to break through patterns throughout the first half of the year (Jan to June) – as we break thorough we will be soulfully living many of the changes that we mentally shifted in 2013 which will bring forth even more spiritual growth.  We will be practicing our new breakthrough behavior so that we can fully integrate it within our cells and DNA and wholly shed the patterns that no longer serve our spiritual growth.  So be ever vigilant about the people around you, the events that are unfolding and the signs from the Universe. We will also be learning to express our true thoughts and feelings to each other more with love, versus edginess or judgement.  Hooray!  And with this new sense of growing inner freedom we will know that everything that we do in our life is by choice and that we are free to choose again.  With our lives we will find more passion and be able to complete our regular routine with a loving mind-set so that we do not feel trapped.  Or we will be guided to do something else completely new.  More change is coming in this area for many!

Power – We will continue to strengthen our third chakra and live authentically – we will be letting go of outmoded gender roles and living more as ourselves. With casting out rigid roles that suffocate the soul we will find more divine love, wisdom and emotional intelligence.  As our true power grows and we accept ourselves for who we are we can radiate it out into the world in miraculous ways.   As we do this we will take on more responsibility, self-discipline and expand our psychic abilities.

Adventure – Continuing to live our “new self “will bring gentle or bumpy new adventures. We will be working hard this year but it will also bring ample rewards and abundance to those that are embracing their soulful break through and spiritual ah ha moments.  We have so much work to do in order to change things in our world, but as we infuse our individual and collective efforts with passionate purpose the entire planet will shift.  We will start to see more human souls wake up and want to embrace the 5th dimensional values of co-creation, including shifting from “materialistic doing” to the Mystic archetype of “soulful and spiritual serving”.

Passion – We will continue to infuse ourselves with the feminine energy of creation in our work and our life, forge more co-creation with others, and fuse more passion into all our relationships.  Passion can come in many forms – so look for what lights your inner fire and do NOT be afraid to head in that direction!  If we are not living from our heart center with desire then the Universe will show us how to…for better or for worse! More joy and creative pursuits will see us move into passionate purpose so that it makes it easier to get out bed in the morning and start our day!  Like a determined turtle we are being asked to grow this year at a slow and steady pace.  Our lives will be more complete if we take the time to enjoy ourselves, and our body will be healthier and our mind clearer.   Make balancing work with play a priority!  Embracing our Magical Child archetype will bring infinite possibility and joyful awe back into our soul and cells.

Other 2014 soulful tidbits:   A tipping point has come in our second chakra in which we must redefine passion in our sexual lives.  True inner passion that feeds our soul will mean shifting our relationship to sex (2nd chakra energy) to something spiritual in nature (7th chakra) and based on love (4th chakra); we need to hold sexual relations between people in a sacred way.  Sacred sex need not be confined to marriage vows or patriachical religious tradition. The seeds of Sacred Union were firmly planted into our collective consciousness in 2013; we must now grow and nurture this within the second chakra energy center.  I will not go into much detail in this blog but will say that women in particular must learn to work with their sexuality in a more Goddess like way to cultivate creative energy so that the Sacred Feminine takes a stronger hold in our individual and collective psyche. In 2014 and beyond, more women and their partners will start to shift their guilt and beliefs about sex and cast off outmoded beliefs about sexual relations.  Fusing sex with spirituality will heal the deep wounding our culture has around sex and allow more wholeness, spirituality and bliss.

We will continue to need to take care of our health – our body will speak more in concert with our mind versus our mind ruling the relationship.  We will find that our bodies are becoming more delicate as we raise our vibration.  Listen to your body and act accordingly or you will be hit over the head!  Balance and peace are key concepts this year.  We will need to balance work with rest, and work with play. Cancer rates and other health issues such as the flu virus will continue to peak – so we need to look after ourselves!  Growing our own food, working with nature, cleansing the body, looking after our teeth (for some reason this is a big one this year) and facing our psycho-spiritual issues are paramount to vibrant health.

Trusting your gut instinct will also be important this year – more than ever we will need to listen intuitively to know if people who are telling us things are acting with integrity. There will be great temptation to try to ignore things around us that challenge our power as last year was a very difficult year physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Our Spiritual Warrior archetype will be needed more than ever this year. It is literally survival of the spiritually fittest in 2014.  But through this we will find even more inner power, grow in compassion and feel a stronger sense of purpose.

Many who are still resisting this great shift in human consciousness will continue to transition out of this reality versus those who choose to live with more wholeness and authenticity in the Age of Divine Love.  We are now in a cycle where we will build our new civilization that will culminate in 2032.  More about this in my next blog!



Physical and Psycho spiritual Symptoms for February:  Shortly before Feb we have a powerful New Moon/ lunar transit on Jan 30th.  As well expect that there will be more solar flare activity in Feb – this will affect our energy levels, our emotions and our ability to think clearly but will also continue to raise our consciousness en masse to Oneness.  We will slowly come out of last year’s spiritual death and into rebirth during this month however we will be clearing away any leftover debris again during Mercury Retrograde (Feb 6-28).  It is important to continue to align our human actions with cosmic events.  So watch how you feel and what bodily symptoms you have before, during and after new moons, full moons and other cosmic cycles.  Learn to walk with the rhythms of the earth; honour the seasons, grow food in alignment with the cosmic calendar, notice when your menstrual cycle is each month.  Know you are connected and create a sacred altar to honour this connection.  The more you align with universal energy, the less your body will take on health issues.

Herbal Allies for February:  Elderberry is excellent for viruses and colds.  It actually blocks and inactivates virus receptors in the body. Elderberry reminds us that we are already Light.  It enables us to hold the light amid great darkness as it dissolves all shadows.  Ginger warms and stimulates digestion, helps one discern the best choices for one’s life, Brings clarity in life direction, and the sweetness, joy and warmth of knowing one is in harmony with one’s Divine purpose. Rose Hip is the seed of love – seeing the potential in everything; being childlike and seeing the world with rose coloured glasses. Embracing our inner girl or boy and seeing the world with grateful eyes.  Loaded with bioflavonoid and Vitamin C.

Senses of the Soul products:  Thrive Immune Tea, Love Chakra Tea (contains Rose hip), Magical Child Essence or Elixir (the Elixir contains Elderberry tincture and is excellent for virus protection), The Spiritual Warrior Elixir (contains Ginger tincture,  is an excellent liver and digestive tonic during the cold months, stimulates digestion, increases energy levels and alleviates spleen congestion), Mystic Essence or Elixir (the Elixir contains Echinacea and is good support for the immune system), Cosmic Consciousness Protection (useful during solar flares and other cosmic events).  Further product info can be found here:  http://www.sensesofthesoul.ca/shop/

Important cosmic events for Feb & March 2014:

New Moons – Jan 30, Mar 1

Full Moons – Feb 14 (Valentine’s Day), Mar 16

Imbolc/Candlemas – Feb 2 – a pagan earth ritual that celebrates the first signs of spring and the return of the sun. Usually all candles in the house are lit after sunset for a short period of time to honour the return of light.

1st Mercury Retrograde of 2014 – Feb 6 to Feb 28

(Pictured below – the Mystic Mandala)


Mystic Mandala