2015 : The Return of Sovereignty

It’s your road, and yours alone, others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you. – Rumi

Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you. – Ali ibn abi Talib

Come out of the masses, stand alone like a Lion, and live your life according to your own Light. – Osho

Unlike the beginning of 2014 which lulled with slow and deep contemplation, the start of 2015 will bring more swift transformation and movement forward in our inner development.  This year will bring the return of Sovereignty – the ability to gain the absolute internal power that is our birthright.  This universal gift of fearless authenticity that has never before been available in human history because our feminine and masculine selves have been so out of alignment with each other, has always been universally available.  Many have written and talked about the human race needing to strive for Oneness within and a connection with all that is, but none have ever “lived it”- as everything must be in alignment with the whole and the universal timing supported by the infinite.

But because of last year’s deep spiritual lessons which brought us into more empowerment, wholeness, humility and inner truth, and the current alignment with Divine timing in the new Age of Love, our internal partnership now has the blueprint and a resolute agreement to walk forward into living Oneness.  Those that walked a deep path in the last few years during the co-creative revolution and have transformed through the initiation period will be allowed the opportunity to reach and embody their true Sovereign archetypal potential in 2015 and beyond.

The Sovereign archetype within this combined heaven and earth matrix is achieved when the two halves of us grow from the Princess and Prince Archetypes into a Sacred Union between King and Queen (see my book pages 107-118).  Like so much of our healing, the aspiration of the Sovereign is to help us achieve and maintain a balance of personal power in both the masculine and feminine manifestations of it in our lives.  Without the integration of BOTH in ourselves, we will be unable to live in peace, partnership and co-creation with others and our world.

Our existence on earth up until this year has been based on striving for empowerment that continued to elude us because of our human patriachical past based on power outside of ourselves– however moving into 2015 with the slate wiped relatively clean and a collective crow bar which has opened us up to an Awakened Heart, this new co-creative universal energy is radiating and available for those of us who will bravely continue to work toward embracing it.  Our human DNA and cells now have the reactivated code and memory to ignite a very different way to relate, live and love.  And the relationship with the two dual parts of ourselves, our masculine and feminine, have come into partnership enough that we can create the Sovereign energy of the Beloved – a more compassionate and passionate engagement with ourselves and our world.  If we consciously choose to we can bring more meaning and depth to our work, our relationships and our view of the future.

In January we will continue to clean up any leftover residue.  Those that rise above the heaviness  from 2014 and reach for co-creative light will see swift changes in the parts of their life that were cleared of past trauma, wounding and karma.  Each of us still has our own journey to walk with ourselves and with our experience of Love, but with the Beloved within our grasp, we will have a resolute soul guide to light our way.

Many blessings on your 2015 soul’s journey,


Physical and Psycho-spiritual symptoms for January:  This is an exciting year that will be full of surprises, twists, turns and passionate Creation – if we stay open, present, in our personal power and without an agenda.  Most of our past karma, wounding and old belief systems are behind us!  For those of us who choose conscious living with authenticity this is a year that will see the fruit of our labour in many areas:  deeper relationships, soulful work, more connection with Love within and without, and a re-ignition of our passion.   There will still be work to open up to more Love which will continue to have us reassess our values and identity.  But as our heart is revealed through the peeling away of each layer of protection we will find what we desire step by step and create healthier emotional boundaries.  it is important to continue to take the time for everything to line up for us; no cutting corners or forcing!  Mercury Retrograde (see below dates) will bring up shadow for us to clear so that we can step into more creative power – it will be an arduous time but if we keep our perspective and humour about our learning the growth will be easier.  As a side note, this is a year when more men will wake up to conscious living; those women who have been waiting for their men (or a man) to journey with them may be pleasantly surprised.

Expect physical symptoms in January such as digestive issues which include gallbladder discomfort and constipation off and on, tightness in shoulders and neck, headaches, muscle aches and pain, flu symptoms, menstrual irregularities, up and down energy patterns and emotional trials.  In 2015 there will continue to be more cancer in those that are not clearing fast enough to ascend into Love – it is important to remember that we always have a choice and that disease is the catalyst for healing on this earth or leaving to go to another existence; both states of being are freeing, require courage and neither is wrong.

Senses of the Soul products:  The Sovereign Elixir invites us to step into our own authentic power and embrace our co-creative masculine and feminine energies, provides nurturing to the soul, eases flu symptoms,   The Warrior Essence helps us transform feelings of anger, rage and hurt into happiness, courage and empowered action. It gives us the confidence to protect our boundaries and stand up for what is true for us,  The Spiritual Warrior Elixir provides the courageous endurance to live our truth, even when doing so requires sacrifice and may cause pain, is a tonic for liver function, warms digestion and promotes circulation,  The Lover Elixir to stay heart centered, opening the heart to loving wisdom, keeps heart and solar plexus circulation flowing, calms palpitations and pain,  The Mystic Elixir  ignites the creative energy of the second chakra in resolute faith of a higher calling, also facilitates Sacred Union of the feminine and masculine within to allow a spiritual life with soulful earthly purpose, contains Echinacea for immune support, Sacred Union Tea to embrace the Union within, balances male and female hormones, reignites passion, balances forces of Heaven and Earth. Feel No Fear Tea calms and soothes the nervous system, promotes peaceful sleep while processing.

Important cosmic events for January and February:

Full Moon – January 4, February 3

New Moon – January 20, February 18

Mercury Retrograde– January 21 to February 11

Major Meteor Showers – Quadrantid – January 4

Pictured: The Sovereign Archetype (from Opening the Senses of the Soul, page112)