2016: The Year of Passionate Ingenuity

There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative. – W. Clement Stone

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” ― Wayne W. Dyer

“Our lives are always challenging us to look at ourselves over and over again.  This is to help us love more deeply, see more clearly, and discover what has closed our hearts which blocks the flow of abundance.  We all have a choice to break our shells and create a new world.”- Mark Nepo

To compare 2015 with riding in an out of control roller coaster without a seat belt is not really an adequate description of the illuminative carnage of this year, but its close.  There were twists, turns and catastrophic jolts, all meant to unearth and raise alarm to anything that did not serve our soulful evolution moving into 2016.  Whether we chose to see the Truth of Self in all the chaos of this year is still being processed and will continue, along with planning and introspection well into the end of January.  The learning from 2015 has brought more vulnerable resilience to us, we were asked to go with the flow of chaos without hesitation, and to be enfolded in the happenings while remaining present and sane.  We were also gifted the art of balancing our physical, mental and emotional self throughout the huge downloads of new consciousness and intense clearing that were required to raise ourselves and humanity to a new level of co-creative existence.  There were many events and adventures that asked us to be more self-responsible and embrace our Sovereign archetype.  This new awareness of heart centered empowerment is still being finessed, and will be put to the test in 2016.

Our efforts are being rewarded:  December 25, 2015 officially marked the end of 3D living; no more can human interactions be based on fear, illusion, control, destruction,  duality, separateness, victim consciousness, low vibrating feelings (such as blame, shame, fear, conditional love), in authenticity, reacting to situations around us, rigid structure, materialistic living,  being weighed down with trauma, wounding and emotions, head centered living, unconscious thoughts and judgements, no soul purpose, being goal driven, or competitive.  Because of the shift in frequencies to higher co-creative values, if we try to be in a 3D reality it will now slingshot around and bite us in our karmic butt.   The Universal energies forced humanity’s hand and we rose to the occasion to create great societal change, and more group coherence as a means to initiate positive transformation on a mass scale. The Age of Love is more entrenched as we move into 4D reality.   We all participated, in one way or another, to end the patriarchal paradigm.

4D is the growing pain stage, and we will be navigating this terrain at great speed until June – when 5D, Heaven on Earth, descends into our consciousness due to galactic forces.  4D allows a wider range of thoughts, beliefs and possibility, we start to remember who we really are, there is more flow of grace and ease in life, more detachment, more responsibility for ourselves, more letting go of our past (karmic and real time), more letting go of clutter in all areas of our life, learning that we choose our reality, aligning with our soul’s purpose and bridging of head and heart.  We are already reactivated, re-coded and re-wired for this kind of existence after the Great Cleansing of 2015, so 2016 will be applying what is already innate to live it more fully. 4D energy will be a pressure cooker for the passionate new consciousness that will bring further innovations, change, and shifts in our thinking, upheaval in government and other social institutions as the old continues to be exposed and broken down.  A beautiful mess of further chaos will create the New World.

January to June will force us to live in 4D so those that are not committed or still want to hang out in 3D will be uncomfortably pushed to live in this new timeline.   Anything one puts out in a 3D way will be amplified back.  I urge all my readers to focus on finding further balance in your life in all areas.  To cut the cords from people, places and things that are no longer needed.  We must rethink how we live, not dwell in what was or complain or blame.  We must work together with those that want more co-creation and find inventive solutions to current problems so that we can continue to uplift the One Love consciousness that we have created.  The more fully we open our hearts to one another, the more quickly our world will regrow, regenerate and blossom with abundance.  A passionate ingenious response at every instance will be called for in 2016; we must find the Will to use our inner resourcefulness and own effort to create the needed changes.  When we follow and build on our passion, the soul can truly express itself and can then assist us to move closer toward our highest good. 

More on this in my February blog – until then we must rest, reflect and absorb all that we have learned in 2015!  True consciousness beyond 3D reality is now here and we need to gather our energy for the amazing changes coming our way!

In service,


Physical and Psycho spiritual symptoms and predictions for January 2016: Something big is brewing.  It does not take a psychic genius to know that to move from 4d to 5d in this short amount of earth based time will require a large adjustment somewhere.  I am picking up murmurings from the Higher Realms that certain big events must occur to break down our old system faster, possibly beginning in early January.  I do not want to cause fear, for everything is unfolding in perfect order, and when these events occur it will illuminate further truth and allow us more freedom.  This can be very scary for those that do not like the “unknown” and still want to be “comfortable and looked after”  instead of standing in their own Self and being in service on the planet, so it is important to not allow fear to govern your responses and decisions as this happens in and around you.  REMEMBER NO MATTER WHAT THE CHAOS LOOKS LIKE HOLD THE ENERGY OF LOVE.

We can assist this process by being aware of what is concerning us, sitting with it, talking about it, journaling and being honest with ourselves. Goodbye must be said on all levels and humbleness through the process is key. Acceptance and recognition of our folly and learning brings the wisdom that gives us the answers we seek and cements in our personal truth.

This deep introspection is the start of Pre-Mercury Retrograde energy that is coming in during the month of January (see below for cosmic dates). So take the time to heal, rest when you need to and honour your healing process. Whatever you do clear during January will allow you to learn to trust again in the innocence and magic of life, and give your clearer direction of your personal path in 2016.

Expect symptoms such as crying, depression, fuzzy thinking and eyesight, gummy/ red eyes, vivid dreams, on and off digestive issues, heart issues, thyroid issues, sleep disturbances,“flu” symptoms, feeling off balance, feeling like you are in another dimension.

Our cellular structure, our DNA and body will continue to change to allow these new frequencies of Love and Light to anchor in ourselves and here on earth. I find that women are getting hit much harder than men.   I have mentioned in past blogs the ascension symptoms many of us are experiencing since 2012:  headaches, feeling dizzy or ungrounded, pressure in head, weight gain (especially in the last 1 ½ years), hormonal changes, energy surges, increase in addictive urges or weird cravings, mood swings, distrupted sleep patterns – especially around moon cycles and solar flares, sudden increase then decrease in appetite, skin rashes (which occur due to sudden purging then decrease), ringing or buzzing in the ears for a short time, memory lapses or memory issues, off and on menstrual irregularities or heavy bleeding, heart palpitations, heart energy surges, “fake” bladder infections and fevers, flu-like symptoms, sinus and lung congestion, very tight/stiff neck and shoulders, feeling the body more and being more detached from “things”.  Everything that lives on the earth and the earth itself is going through this transformation but changes are different for all and vary depending on how “Light” one already is, and when portals from the universe of new consciousness open and come to earth.

Recommended Senses of the Soul products:  The Sovereign Elixir invites us to step into our own authentic power and embrace our co-creative masculine and feminine energies. When we are connected with our authentic power we can maintain healthy personal boundaries and relationships, channel creativity, manifest abundance, and live a life of co-creative service, contains Calendula to support the immune system, nurture the soul and strengthen our power center.   The Lover Elixir calls forth the unconditional love and compassion already in your heart, contains Borage and Hawthorn for immune and circulation support, eases heart pain and palpitations.  The Guru Elixir reminds us that we are all ONE. It renews your sense of higher purpose and trust that all is as it’s meant to be, contains Lavender for easing fear and easing nervous tension. The Magical Child Elixir returns joy and innocence to your being and opens your heart to love, infinite possibility and light again, contains Elderberry and Rosehip for immune support. Teas:  Illumination Chakra Tea, Urban Warrior Tea, Release the Grief Tea, Sunshine Tea. Sprays: Lavender Hydrosol Spray (to erase fear and anchor in inner knowing – spray it on your pillow before you go to sleep!)

Important cosmic events for January 2016:

Quadrantids Meteor Shower: January 1-5, it peaks on Jan 3 & 4 – a time in which more of us will come together and celebrate all that has been achieved in 2015, more Unity consciousness will anchor in the collective, there may also be a world event that will unhinge our perception of reality.

New Moon:  Jan 10 – time to choose how to rebuild the weakest parts of your life and lay a firm foundation. Negative thinking, limiting beliefs, ignoring problematic situation and risky, addictive or careless lifestyles must be addressed so that positive changes can take place.  Heal past memories that hold your hostage.

Full Moon:  Jan 24 – time to let go of the monkey mind – let go of worry, despair and hopelessness so that a positive way or new path will be shown to you.  You can do this!

Mercury Retrograde:

Pre Shadow to Post Shadow – Dec 19 to Feb 14

Mercury Direct (most intense time of shadow healing) –Jan 5 to Jan 29

Pictured:  The Sovereign Archetype – January 2016 is the completion of 2015’s Year of the Sovereign – all that does not support our personal power and our integration of masculine and feminine in equal balance has not survived.  We will welcome 2016 in February with a clean slate and new start.  Rest now and integrate your lessons – It’s time to stop grasping at external forms of power and return to reign your own kingdom (or queendom)!!!.