2017: The Year of Bold Unified Vision

“We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.” – Gwendolyn Brooks

“If everyone helps to hold up the sky, then one person does not become tired.”
– Askhari Johnson Hodari

“Let us dedicate this new era to mothers around the world, and also to the mother of all mothers — Mother Earth. It is up to us to keep building bridges to bring the world closer together, and not destroy them to divide us further apart.”  – Suzy Kassem

Blessings on the New Year!  – It is a brave new year, in fact a new era – and we continue to shed our old Self rapidly and rise up once again.  A Big, Bold New Vision awaits us, along with beautiful adventures and magic in 2017.  The New Vision is still stirring within us, in the depths of us and nudging at our soul.  Our challenge this year will be to hold this vision on the outside of ourselves – especially when our humanness gets in the way!  Can the majority of us hold a vision of Unity and Co-creative Harmony during the next 12 months?  Do we have the perseverance and willingness to work hard for the Highest Good of ourselves and others?  

The ground will continue to shift under our feet – and instead of feeling fear we will need to bond together, roll up our sleeves and keep our hearts open.  Our feminine creativity is now completely unearthed, we are more impassioned from our growth in 2016 – and now we will be asked by Spirit in 2017 to plan and start to manifest our new found co-creative fertility. It will be quite an exciting year that is fast paced and will keep us on our toes!

Here are the Ascension Highlights for 2017:

It does not energetically feel to me that the “New Year” will start until after the New Moon on January 27th – until this time we will be grieving, letting go and tending to unfinished business as Mercury Retrograde plays out and goes direct January 9th.  New projects are looming but there are final pieces to put into place, more details to figure out and as the saying goes:  Slow and Steady wins the race.  

We are on a trajectory for the next 9 year cycle until 2024 that will pave the way for more Unity outside of ourselves, co-creation, innovation and events that will feed our spiritual and feminine growth as a collective. And as with anything that is a new creation with no concrete plan, this will be a messy, psychologically taxing and sometimes passionate/aggressive process. Some things will line up well, others will fall away in the initial stages.  Patience will continue to be needed and great understanding if we are to find new solutions that work for all!  As we saw in 2016 through Brexit and the U.S. election, great division will happen when one party is ignored, undervalued, underestimated or not heard with a compassionate ear.  Reparation, forgiveness and empathy will need to grow within each of us even more this year. As well as being practical and non-emotional about what is important.  

However, now that most of us (70% of humanity) have a stronger and more unified inner core, we can weather the chaos and uncertainty with more courage and perseverance.  Those that have embraced the visionary and inspirational ascension process will not be easily swayed from their path of fearless evolution on the planet.  So far we have done the inner work needed to stay solid and fix our unified eyes on a life that is passionate and of service and co-creative value.  Our leadership is needed more than ever to be examples to others, and to bond with each other where our soul demands to dismantle  and reshape old structures that no longer serve our growing human intellectual and intuitive capabilities.  Women and awakened men will be called to continue to step into leadership roles and take more risk outside of the box. Our masculine and feminine within want to partner together in great urgency in whatever way our soul knows must play out.

We are stretching this year to more awareness, connectivity, new innovations, new thinking, new social trends and will be more resourceful than ever!  The grassroots groups that popped up in 2016 to hold the old structures accountable and expose or tear them down will only grow this year.  People all over the world will come together to demand change.  Nothing will stop the truth from coming out and we will see right through any attempts to hide it!

The other 30% of the collective will continue to flounder, are just not capable, willing or want to evolve at this point – they would rather be apathetic, fight the shifts or steer the changes to the advantage of themselves versus the Highest Good.  This will not last, and it is important to remember this when the media still paints our reality as grim for us, whether truthful or not.  Yes there will be casualty and sorrow, and some great tragedies this year, however underneath this there is now a firmly planted Seed of Change, that will need to be tended and nourished over the next 9 years.  We will need to trust our gut, defy, thrive and shine!  And above all stay in the moment of the experience versus worrying about the future.

POWER, how we wield it and how it controls our actions will continue to be tested and dismantled – we either learn easily or the hard way – and there will be many tests and challenges in 2017.  Our 2nd and 3rd chakras continue to shift.  So be aware!  We are on a trajectory for a revolutionary way of being and healing!  Power also applies to the continued dismantling of our dependency on oil, gas, coal and other older power modes.  Western European countries, India  and even Russia will continue to lead in this area and set the example of Free Energy for all. Putin and Trump will keep us guessing and aware of our own way of being in our power.

Our Climate – the weather, seasons, nature – will continue to mirror our collective inner process –  More earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms and catastrophes will shake us up and therefore allow us to help one another and be more aware of our inter-connectedness with All. The earth is our 1st chakra anchor- our foundation – and if She is not stable we are not either!  

Cosmic Illumination –  The cosmic energy the continues to stream down on us with new illumination into our 7th chakra will become more conscious to us, and combined with our growing technological advances, more of the secrets and mysteries of the Universe will be discovered. Many are already aware of the impact that cosmic anomaly have on us such as solar flares, asteroid showers, galactic shock waves,geomagnetic storms – and there is more to come! And many more of us will be interested in our Star origins – there is a call from the universe to know we are part of it too; that we are all Star Children and made of Stardust.  The acceptance of this knowledge will allow more of us to feel Whole within.

In 2017, the year of new beginnings, we can amplify our abundance and prosperity if we remain open and trust in the unfolding of our life experiences.  This is NOT a time to put on the brakes in your life or live day to day without some kind of an overall sense of destiny.  Conceiving, creating, embarking on a process of transformation with an open heart and mind is the key.  We don’t know where this will lead, but it is a much richer way of living than the egotistical, hedonistic drudgery that we are leaving behind!  So humanity now needs to settle into and accept the birthing stages of New Creation.  If we surrender to it and work hard with inner discipline, we can move up to a new level that will allow unimaginable expansion in our capacity as Ascension Pioneers.  

Wherever we go this year, Wherever we remain…the results of our actions follow us swiftly.



Cosmic Dates for January:

Mercury Retrograde – Pre-shadow phase December 1st to 15, Mercury in retrograde is December 19 and finishes January 8th. Post Shadow energy though will continue to affect us until the New Moon.  During this time we must be extra patient with ourselves and others to avoid miscommunication, blow-ups and misunderstandings!

January 3 & 4 – Quantrids Meteor Shower

January 12- Full Moon in Cancer – Release and embrace!  This is the final end of your shedding for 2016, so stay with it until the New Moon – There is now inner renewal slowly happening as you release so that you can discover what remains, what is truly yours to hold onto going forward.  Discard any need for control and see how things transform and flow.  You are now more Whole, more unified, and therefore will welcome what your soul truly craves if you trust the process.  

January 27- New Moon in Aquarius – time for renewed Divine faith in the process of your creative evolution!  You have released and are now ready to Shine.  It is time to muster all that you have learned, all your inner strength and Will (use that 3rd chakra!) – and direct it toward moving forward –  no procrastinating, no excuses!  No you cannot see where you are going – but just surrender this to the Divine and be open to receiving help!  If and when you are in alignment with your next steps the answers will appear.

January 28 – Chinese New Year; Year of the Fire Rooster

January Chakra Archetypes & keywords:  The Sovereign, The Warrior, The Alchemist.  Inner Will, Creativity, Unity, Psycho spiritual Transformation

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Pictured:  the new earth energies that are manifesting this year!