2018: The Year of Shrewdness

“A spider is slow, but its web catches the fastest flies.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

“A prince who is not himself wise cannot be wisely advised. . . . Good advice depends on the shrewdness of the prince who seeks it, and not the shrewdness of the prince on good advice.” -Niccolo Machiavelli

“A shrewd enemy will teach you more than a foolish friend.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

The word “shrewd” is from Middle English, circa 1300, and at the time meant "wicked, evil”, but gradually acquired a more positive spin during the 17th century.  It is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as : marked by clever discerning awareness and hardheaded acumen, wisdom, farsightedness,astute, sharp-witted, sharp, smart, acute, intelligent, clever, canny, perceptive, perspicacious, sagacious, and is the most appropriate word for the energies of 2018. 

Unlike words such as discernment or illumination, which have a more positive and light spiritual spin, 2018 will require that we dig much deeper into our shrewd inner knowing. Shrewdness to see past fear of our future, or beyond basing our decisions on past actions,memories, feelings or responses.  A keen, insightful awareness that requires us to be as close to our Divine nature as possible.  To see with the eyes of a wise Priestess or Priest, to look past the obvious, our assumptions and limitations so that we can truly grasp the lay of land without getting too close to the edge and falling into the abyss.  To sit in our emotions until they are so clear without triggering us, we can maneuver above them, keep a level head, and make the best decisions based on our co-creative values of love, kindness, decency, collaboration, and Oneness.  

It means we have to out “shrewd” the shrewdest shadow around us and in us.  Some may call this shadow an evil in the world or off planet alien interference, but I prefer to keep this definition of needing shrewdness to heightened self-responsibility and piercingly, sharp choices, without running over others, as we test our ability to outmaneuver our own shrewd darkness (which is reflected back to us by outside people, events and situations).  

This is not to say that 2018 is a ‘dark’ year.  It starts like any other new year, with fresh beginnings, expansive possibilities and ignition to our soulful purpose.  We have made it this far in the Human Ascension process, our new blueprint has a firm foundation on which to build an inspiring, loving and equitable world environment.  And on a promising note, this year will not feel like we are wallowing in a vat of solid cement with a chisel, as 2016/2017 did.  It will now feel like we are walking forward with heavy, caked mud on our shoes.  There is still much learning and discerning that is needed to transcend our human folly.  Here are the 2018 spiritual highlights:

1) Let it Go - we will still be releasing in both body and mind, our emotions will get the best of us at times but we are learning to work with them so much better.   Circumstances will continue to arise at a fast pace where we need to let go of the past (as time is fluid and therefore should not affect our decisions), toss aside worry, hold fast to our dreams, but apply shrewdness when it comes to manifesting them while keeping our morals, honesty, loyalty, integrity and our heartfelt empowerment intact.

2) Health and Healing - we continue to learn to find balance in our life, when to act, when to rest, when to hold back, when to leap forward, all the while remaining engaged in the Ascension process.  Taking time to play, engage in social time and looking after our physical self is paramount too.  This year we must watch the following areas of our body most closely:  lymph system, throat, thyroid, lungs, heart, pancreas (including blood sugar) and knees. Many of us will need higher in fat type foods that engage ketosis (fat burning), to help support our blood sugar, metabolism, brain function and weight control.

3) Persistence and Patience - and more persistence, patience, along with lots of courage.  Just because something does not flow perfectly does not mean it is not meant to be.  Life is not perfect, and all better things, all new creations, are manifested through persistence, patience, careful planning and positive thinking.  We must stay the course with our priorities, visualize, commit and listen to the voice of Spirit giving us cues and clues.  Whatever your heart and soul are calling for you to “create” then listen and head in that direction; there will be bread crumbs along the path to show you the way.

4) Fertility - 2018 is a year where all former karma has dropped away, we have worked hard to free ourselves and humanity from its self-imposed chains.  The collective energy is more free now to support our feminine to create, create, create!  However as stated above, we have to nurture new inspirational sparks, and nurture ourselves so that we call in the abundance and prosperity that will be readily available there.  The Universe wants to conspire with us to bring in creations that benefit humankind and raise us up to higher levels of living!  Believing in, lending our talents to, supporting, conceiving of projects/people/causes that inspire us and help humanity.  In this way we will receive everything we need!  

January sees us taking our enhanced third eye (6th chakra), which was activated more fully in December, for this higher inspiration to flow through us and move us to show up from a more compassionate and co-creative place.  Our third eye wisdom will continue to illuminate us and refine this year as we journey through each challenge and rung of learning, find our community, our pure courage and the infinite possibilities that await us.

Like the great 5th Dimensional cosmic web that continues to be woven to re-connect us back to our true nature, 2018 allows us to weave in more threads of creation, prosperity and abundance into our earthly existence; we will finally begin to see the palpable manifestations of all our efforts since 2012 at the individual and societal level.

In loving service,


Archetypes for January:  The Earth Mother (Community, Safety), The Sage (Wisdom, Psychic Perception), The Magical Child ( Pure Courage, Infinite Possibility), The Alchemist (Psycho spiritual Transformation).

Cosmic Dates for January:

January is a month packed with celestial events!  So much growth, change and transformation is being generated through this month’s energies!  We are not quite taking off full steam ahead yet, so soak in January’s transmutation and continue to listen to the calling of your soul.

January 1/2, Super Full Moon in Cancer-What we are feeling is not only in this timeline, but is stirring up so much from our DNA, cellular memory, ancestry, gender etc. Lots floating around in our psyche, subconscious, dreams and in the ethers. You may find you are talking to yourself about past issues, feeling nostalgia, moping, brooding, feeling old hurt and trauma. Be aware that you are very, very sensitive right now, not all is yours, so take your interactions with a grain of salt.

January 3, 4 - Quadrantids Meteor Shower peaks. - illumination around issues that you are still not quite clear on will come to light, stay sharp and look beyond any illusion.  Any upheavel or negativity around you or in world events cannot and should not distract you from your higher purpose.

January 16, New Moon in Capricorn-  you will feel more emotional loss as more of the old falls away.  This will allow you to choose wisely as you move forward, don’t make decisions unless you are absolutely feeling in tune with them.  Trust that you are allowed to be in the spotlight,choose your thoughts in alignment with your higher vision, know that renewal and rebirth is coming your way.  Shine, be compassionate, inspiring, generous with your talents as an Ascension leader/wayshower/warrior where needed.  Time to be BRAVE!

January 31, Super Full Moon, Blue Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo - The second of only 2 Super Full Moons in 2018. - the energy of this powerful eclipse and moon is accelerating your destiny!  Trust in your Higher Self to show you where/how you honour your soul’s path and know this is a launching point!  Take the time to thank those who support you, be grateful for all that you are blessed with.  And remember to find JOY on this day.  It is also important to support your aura and body during this intense shift.  Take it easy, have a warm bath with epsom salts, and go to bed early! Your nervous system and vibrational field will be over taxed and requires regeneration time.

Pictured:  THE Herb of 2018 - Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) - Thyme has a strong message to watch where we emotionally “stand” in order to bring forward internal and recognised feelings of courage and bravery. It has a message to support our relationship attached to the concept of time and the limitation we put on ourselves with this. So Thyme reminds us to be still inside, to be brave and to have courage, and in doing this we can find our center, feel more peaceful in the here and now without attachment to loss from the past, loneliness, or worry about our future.  Thyme’s Plant Spirit reminds us to just BE HERE, like we are beginning over, fresh in each moment.