3-2-1- Evolve!

“Today, you have the opportunity to transcend from a disempowered mindset of existence to an empowered reality of purpose-driven living. Today is a new day that has been handed to you for shaping. You have the tools, now get out there and create a masterpiece.” ― Steve Maraboli, The Power of One

“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own.  No apologies or excuses.  No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey – and you alone are responsible for the quality of it.  This is the day your life really begins.”– Bob Moawad

I have spent the last two weeks at my 10 acre farm, putting my hands into the soil, walking among my garden and listening to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.  It is a peaceful state of being when I am wrapped in this magical land.  I can find my stillpoint, feel myself completely without other energies getting into my sense of Self.  It’s easier to breath – synchronicity from Spirit shows up everywhere in the sign of deer, dragonflies, hummingbirds and butterflies – there are many signs from wise nature that humanity is on the right track through this Ascension process.  

Given the mounting chaos in the world it is hard to see that we are making progress toward unification if one chooses to only reside in the 3rd and 4th Dimensional aspects – the everyday issues, distractions, concerns and tragedy, particularly the events that are highlighted by our mass media.  We cannot discount or ignore this “reality’s” impact on us, however for those of us who are “Lightworkers”, who feel driven in our soul to “create” a better world for ourselves and those around us; we choose to use our inner resources to expand our experience of the world.  This call from the cosmos is getting stronger and more urgent, and there is passion igniting inside that has been slowly building since January.  Amid the heartache and loss that is welling up almost constantly now in us, we are also taking stock of what is truly important.  Of living more fully in the present moment and taking more risk as we finally let go of the most crippling pieces of our cellular past.  We don’t want to live in that black and white, self destructive reality, in fact many realize that they are on the tipping point of letting that way of viewing their world go completely. It is building momentum and with the upcoming cosmic energies of August many of us will slingshot into a new future with much more wholeness.

There are two powerful eclipses this month and we have started our pre-shadow descent into the 3rd Mercury Retrograde of the year.  As we spiral into inner darkness and bursts of Light illuminate, we are twirling off the final debris, rising up and ready to Leap forward into something very different.  Something so much more wise, calm and authentic. Again more courage and patience will be required, but for those of us navigating this 5th Dimensionalterrain we are used to that by now, knowing that true progress takes time, and through this careful sifting process, we are learning to love all parts of ourselves fully, deeply and benevolently.  

August is the time to let our own Soul soar, as new beginnings, ideas, revelation and exciting adventures are awaiting those that are willing to take risk and let the old stories go about themselves and about others.  The force of Spirit is beginning to run through us, Heaven is colliding with Earth, and our soulful creative juices are rising to the surface. Beyond our old timeline we move into a new sense of purpose and see how coming together to create the Newsets up a strong foundation for a hopeful future. The past is done, we can throw off the chains, and rise up to create whatever we want.  We have earned the right to move fully into the 5th Dimensional living and continue the reshaping of our world into something co-creative, inclusive and abundant.

In deep appreciation for all parts of the Whole,


Physical and psycho spiritual symptoms and predictions for August: Rise, rise, rise.  August is a time to motivate yourself through the final shedding of your personal drama.  If you are reading this then you are a Lightworker who has made it this far!  No turning back now!  There are many powerful events this month that will bolster your energy field and your physical self.  Even as we move into a time of going more inward to contemplate and release through Mercury retrograde, there are the powerful Aperatures of new Ascension /5th Dimensional coding coming in through the eclipses on August 7th and August 21st.  It’s time to also reach out to other like minded people around you, to form a protective circle, get advice and feel supported to create what you need so that you can take full advantage of this powerful energy to rise up, shine and step in more empowerment and Sovereign based Service.  You can achieve what is needed through hard work, patience, perseverance and self control.  Focus, focus,focus and keep a wise, intuitive eye on the part of the shore you want to land on and with whom. It is time to take it up another big notch so believe in yourself and your innate talents! Spirit is calling you and it is time to take flight!

Archetypes for this month: The Sovereign, The Sage, The Muse

Psycho physical symptoms this month will range in degree and intensity as the shedding and evolving intensifies: You will continue to feel stronger inside even though part of you is fatigued; the emotional shedding is hard work and is tiring.  Headaches, pressure in the head, tight neck, gallbladder issues, sneezing, sinus issues, runny nose and eyes, coolness in the throat, throat issues, phantom menstrual issues, heavy moon cycles, energetic tingling in the body, energetic sweats,  bursts of kundalini energy moving up/down the body, ringing in the ears, up and down weight gain/weight loss/bloating/poor digestion, feeling of expansiveness, other worldly feeling, not feeling grounded (get out into nature and anchor yourself!), spurts of creativity, wanting to get up and move it through (and do so, it will help, dance, sing, drum, listen to motivating music, create).

Recommended Senses of the Soul Products: Come Journey with me!  I am taking the Leap into something new! My new website, Soul Journey Box and the 1st of the 16 Realms essence (more on this in my August newsletter) will be launched August 21st!.  It is a time of huge transformation! What kind of world do you want to create? In the meantime, please feel free to browse my old website and shopping cart – if you trust your intuition you will know which products are right for you at this time.  Wow, we are leaping forward!

Cosmic Dates for August:

Lammas, August 2nd- We reap what  we sow, we break and eat the bread of our burdens. It is the time to appreciate the fruits of our labour.  We pause to honour all that we have created, nurtured and protected.  We must be strong and resilient as all can be taken from us in an instant.  We see this more clearly now. Life is leaner, more fragile and therefore more precious to us. We are learning to deeply appreciate what is right for us, and right in front of us. True gratitude and the magic of life is in our grasp.

Full Moon in Aquarius and Partial-Lunar Eclipse, August 7th – Oh Divine Feminine.  You are coming in to support us much more now.  Creativity, Healing, Joy, Humbleness, Service; it feels like we are finding our true home.  Not quite yet but we are moving toward that sense of Self which feels more Whole.  Thank Goddess!

Lion’s Gate portal, August 8th – possible increase in psycho physical symptoms as our earth kundalini rises in our body.  We pass through this cosmic gate about Power. and get a tremendous upgrade in our Ascension process.  So much so that we can see far more illusion, veils and shadow – it will increase our letting go process even more.

August 11-12 – Perseids Meteor Shower at it’s peak. Illumination is moving into our very cells.  We implode with more emotion but for those of us that choose to heal we reach higher, we know that we will move into another realm of being, we are evolving, we are becoming authentic and true to ourselves at yet another level. Rejoice!

New Moon in Leo and Total Solar Eclipse, August 21st-This is a rare Total Solar Eclipse for North America, the last one was 1979, the next one will not be until 2024. This will shift the energy in North America in a way that will unify us in the collective, even though on a 3D/4D level it will push certain world issues to the breaking point. Our power center is shifting into more balance.  In the end those of us rising out of this old reality will not base our sense of what is going on by looking outside ourselves or at the media at all.  It is important to hold our “stillpoint” through the chaos, and envision and hold space for the kind of world we want to see and live in.

Mercury Retrograde, Full Phase is July 24th thru Sept 19th:  Take advantage of Mercury Retrograde by clearing your own wounding that allows you to get caught up in your shadow and those of others.  In this Mercury Retrograde we can rise above the old paradigm of shadow tendency and create our own peaceful reality.  We are the masters of our own destiny now that we can fully step into the 5th Dimension. The planet Mercury no longer has any power over us if we fully accept this new 5th dimensional  timeline.

Pictured:  Pincushion flower (Scabiosa caucasica) – Scabiosa’s Plant Spirit assists in seeing through the illusion of desire, needing or wanting.  Will eliminate the old pattern of material wants, addictions, “wanting” and “needing” in general,  competitive based behavior, “better than” ego based thoughts.  Will allow interdependent relationships based on respect and love to blossom. Scabiosa is one of the vibrational energies of the NEW 16 Realms Essences launching August 21st to support our growth at this time!  Sign up for my August newsletter for details if you have not already!

Pincushion flower