A Little Spark of Madness

You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it. ~Robin Williams

A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free. ~Nikos Kazantzakis

“Madness and passion have always been interchangeable...Madness is an abundance of existence. Madness is a way of asking difficult questions...Maybe madness is the excess of possibility,.... Madness is a form of self-expression. It is the opposite of creativity. You cannot make anything that can be separated from yourself if you are mad…”~Patricia Duncker, Hallucinating Foucault

Last night I walked through the botanical garden on my farm which resides on the north side of a lush forest valley.  The abundant amount of rain this last week has helped to nudge the growth of the plants and a brilliant swath of optimistic green has appeared in the 7 individual chakra gardens.  During May I spent a week furiously weeding and planting, doing the majority of the spring work this year; I felt the need to clean and clear, to mirror my inner process of letting go of anger and fear and releasing that which not longer resonates with my soul purpose or divine nature.  I was a determined woman on a mission but to view the botanical sanctuary now in early June, one would not know I had toiled for so many hours as there was much chaotic energy and rebellion in the soil.

Certain plants had decided to run amuck and for the first time in the 6 years of garden creation it felt totally out of control.   In the beginning of the creative process when the garden was designed there was an order and harmony to it, and each plant that was placed mirrored the colour, psychospiritual or physical property of the chakra.   This spring season there seems to be a madness in the garden and it has been overcome with expansion that has no order or containment to it. I viewed the scene with exhaustion and resignation but a part of me knows that there is spiritual meaning in it all.  The one plant in particular that has spread it spectacular seed over most of the garden was Valerian, and as I surveyed it’s travels with wild abandon over the half acre of land I knew exactly why it has conquered so much territory this year.

The Plant Spirit Medicine of Valerian as it relates to the human experience is about buried emotions, particularly anger, that when engaged through the nervous system creates emotion, mental and hormonal “fire”.  This fire can either be used beneficially to create passion for life, initiatives, opportunities for change and willingness or can move inward and create negativity, barriers and even deadly physical effects.  

When we do not fully wish to be here on earth we become disconnected, ungrounded, spaced out, and unable to focus.  Our nervous system becomes overloaded, we cannot sleep, we are vexed, uneasy, have anxiety, hear negative self talk and even burn up during day and night with sweat.  Overall our head rules our decisions and our heart becomes orphaned and stagnant.

Valerian is the perfect plant ally to help us fully take part in life; the good, the bad, the unknown and the ugly.  Recurring feelings (such as anger and fear) of not wanting to be here due to life events and a busy mind that stays in the past or continually wants a better future, creates a negative impact on wanting to occupy the physical body and on the outward expression of the true Self.  Valerian wants to let us know that in order to be set free one must uncover and transform deep-seated beliefs, normally formed during childhood or traumatic events. As this is explored and released one can be here NOW and embody more love of self and of others. Then more expansion of ourselves naturally follows.

The month of May ignited the transforming energy of Valerian within the collective consciousness, and now moving into June we must focus on engaging wholeheartedly with our sense of empowerment, creativity and pleasure (2nd chakra) combined with our joyful heart (4th chakra) to wisely create what we truly want. We are being challenged to unite our personal Will with Divine Will to create limitless strength within ourselves; not at the cost of others feelings or power but in our own authenticity. We can create whatever we desire...but must use the inner fire released during May and moving into June to focus our intent in the present and truly embody what it means to be alive.  

Passionate blessings,


Psychospiritual and Psycho-physical symptoms for June: There are a lot of sadness, guilt, fear, blame, shame, and anger out there right now!  So this month we need to know that speaking our truth and shining may draw negative attention.  June is about expansion. We will be challenged to expand our heart center, expand into the world, expand creatively- however the downside is that those still stuck in 3/4th dimensional reality will lash out with anger and frustration, feeling inhibited and restricted, instead of transforming that energy into their own authentic choices and life creations.  Some of us will be caught in the crossfire!

Here are some soulful tips for navigating June’s energies:  

-Communicate effectively and clearly.  Speak your truth without being harsh, egotisical, blaming or shaming.  Giving others a chance to talk. Really listening and clarifying is important. Don’t assume. If you are not sure of all the details ask for clarification.  Choose your words with the intention of creating dialogue, not to win the argument. Some discussions may require you to stand more in your power or to walk away for a “time out”.  Blow-ups in relationships may feel worse than they really are this month. Keep your spiritual perspective. Our relationships will be challenged during June, particularly in the second half of the month.

-Trauma and stressful emotions continue to surface, so we need to be as calm as possible, listen to our intuition instead of despairing or fighting it, look for signs from our guides, angels, nature - however you go about receiving your cosmic input.  Pray, have faith that the universe has your back, and breathe, breathe, breathe before taking action! The Divine in us wants to emerge more fully, and this means tethering the spiritual with the material energies within. Sort of like cleaning out your earthly body closet before being able to wear new “Lighter” and more exquisite clothing.

-Follow your spark this month, which at times may feel to you that you are slightly chaotic within, may feel off kilter, may trigger fear, anxiety and apprehension.  You may feel out of control, slightly “mad as a hatter”, but move forward with what inspires you, what feels amazing, and brings more creativity, adventure and passion into your life.  Leave your drama and other people’s drama behind. Balance the ebb and flow in all areas as best you can. Align with people, places and experiences that resonate more deeply, connect you to your core values, and bring you joy.  

-Take things slowly if you feel out of balance. Act carefully and conscientiously, admit mistakes when you make them, and get everything in writing if needed.  Make lists, focus and don’t take on too much. We are integrating new “wholistic” learning this month, and need to do so before we enter July which has two eclipses (July 13 and July 29) and sees the start of the second Mercury Retrograde of the year (July 25-Aug 18)!  Yes, these next few months will require us to be actively conscious 24/7.

-Self expression and self-love continue to be our top priority!

-Rest when needed as we continue to upgrade our vibrational field, brain, heart and nervous systems, DNA and cellular structure during the Ascension process.  Lots of fatigue as a result of this and the emotional processing needed to transcend lower consciousness. Continue to have self compassion, be gentle on yourself and on others. Eat well, drink lots of water, and as I always say:  Spend time in nature, she is the ultimate healer!

More on the brain:  Our brain is shifting, trauma is surfacing from the subconscious through our sleep/dreams so that we can see more clearly where we need to improve in our relationships, be more clear in our needs, hold healthy boundaries, do the dance of madness in our relationships to bring about equilibrium in our heart. We must clear our past childhood pain in order to become more of Love and Light.  Hence the ebb and flow of sleep issues, fatigue, anxiety, heart pounding/heartache, heat flushes, sweating, joint pain, swelling, out of control acne, rashes, body pain, liver pain, digestive issues, shortness of breath, grieving, and other health symptoms. As always it is a choice to increase one’s consciousness, to surrender to and work with this psychospiritual process of healing versus staying in the human pain body and lower, destructive emotions.

Our brain needs to become more elastic so that we can find new solutions and respond from a higher state of consciousness so the right and left side of the brain are being asked to work together.  The hypothalamus (the feminine brain) and the pituitary (the masculine brain) need to have “wholistic relationship” with one another, so we will experience more muddled and foggy thinking,headaches, sinus and eye issues until this is 100%.

Archetypes for June:  The Lover, The Sovereign, The Sage

Cosmic Dates for June:

June 13 - New Moon - There is the potential to strengthen bonds with others now, but one must be realistic in what one can expect and what one can give.  Be clear, consistent in your actions and words and demand the same. Stay grounded, steady and calm. Use your wisdom and your life experience to heal and grow!  The New Moon energy gives you the chance to become more empowered and heart centered.

June 21 - Summer Solstice (northern hemisphere) - The longest day of the year brings in the most Light.   Know that you play an important role in the awakening of the human race. You are needed here! Know that you are wrapped in Divine embrace, you are not alone and are supported.  Do not doubt this, look for signs from Spirit, and be gentle with yourself.

June 28 - Full (Strawberry) Moon in Capricorn - Now is the time to throw off the shackles and “break free” from any self imposed limitations.  It may take effort if your feel stuck and unfulfilled but know that you can use the energies of the Full Moon to create more during this time, bringing forth your dreams and inspiration and offering them freely to the world as your gifts to the healing of the planet.  Begin with the smallest action and you will release the inertia, take a break from the chaos and focus on what you want.

Thanks to Sydney Leask, my amazing Office Manager and product making fairy, for the contribution of the title for this month’s blog!  Love you!

Pictured: Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) halfway through it's seasonal growth cycle in the 7th chakra garden of the Senses of the Soul Botanical Sanctuary.

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