A Rebirth into Co-creation

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”

(Albert Einstein)

“Reinvention is not changing what is, but creating what isn’t. A butterfly is not an improved caterpillar; a butterfly is a different creature.”

(Tracy Goss)

With the astrological events of Lunar Lammas and Mercury in Retrograde now behind us, the universal energy of 2012 has come into full bloom. The cosmos is just completing a cycle of birth, death, and, as we head into Fall, rebirth. For many of us, our external learning has synchronized with our inner understanding and we have been given the gift of new insight into our circumstances—providing we have chosen to assimilate this new wisdom into our lives. We have almost finished saying goodbye to an old part of ourselves and we are gingerly bracing for the next part of our unpredictable path.

The challenge is choosing to play an active role in creating our reality, while at the same time, letting go of the outcome and process. As I wrote in my recent blog post, in mid-July many of us were hesitant to step into the role of creator and we struggled to express our inner vision in the context of our outer reality—the throat chakra (the site of outer expression) took the hit. Going forward we face the real work of integrating the learning of the last few months and finding the courage to venture into new, uncharted territory for the remainder of the year. This fear and hesitation is manifesting as stomach symptoms, hormone imbalance, mood swings, fluctuation in energy levels (extreme fatigue one day, bountiful energy the next), eye/sinus issues and fuzziness in thinking.

2012 has been a year of shedding many skins. We’ve had to release layer upon layer of old masculine and feminine karma (negative patterning) that was weighing us down so that we could vibrate at a higher level of consciousness to usher in co-creation. What will unfold after August? September to December 2012 will be an accelerated rebirthing period of humanity’s creative consciousness. This process is already teaching me to apply new learning, maintain better boundaries, and let go of that which I cannot control. For example, all of the creative projects I set out to accomplish over my holiday quickly took on a life of their own: I ended up with totally different results and learned lessons that I was not expecting. Though I consciously manifested many of these projects, I found myself fear-struck and reluctant one day, and ecstatically embracing them the next. My life was beginning to take a different course than I had planned, and I was left standing without a compass. However, once I let go of the “how,” I was able to feel abundance coming in for me on a new level of consciousness.

My personal experience mirrors the process for co-creation in the new paradigm:  if humans are to envision innovation and create with others (each other, the Universe, nature) to make cascading change, we must let go of what no longer serves us and release our preconceived ideas of how to approach and solve collective issues. What is required is a rewiring of the collective consciousness to raise us to a new level in our co-creative evolution—one that replaces the outmoded patriarchical paradigm that seeks to conquer, control and dominate. Regardless of where we are in this process on an individual level, what is being asked of all of us is the same: to live impeccably, share our truth with others, act with integrity and without compromise of our authentic self and to co-create a new vision of the world with others.

The next phase of ascension will see us stepping into our soul’s purpose more deeply within ourselves and with others and rebirthing ourselves from this level—there will be no quarter given by the Universe if we fail to do so—so hang on for the ride, face your fears of unworthiness, shoulder more responsibility with gusto and manifest where you need to act and speak your truth to the world! Do not feel afraid or apathetic about sharing your gifts with those around you! The benefit of co-creation is that everyone benefits: there will be more abundance in and around you.

Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense)

One of the plants that I use to help one communicate clearly and effectively to speak the truth of one’s experiences is Red Clover. It helps to unblock the fifth chakra and allows us to express deep feelings from within with integrity, love and care.  With this common “weed” we can check our egos at the door and work towards harmony and co-creation with those in our lives.

Use Red Clover as a tincture, fresh or dried in a tea or put some in a salad with other delicious greens. Red Clover will also be featured in one of my new tea blends for September!

Wishing you a fruitful and abundant August!


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If you need support during this phase of your growth, I recommend

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The Sovereign essence – to align you with abundance and creation

The Prophet essence – to align with creating your life and to speak your needs

The Warrior essence – to support self-worth and self-truth

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