A Spark of Creativity and Passion

You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” – Joseph Campbell

“I feel a subtle shift. It is deep within me, though; deep down to my bones. And something is rising up… bubbling to the surface… beginning to make itself known…” – Dana Tate Bailey, Earth Medicine

“Finding the center of strength within ourselves is in the long run the best contribution we can make to our fellow men. … One person with indigenous inner strength exercises a great calming effect on panic among people around him. This is what our society needs — not new ideas and inventions; important as these are, and not geniuses and supermen, but persons who can “be”, that is, persons who have a center of strength within themselves.” -Rollo May, Man’s Search for Himself

“There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.” — Edward de Bono

As 2014 is nearing completion there are many saying:  Is it over yet?  This has been a tough year of spiritual tests and the unearthing of our soul, and we are so very tired.  Deep, down to the bone, fearfully, full of uncertainty and angst.  The amount of change that has occurred in us is immense and at times the warp speed loss and grieving of what no longer serves our growth has been almost unbearable.  However this stripping down to our bareness has brought profound surrender, humility and resilience if we have allowed it.  And we have gained a new found sense of self love and inner truth, along with a glimmer of passion at what is lining up for us in 2015.  Now we need to gather our courage, face the reminder of our fear that is attached to the old paradigm and create something new for ourselves and the world.  Slowly we are emerging into our new Self, more whole, more creative, more inner strength and more balanced in who we really are at the core of our being.

As we settle more into ourselves and our sense of Oneness we are shifting from duality consciousness into Unity consciousness, which means a deeper and wider  sense of love, compassion and heart connection (see the Fourth chakra section in my book).  We have forged new and closer relationships with others this year that are leading us down a co-creative path.  This expansion in us is causing some trepidation as we dip more deeply into our unlimited potential and explore expanded awareness.  We are afraid of the unknown but we know we cannot stay the same as this year’s soulful journey has brought parts of ourselves to the surface that will no longer remain silent or buried.

In December we need to gather our inner reserves for 2015; have some play time, linger in joyful moments with friends and family, dip our toes into passion and creative possibility for what lies ahead,  and embrace a spiral of support and love from the Universe and the ones that we love.

Does this mean that all inner conflict is gone in December?  No.  There will still be inner struggle and the illusion of suffering.  We need this right now as part of the experience of life on the physical plane to actually help us in raising our vibration to find unity and yet still honour our individuality.  Through inner and outer conflict will come more harmony and peace.  Peace does not mean avoiding conflict or pretending that struggles do not exist.  Peace flows when we are able to rise above illusions of separation, competition and conflict, to live the consciousness that we are in fact all one with all and we are all serving in our own unique ways together.  It means that the triggers that usually set us off emotionally will continue to rise and then diminish the more we face our inner and outer struggle and move through it.

Now is not a time to hide, but face ourselves so that we can bring more creativity to the surface and passionately ignite our soul and Self in a different way, so that life in all its complexity holds more meaning, and we see colour in the darkness.  The amount of individual “doing” we have lead in the old paradigm is now over and we are being gracefully shoved by the Universe to join together in something much greater and simpler:  Being Love.

Many blessings and much love to you during the holiday season and Winter Solstice,


Physical and Psycho-spiritual symptoms for December: Before the full moon on Dec 6th we will be experiencing rushes of emotion and anxiety.  Our body and mind will continue to feel some inner conflict as we let go of the past; this life, generational, gender based or past life.  We will also continue to rewire to more right brained existence so you may experience memory loss, fogginess, and feel that you cannot think clearly.  Our brain must shift this way to allow more illumination instead of mental chatter.  We are joining more with “all that is” and our intuitive knowing so our dependence on thinking and intellect will diminish.  Grieving for our past will continue well into the New Year.  Move with it, cry, do not resist it, let your anger melt into fear, love, surrender and vulnerability.  This makes one humble and brings down the walls of protection you have built around yourself so that you cannot be hurt. We need each other, we need love and our evolution depends on reaching out to one another in our times of sorrow, fear and loneliness.   Take a risk, be with those you care about or reach out to those that need support.  Stop resisting and getting in your own way, make the changes in your life that you need to so that you can move forward or you will head over the cliff – depression and heartache will become worse if you do not move into Love.  Our feminine is getting stronger everyday and our masculine is starting to soften and surrender.  Expect continued digestive issues, sleep disturbance, headaches, flu symptoms, aches, heart palpitation and heart ache as our hearts repattern and open, fear, anxiety, weight gain (or weight loss if you let go), menstrual issues, bladder infections and eye issues as you move through and towards more self love and wholeness. 

Senses of the Soul products:  The Earth Mother Elixir (to ease fear and separation from the earth and community and poke at our soul’s purpose, increases serotonin and bile production, eases digestion issues.)  The Lover Elixir (to stay heart centered, opening the heart to loving wisdom, keeps heart and solar plexus circulation flowing, calms palpitations and pain),  The Alchemist (for finding the gold in one’s experiences,  personal transmutation, psycho spiritual transformation, being the change), The Magical Child Elixir( for easing darkness to bring light to the soul – it contains Elderberry and Rose Hip, both excellent for viral protection), The Mystic Elixir ( ignites the creative energy of the second chakra in resolute faith of a higher calling, also facilitates Sacred Union of the feminine and masculine within to allow a spiritual life with soulful earthly purpose, contains Echinacea for immune support), Goddess Tonic Tea – to support our feminine to feel stronger and have more confidence!

Important cosmic events for December:

Full Moon – December 6

New Moon – December 21

Winter Solstice – December 21

Pictured:  Baby Oak Trees planted at the Senses of the Soul Farm this summer.  Oak Tree’s
Spirit helps us to relax, let go, surrender and find out what our priorities and heart needs are versus carrying on in the same pattern of fixed expectations, over striving and overdoing.  Oak tree has inner strength and resilience so that it can survive, thrive and blossom once again.

Lemon Balm