Acceptance and Surrender as a way to Joy and Peace

 “Always say “yes” to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is? What could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now and always now? Surrender to what is. Say “yes” to life — and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.” – Eckhart Tolle

“No man is great enough or wise enough for any of us to surrender our destiny to. The only way in which anyone can lead us is to restore to us the belief in our own guidance.”  – Henry Miller

“Surrender creates equanimity and bliss because you release yourself from any attachment to the results.” ― Annette Vaillancourt Ph.D.

I mentioned in my last blog that May signaled the end of illusion and the living of co-creation and inner truth. No more thinking about it – we must “be” it.  By the end of May we dusted off our bruised and bloodied selves and headed in a different direction with new hope and a fresh perspective.  The new Moon on May 28th certainly knocked the wind out of us and asked us to cut through that last of our delusional Self. As of June we stand stark naked in our own rawness.  We are asked to embrace acceptance of reality for what it actually is, and surrender to who we are soulfully meant to be.  This last month also saw a rise in addictive behaviours in many as we struggled to break through and let ourselves shine without being worried about how others responded to us.  And we needed to overcome the fear of hurting others when the fear was based on codependency.  On our path to health, self love, soulful purpose and spiritual service we often sabotage ourselves with blame and self-blame.  However as we find the courage to heal ourselves and blossom, we reconnect with the joy of our Inner Child archetype and create the opportunity for forgiveness and compassion during each cycle of growth and change.

Our new co-creative world requires us to be real, be of sacred service and face our daily lives with honesty, integrity and clarity.  There are many changes that must still be made inside and outside of ourselves for the higher good; there is no time left for indecisiveness or denial. Those that continue to refuse to change with this new paradigm and hesitate to step up into their power will notice that their negative self talk becomes louder, and self destructive habits and health issues will intensify unless they can silence their inner gremlins and merge with the Higher Self.  We are being asked by the universe to carry a higher vision and do more for humanity and the planet.

I will (again)remind everyone who is on a soulful path and reads this blog that 2014 is the Year of the Spiritually Fittest; we are being asked to “walk our talk”, find our passion and live the soulful and spiritual aspects of our nature everyday in alignment with Divine will. This is not an intellectual exercise but a mystical one.   It is an arduous path that requires true grit, faith, tenacity and strength, along with razor sharp focus on balancing being with doing.  There is no hiding our personal gifts that we need to share or trying to sedate ourselves to find a false sense of security and safety anymore. Our collective consciousness is too far into co-creation for anyone to escape this new energy.  We must roll like tumbleweeds with no certainty of our direction; just surrender to our co-creative destiny.

During June, the archetype that best supports us on our inner journey  is that of the Priest and Priestess Archetype.  The Priest and Priestess free us from our own self-serving agenda so that we can show up in Oneness and One Heart.  When we drop the ego that seeks personal gain to make way for service, we make ourselves available to be a conduit for light and love with all around us. The Priest and Priestess must release all rigid thoughts, hard feelings and stifling dogma, and move towards altruistic, heart-based living.  There is a trusting of inner guidance, and surrendering to the void of the unknown. There is a letting go of what we want our lives to be to join in the universal flow of empowered collaboration and service. This transmutation ultimately leads to inner cosmic illumination and mystical expansion so that we can find new solutions to personal and worldly issues.  As we tap into our innate cosmic and earthly wisdom, we rise above problems without much less effort, open our arms to the sky and find peace and harmony within.  Aaaaaah!



Physical and Psycho-spiritual symptoms for June:  After the New Moon on May 28th, the flu symptoms made another round to encourage some to let go.  Others are now plagued with sleep issues, fatigue, exhaustion and tension in the body as we are in the midst of surrendering our heart and body to this new phase of growth.   Addictions (with food, alcohol, drugs etc) rise and fall as our individual and collective consciousness struggles to let go and allow all the pieces of the next phase of our lives to fall into place.   As we move more into One Heart and Sacred Union we are pulled in many directions to heal and release wounding from our present, generational and past lives.  More self acceptance and clarity are coming each day and this will continue from June to August. Heart palpitations/ strange heart rhythms and other health issues such as tightness in the body, digestive issues, skin issues, disturbed sleep, fatigue, achy joint and shoulder blade pain will continue to plague us as we align with universal energy and shift to altruistic consciousness.   Rest often, continue to find balance in your life, practice gratitude as this will welcome more of the same into your life, stay persistent and true to yourself, open your heart to love and find the blessings in your current situation.  Believe that all your hard inner work is paying off and that you are receiving your heart’s desire even if your mind thinks otherwise! Trust your choices and listen to your inner voice. Continue to understand that you are part of Oneness just as much as you are alone.

Mercury Retrograde begins June 7th and ends July 16th so we are entering a denser and unpredictable energy during this time period. Communication and travel plans can tend to go off a bit too. We will be more emotionally volatile for the next couple of weeks, so it is important to take a deep breath and think before we act or react! Understand that we will be asked to practice what we learned in April and May to find the true gold in our new found wisdom.  As we are called deeper into co-creation in June we will use creativity, inspiration and cooperation to transform the destroyed and deadened into new life. Watch as new projects spring up around the earth from the rubble and chaos to ignite our passion and purpose for the good of all!  Stay in or form relationships that support your inner growth. Know that we must carry the energy of creative re-visioning in us before it can emanate outside of ourselves – so keep working on your own soul transformation to align with this healing vision! 

Herbal Allies for June:  Pink Mandevilla Vine– Enhances spiritual states and hearing the voice of the heart.  It expedites clarity in the subconscious and allows for true healing from addictions and neuroses so that one can connect to one’s inner divinity.  Spotted Coral Root Orchid – Grounds and connects the seventh chakra to the root chakra to support spiritual transition, and alleviate physical side effects, when it is swift and moves quickly through all chakras and energy systems.  Allows one to transform intense shifts in consciousness to higher possibilities. Cilantro –brings sweetness back into our life and our soul following loss, allows one to follow one’s own mindful path, clears rigid mental patterns especially indicated from heavy metal patterns in brain tissues, allows one to flow with change of any kind, slow down and allow one’s higher destiny to align with Divine Will, allows us to tune in with earth and cosmic energy versus our manmade, egotistical reality.

Senses of the Soul products:  The Priest(ess) Elixir or Essence, Love Chakra Tea, The Mystic Essence (for those still balking at service), The Lover Elixir or Essence (to stay heart-centered).

Important cosmic events for June & July:

Full Moons – June 12, July 12

New Moons – Jun 27, July 26

Summer Solstice – Jun 21

Pictured – Spotted Coral Root Orchid that grows on the Senses of the Soul Sanctuary and Farm