And Now For Something Completely Different… (The Alchemist Archetype)

“We are unraveling our navels so that we may ingest the sun.

We are not afraid of the darkness.

We trust that the moon shall guide us.

We are determining the future at this very moment.

We know that the heart is the philosopher’s stone.

Our music is our alchemy.”― Saul Williams

There is much that has changed within us as the year of 2013 wanes in the dark winter days of December.  As we look back over these last twelve months our entire inner landscape has shifted and altered.  Whether of our own choice, by force, tragedy or acquiescence, our individual and collective soul path has been redirected to a new destination.  Where we started at the beginning of this year of transformation and possibility is certainly not where we thought we would be now.  And until Dec 21st, we find ourselves in a final shedding of our old skin.  This year has been an arduous test of self love so that we can finally enter the gates of Oneness and the co-creative paradigm.

With this final inner clearing we are unhooking lower vibrational frequencies; old stories, beliefs and feelings about ourselves and sealing the partnership of our inner masculine and feminine.  We are unplugging from mass consciousness on an even deeper level than before.  This must be done so that we can pioneer new consciousness for ourselves.  Even though many of us have worked on our healing with due diligence, it can still feel as if we are now pinned by a final layer of the past. Anger, apathy, pain, being tired, depressed, feeling lost, depleted or just not feeling ones self is part of this process.

Many have needed heavier forces such as physical symptoms (see below) and/or tragedy to create inner changes.  Others have seen dysfunctional relationships disintegrate one way or another or found forgiveness for those that have hurt them.  In this way we continue to own our power and call back all parts of ourselves that were attached to others. By releasing our past and those relationships that no longer serve our highest good we will be free to step into our authenticity, complete this cycle of self love, and learn to dwell in the light of our own heart.

Little by little we are starting to see something different in our lives, literally feeling weightless, and having more clarity.  Those of us who chose to revise all that was holding us back from owning our power and moving ahead into our divine destiny are now learning to live faithfully in our own heart.

The archetype that is most helpful at this juncture to allow us to reach this destination is The Alchemist. The Alchemist energy resides in the sixth chakra and represents personal transmutation, alchemical transition and psycho spiritual transformation.  This archetype allows you to “be the change you wish to see” by finding the wisdom in your past. It calls you to reap the rewards of your life-learning at any stage and share your personal growth with others. As you step into your truth, the Alchemist gives you the confidence to carry your inner transformation out into the world to create positive change. The Alchemist is showing you that each moment is an opportunity to grow, to show up differently, and to transform and be transformed.

2013 has been about the death of our old selves and we are now picking out the “gold”, so that in 2014 we can embrace and live our life with more passion and purpose than we ever thought possible.  What awaits us is a way of living that has been carved out of releasing our old human wounding and stepping courageously into the unknown.  More change is coming in 2014, but now we have new roots.

Blessings and happy holidays,


Herbal Allies for December:  There are two plants within the Alchemist Elixir and Alchemist Essence from my Senses of the Soul product line which specifically help free us from our past:  Wormwood and Reishi Mushroom.

Wormwood is used as an herbal remedy to physically rid the body of parasites and bacteria as well as bittering up the digestion.  Wormwood sage is burned and used to ‘smudge’ or clear away unwanted energy patterns. Psycho spiritually it is useful to clear heavy emotions and will aid in releasing unconscious patterns that are attached to us; those that create internal disharmony and prey on our energy level.  It helps eliminate heavy patterns and energies that live in the lower astral frequencies, sometimes referred to ‘energetic parasites’; it helps one to dissolve unconscious cords or connections with people or other entities.  It will literally connect the left and right side of the brain for greater clarity and lightness of being; it increases psychic downloading and eases many psychological issues.  It also helps to support and increase adrenal levels, eases menstrual issues, invigorates appetite, stimulates the gallbladder and liver.

Reishi Mushroom stills the mind, reduces negative or worrisome thoughts, and provides a bridge from head to heart so that one can live from ones heart and from one’s passion.  Strengthens the 4th, 5th and 6th chakras because it allows one to still the mind and hear one’s inner knowing so that one can live with passion, purpose, co-creation, clarity and peace. Reishi, like other mushrooms, is about the murky mystery of death and rebirth – a transmutation from decay to new life which shows that in the circle of life all is really connected.

Physical and Psycho spiritual Symptoms for December: expect slower bowel movements until you let go, sleeplessness, headaches, fatigue, immune issues, grieving, depression, more grieving, crying, heaviness and the need for quiet time.  Watch cravings for sugar and alcohol; lower energies thrive on them.  There will be surges of anger as well which we need to use to move past our final heavy layer of wounding.  There will also be fear of the unknown that takes hold of us during our final letting go process.  Take it easy and rest as we must have time to integrate our newness and recalibrate our DNA.  As I mentioned before this is the year of transformation and possibility – which means it has not been an easy year!  Changing ourselves, inside and out, has required us to stretch far beyond our comfort zone physically, mentally and emotionally.  And believe it or not things are starting to “lighten up” so try to find something to smile about each day.  

Soulful activities to keep you sane:  Movement of any kind, dance, yoga, sound healing, and crystal bowls, engaging music, walking and being in nature, Himalayan salt and Epsom baths, showering with oils and anything else to stir your soul senses.  Hug someone in a Santa suit, smile at a stranger on the street or buy someone who needs it a cup of tea.  These activities and other random acts of kindness from the heart will help combat addictions and sorrow.

Important cosmic events for Dec 2013 and Jan 2014:

New Moons – Jan 1 (New Years Day), Jan 30

Full Moons – Dec 17, Jan 15

Winter Solstice:  Dec 21