April 2023 Resurrection Of The Co-Creative Awakened Masculine

The Resurrection of the Co-creative Awakened Masculine

Eclipse Season is now in process and is accelerating the Awakening on the planet!

Eclipse energies support us in certain ways on our soul’s journey. These galactic gateways usher in evolution, new beginnings and allow us to release habits, behaviours, and emotions that prevent us from manifesting our intentions. 

There are two powerful Eclipse gateways happening, one in April and one in May. The first one has potent Co-creative Awakened Masculine Energy coding, the second one in May has Co-creative Empowered Feminine Energy codes (more on this in a later newsletter).  

Wed, April 19: New Moon in Aries  (8:12pm PST) & Hybrid Solar Eclipse (8:17pm PST)

The April 19th Hybrid Solar Eclipse is accelerating release within us while simultaneously calling in the energy we need to replace what we are shifting. Overall, this shift is in our masculine Self - from the wounded version to the co-creative Awakened version.  

This April 19th, Hybrid Eclipse is the start of us embodying this new co-creative version within the collective consciousness, and the embodiment ends with the last Solar Eclipse of this year, on Oct 14, 2023.  

If you are concerned about the state of our world, have no fear, as all is happening according to the bigger cosmic co-creative plan!  

As humanity moves through this eclipse portal, we are Becoming something new,  the old “power over” structures and misuse of power are crumbling faster , and will be replaced by the Awakened Masculine and the
Empowered Feminine in us!  There will be less tolerance within the collective mindset for the old, destructive values and ways.

What is the Awakened Masculine?

Our Co-creative Awakened Masculine is here to be in service to our Empowered Feminine. As with our current cultural sense of our feminine Self, the masculine is awakening and being released from his chains. He is weary of funnelling his soul into drudgery, being controlled by the dominating, concrete, mass consciousness cultural forces and numbing his emotional pain.  

A part of Him yearns to again be connected to nature and nature’s regenerative masculine energy; to find his innate life force, tenacity and wild sur-thrival mechanisms that are inherent in his DNA. 

He craves to reconnect, flow and dance with the Empowered Feminine instead of being fearful or angry with Her, controlling Her and dominating Her fiery, visionary, imaginative and passionate spirit.

ALL of us are currently dancing with healing our wounded masculine, so that we can become whole, live in our sense of Oneness and connection to “All That Is”. 

What are the Co-creative Values of the Awakened Masculine in YOU?

  • You are the Divine Feminine's protector and Hero. This includes Mother Earth, her creatures, children and women.
  • You are willing to embrace emotional availability, compassion, receptivity, creative virility and cherish conscious, sexual expression. 
  • You are willing to delve deep into your shadow side to retrieve your soul which has been lost to cultural illusion.  This can be a dark and often frightening journey which requires you to cultivate deep endurance.
  • You wish to embrace impeccable integrity, pure wisdom, great courage and Be the defender of the Great Womb of whence you came.   
  • You support the feminine aspect in yourself and other visionaries, so you and they can bring co-creative gifts and talents into the world. Your ego Self is replaced by humble service and is interested in supporting collaboration, not competition.
  • As a Guardian of the Womb you pick your battles and only fight for Love, and ultimately surrender to its embrace.

The Awakened Masculine embodies the energy of the Shaman and Sacred Union Archetypes which liberates your full and natural expression of Co-creative Masculine Self. These archetypes also elevate your self awareness and allow your Empowered Feminine and Awakened Masculine to form a Sacred Union based on harmony and true equal partnership. This allows you to find true inner peace and mutual empowerment. When you merge these two equal parts of yourself there is no separation between Spirit and Earth; you become One with All That Is

You become the Dreamer in which you manifest Creation into being through your talents, so that you can help transform our world into a co-creative and empowered paradise on earth.

Do you have the courage to BE the Awakened Masculine?

If you do-It is extremely important to honour this transformative process in yourself by continuing to slow down, increase your self care, check in with yourself often (do a body check in, how am I feeling check in, what do I need check in), honour your feelings/needs when engaging with others, and practice being conscious of your thoughts, words and actions. 

This is Energetic Activism and will help heal and reshape humanity and our planet! YOU are the CHANGE!

Need Support? 

Here is a Vibrational product box to help you raise your energetic frequency and embody the Co-creative Awakened Masculine:

The Awakened Masculine Kit includes:

1 - 60g Sacred Union Tea
1 - 30ml Shaman Essence
1 - A Walk in the Woods Spray
1 - Cedar chips in organza bag

All come in a white mailing box with usage instructions!  Buy it for yourself or for someone you know who needs support in their masculine Awakening process!  


Samantha Orthlieb

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