April 2020 Ascension Energies Update

This month’s theme:  Soul Remembrance

Hello Soul Family,

If you feel that your brain is being disected, that you are confused, muddled and foggy, and have a hard time focusing or discerning then know you are AWAKENING.

If you feel that your heart is about to fall out of your chest, that you cannot stand the pain and uncertainty of living, and you have a raw, vulnerable edge to you right now, then know you are AWAKENING.

If you feel deep anxiety, anger, helplessness, bewilderment, shock and are traumatized by what is unfolding in our world, then you are AWAKENING.

If somewhere in all of this there is a deeper urge inside to create your life differently, to reach your highest potential, to express more love and gratitude to Self and others, then you are AWAKENING.

If you are moving past fear, compliance, and questioning what you are being told about the coronavirus.  And seeing that this virus affects everyone, and does not discern between countries, socioeconomics, race, religion, or gender then you are AWAKENING.

The current state of the collective consciousness, of a human world that is caught up in the drama of COVID-19, is meant to awaken us, cleanse the heart and empower us to various degrees.  And in April we continue this journey of remembrance, of becoming aware of who we are on many levels, and of how we are all intertwined together in this great cosmic dance and creative mystery.

CO-CREATION through this pandemic continues to establish itself in the collective.

As our psychic and intuitive abilities continue to evolve, we open to new ways of seeing ourselves and each other.  There is TRUTH rising up in every part of the world. Illusion is being stripped away and we are becoming shocked and traumatized into conscious epiphany beyond survival issues and conformity. 

There is a realization by many of how we are being manipulated, controlled and exploited in many ways and on many different levels!  And that we have freely given our power away through fear and conditioning. This is the biggest lesson of the virus, and will ultimately enable us to create more freedom in our lives.  

Higher wisdom, deeper self-worth and illumination will continue to unfold this month as the collective goes through an even deeper psycho spiritual transformation!

There are three vital questions to ask ourselves going forward: 

  • Is what we are putting out into the world based on FEAR or LOVE?
  • Is what we are putting out into the world based on DESTRUCTION or CREATION?
  • Is what we are putting out into the world based on ENSLAVEMENT or EMPOWERMENT?

  • Through this viral shadow healing there is an opportunity for soulful rebirthing, a deep remembrance and greater connection to All that is, all that was and all that will be.  Higher spiritual attunement / evolution is imminent if we choose to grasp it.

    More balance between mind and body will establish as the empowered feminine rises and the masculine awakens.  We are slowly moving from a fear based society to a conscious, empowered and more loving society.  

    We are now at a choice point, a TIPPING POINT, in this Year of Alignment.  Do we have the courage to change? 

    See my video below for more information.

    In loving service,

    Archetypes for APRIL (what we are learning):
    The Alchemist , The Spiritual Warrior 

    RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS:   The Thirteenth Realm (Soul Remembrance), The Alchemist Essence (Psychospiritual transformation), The Spiritual Warrior Essence (Psychospiritual Endurance)  

    Teas:  Release the Fear Tea, Soul Chakra Tea (personal empowerment), Walk in the Woods Tea (grounding)

    Sprays: Walk in the Woods Spray, Soul Chakra Spray

     Soul Journey Boxes:  Empowered Feminine Box, Awakened Masculine Box

    These are the other two main archetypes that are anchoring into us and the collective this month!  Read more about these archetypes by clicking on the links above! Now we really gain momentum!

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     April products

    Psychospiritual and physical symptoms for April:  

    This month you will need to honour other ways of “knowing” beyond the intellect so trust in your intuition; which means you need to become aware of destructive and non abundant thought patterns that keep you stuck.  Move beyond the illusion of control to find your true knowing, “think”from your heart. And trust in the divine blueprint of your life; know you are where you are supposed to be and that all is in order. Make sure you set boundaries with others with empowered love, focus on engaging in compassionate, receptive communication with others in a way that does not compromise yourself.

    Remember that you are still incubating and releasing old karmic residue through the body, mind and emotions.  You will still have redemptive dreaming at night with deeper processing, downloads and insights during that time which will help you to heal, there will still be periods of fatigue, grief and heartache, but you are becoming wiser as a result of letting go.  

    Addictions are still on the rise as we clear shadow. Watch the health of your nervous system, heart,  liver, spleen, lymphatic system. Vascular issues (vein pain, migraines, headaches, throbbing), sinus issues, ear congestion, dull headaches and pressure behind the eyes will continue.  Our brain (and third eye) in particular is “expanding”. The throat and Thymus is clearing and shifting (hence throat aching, scratchy, dryness and tightness in this area). Our digestion is becoming better, but you may need to do some gut repair as spring approaches.   We will still have some skin issues and heat flushing. Stay hydrated - it’s still very important for this phase of healing.  

    Cosmic Events

    April 7: Full Moon / Super Full Moon (in Libra ) Calgary, AB, MST (We still struggle with reaching higher consciousness, too much fear continues to drag us down, we still feel uprooted and stressed, we need to learn to be in FLOW)

    April 4: New Gateway opens to bring in an influx of cosmic energy (humanity will be pushed to upgrade its consciousness to the next level) 

    April 21/22: peak of the Lyrid Meteor Shower (more Ah ha’s and Illumination is coming into the collective!)

    April 22: New Moon (in Taurus ), Calgary, AB, MST (more clearing of emotional heart residue and anchoring in spiritual transformation, it’s important to stay grounded!)

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    The Thirteenth REALM Essence


    A combination of flower, gem and cosmic essences to support your Ascension journey.

    From March 16th  to June 3rd, 2020 we will be in the 13th Realm of learning.  This essence is formulated to support the soulful learning and transformation we will be undergoing.  

    What we are learning in the 13th Realm this month:

    *We are opening to spiritual guidance, filtering out negativity so that we are free to receive light through the 7th chakra.  This allows us to see any situation from multiple perspectives, and through this expansion we are free to heal instead of staying stuck or sabotaging ourselves through fear or a narrower view.

    *Expanding our view of fear based situations, such as the COVID-19 pandemic,  enables us to perceive the true motivations, desires, and intentions of ourselves and others, free from doubt or other filters that blur the TRUTH.

    For more information please click HERE 



    Samantha Orthlieb

    Follow my blog for intuitively channelled insights on our Human Ascension process and the embodiment of a new Human Evolutionary Template within ourselves. My blog contains the latest themes, patterns, and common health and wellness issues that are affecting each of us and the collective consciousness as we upgrade and heal during this new paradigm of Love and Light.