April 2023 Ascension Energies Update

April 2023 Ascension Energies Update

April 2023’s theme: Connecting To Your Soul Wisdom!

April’s Keywords: Creativity, Unity/Partnership, Resolute Faith, Divine Liberation

Hello Awakened Soul!

April’s Ascension Energies will guide us to expand our soul wisdom, when our 9th, Blue Star Chakra aligns more fully with our second chakra to support us to express our individual co-creative power. True co-creative power involves the union of our feminine and masculine creative energies, fused with spiritual intention. When we own our co-creative power, we can create our lives, and use it to be in service to ourselves, each other and our planet in a balanced way.  

A gentle reminder that beyond the 1st-8th Chakras, there exists an extended chakra system of the 9th-12th Star Chakras that are above the human body in our vibrational field. These upper chakras are the key to the next level of human evolution. During the Human Ascension process, these upper Star chakras are becoming more activated and moving us to deeper levels of awareness and attunement of our connection to All That Is. 

Our attunement continues to heighten as our consciousness shifts; we sense how intricately intertwined we are with each other, and feel the collective pull to find balance between the whole and our sense of individuation. 

Layer onto this the deep healing of wounds and past trauma that is occurring, so that we can be free of separation. In doing so we are healing the disconnect with ourselves, each other and nature. We cannot co-create our lives, and a new world paradigm until we shed these old skins of the past and free ourselves from ego-based scarcity and limiting beliefs systems that pit us against one another and cut us off from abundance for all. 

Some may be sensing these subtle shifts in the collective by having more angst about the state of the environment, climate change or more physical /psychological sensitivity to world news or cosmic events (such as solar flares). Others may feel anger/fear about monetary lack, or feel called to create their food sources and live more simply. Some may also feel cut off from their creativity or their ability to manifest abundance in their lives. 

Sensitive souls may be feeling vulnerable and acutely aware of the consequences of our collective disconnect from the cosmic web of life, but are not sure of a way forward, or it feels too daunting. This heightening in attunement may be very uncomfortable, making it difficult right now to want to be in the world as the collective shadow is revealed. However, this is also an invitation to learn healthier boundaries, and balance sensitivity with a healthy sense of Self and our needs.

Wherever you may be on this collective spectrum, April’s energies support you to find your co-creative balance by engaging your Sovereign and Mystic archetypes. Both of these second chakra collective archetypes encourage the use of empowerment to maintain healthy personal boundaries and relationships, channel creativity, manifest abundance, and live a life of co-creative service in resolute faith.

Humanity is being divinely set-up for a co-creative future that is on the verge of Becoming. This can feel uncomfortable as we are in the transformative stage, and as I mentioned in my January update: requires us to have deep faith, great inner courage and endure growing pains.

This month you have the opportunity to expand your soul wisdom, and merge it with your feminine and masculine creative energies to form a dynamic of mutual empowerment  within yourself. This will illuminate your decisions and create action that comes from a deeply wise and intuitive place, helping you navigate the New Earth paradigm transition that is occurring in your life and the world. 

For more on how to work with these energies to benefit yourself please watch my video.

For those of you with my book - you can find further support by reading the 2nd chakra chapter! And/or work with the 2nd chakra archetypes and plants in my Oracle Deck.



In service and divine liberation,


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Archetypes for MARCH

Archetypes for April (what we are learning/healing/embodying): The Sovereign (Creativity, Unity/Partnership), The Mystic (Resolute Faith, Divine Liberation)

Cosmic Creative Cycle that we are in: WOOD (soulful abundance, divine liberation, resolute faith)


*Sovereign Essence and Elixir - supports you to step into our own authentic power and embrace your co-creative masculine and feminine energies. Connects you with your authentic power to maintain healthy personal boundaries and relationships, to channel creativity, manifest abundance, and live a life of co-creative service.

*Mystic Essence and Elixir - supports alignment of the creative energy of your second chakra in resolute faith of a higher calling. A balancer of polarities, the Mystic will also facilitate Sacred Union of the feminine and masculine within, to allow you to live a spiritual life with soulful earthly purpose. Attunes you to your creative psychic energies, releasing emotional tension, reducing worry, and increasing intuition. May alleviate depression caused by spiritual blockage, cynicism or lack of faith.

*Blue Star Chakra Essence - supports connection to the ninth chakra or the Blue Star to integrate the earthly self with your Divine Self (unity consciousness) and assists in the manifestation of desires and abundance. Helps unlock new talents and abilities that are contained in your soul’s blueprint and heightens your senses to receive the information that surrounds you, creating action that comes from a deeply wise and intuitive place. 

*Wood Element Essence - aligns you energetically to build internal energy to break through patterns/obstacles/internal self-sabotage, hold the overall vision and your dreams without wavering, more anchoring or expansion, purpose, new possibilities, truth, justice, transforms anger/frustration/depression into action, deep-seated transformation, being a conduit for spiritual wisdom, Spiritual/emotional/body integration, full spiritual potential integrated into daily life.

*Sacred Union Tea - supports the alchemy of love, power and wisdom into the perfect union. Sacred Union is the coming together of your masculine and feminine into peace, harmony and true equal partnership. Fusing Spiritual Love with sexuality, it allows forgiveness toward the masculine by the feminine and the surrender of abusive masculine power over the feminine. It  integrates two dysfunctional and co-dependent parts of yourself into a dynamic of mutual empowerment.

*Feel No Fear Tea - soothes the nervous system, releasing the tension, and calming the mind. This allows you to digest negative emotions, alleviate your fears and provide clarity of thought.

MORE about how Archetype Herbal Elixirs, Archetype Essences and Ascension Essences help you and which ones to choose are on my FAQ Page.


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April Psycho-spiritual and physical symptoms: emotional instability, fear, lack of trust/faith, spiritual blockage, cynicism, stiff joints, low energy, low immunity, anger, frustration, liver pain, digestive issues, red eyes, kidney pain, sore back, sore hips, frequent urination, UTI’s, yeast infections, vaginal/uterine and prostate issues (see the sacral diagram for health issues), feeling drained, intense dreams, self sabotage, procrastination, lack of motivation, apathy, depression, mental confusion, headaches, foggy brain, memory issues, dizziness, congested sinus/ears, heat flashes, skin issues, being flushed easily, feeling stressed, interdimensional/lucid dreaming, shifts in perception of your reality, crawly brain, hormone issues, up and down energy, lymphatic congestion.

If you have any concerns about your health and wellness, please consult your health practitioner immediately.

More about the Ascension process and a complete list of Ascension Symptoms HERE

April Cosmic Events

April 4 - 447 Gateway

April 7 - 477 Gateway

April 5 - Full Moon in Libra @ 8:35 pm PST

April 19 - New Moon in Aries @ 8:12 pm PST

April 19 - Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Aries@ 8:17 pm PST

April 22 - Lyrid Meteor Shower peaks 


Mercury Retrograde:

Pre-shadow : Apr 7 to Apr 20, 2023

Retrograde: Apr 21 to May 15, 2023

Post-shadow: May 16 to June 1, 2023 

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This group is for you if:

*You want more guidance, consciousness and spiritual support as you weave your way through the Planetary Awakening process and Age of Aquarius.

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