Are You Receiving a Wake-up call from the Universe?

The other day I was totally humbled and learned a valuable lesson in self love. My day started out normally enough: I could feel spring in the air and the sun warming the earth. I was feeling bouncy and blissful and grateful for all the wonderful people, animals, and plants in my life. Halfway through my first consult with a new client, however, I began to feel extremely ill. I managed to make it through the consult but surrendered to the call of my body and my heart and  decided to cancel the rest of my clients for the day. (Thankfully they were very understanding.) I dragged myself home and crawled into bed. It was a physically intense, self-effacing experience.

It is the first time in 11 years that I have ever cancelled clients due to “illness.” As one friend so aptly put it, I tend to think I am superwoman—that I can juggle all the balls, spin all the plates, twirl around, and still look graceful. I have a strong will and I can usually accomplish anything I put my mind to. But every so often, things come crashing down to remind us that ultimately we are not in control of our destiny; we are reminded that true heart-centred self love happens when we are in alignment with Divine spiritual intention, not our own agendas.

April is a month for integration—a time when old habits and wounds can be discarded in favour of new growth. When we have trouble letting go and trusting in the sacred spiral of life, our bodies and our inner wounding will resist in various conscious and subconscious ways. In my case, I had been making significant changes in my life and following serendipitous moments to guide me through a spiritual shift, but it seemed that my body was not quite in alignment with these external changes or the pace I had been keeping. In other words, I still had some old wounding to let go of before I could truly integrate my energetic field, my mind, my body and my soul into wholeness.

I am seeing many clients with viral flu (fear), insomnia (the start of spiritual awakening or our ego conflicting with our spiritual path), digestive issues (not digesting life well, resisting change), constipation (anger and not letting go) and tension in the shoulders and neck (gallbladder and liver tension; holding on to anger and resentment instead of changing this energy into action or change). The year 2012 has been and will continue to be especially intense as humanity goes though its own wake-up call and the universal energies demand that we change how we are living within ourselves and on our earth. Our body can be our best messenger in letting us know that we need to love ourselves, trust, and surrender fully to the changes upon us. Here are some of the ways the body is talking to many of us right now:

1)      Changing sleep patterns, hot body, busy or vivid dreams, wired and tired feeling, waking up two or three times a night.

2)      Flu-like symptoms, headaches, vertigo, dizziness, memory issues.  All of these symptoms mean that you are integrating new consciousness but that your energy field is breached and that you may be fearful or resisting changes.

3)      Sudden waves of emotion and crying for no apparent reason. See-saw of emotions: Feeling suddenly angry, sad or depressed. Then happy or peaceful. There is often a hurting or an emotional stirring in the heart chakra (the middle of the chest). Some experience heart palpitations. If you experience pain left of the heart chakra or shortness of breath then please consult a doctor or call an ambulance. This is a heart attack—a very big wake-up call.

4)      Any kind of accident, such as breaking bones, a car accident, tripping, falling, or bumping into things. This signals a need to ground yourself and deal with issues that are unbalancing you.

5)      Old wounding surfacing and being mirrored back to you by other people close to you or by new people that appear in your life. Pay attention to the lessons instead of getting caught up in the drama.

6)      Craving certain foods, experiencing an abrupt change in eating habits, being hungrier than usual, feeling thirsty all the time, even when you drink lots of water.  This means your body is either trying to shift out of an addictive eating pattern (cravings for unhealthy foods) or you are trying to integrate spiritual changes into your physical body (hungrier and thirsty). Craving protein means you need to be more grounded.  Craving fruits and green vegetables means your body wants to detox.

7)       The sudden appearance of allergies or food sensitivities. This means you need to clean out your body to remove a physical burden from your past.

8)      Increase or decrease in weight, especially five pounds or more. It means you are holding on to your wounding and other past events, or you do not feel safe in your environment and your own body.

9)      Not being able to sustain the level of physical exercise that you could previously, or becoming addicted to excessive exercise. This happens quite a bit to those that run marathons, cycle, or jog. I always ask those that do excessive exercise: What are you running from or why do you need to punish yourself so much? If you need a high from exercise, then something is missing in other areas of your life. Anything we are addicted to generally means we are missing inner self love and self worth.

10)  Changes in hearing, sight or smell.  Your senses may become dulled or amplified. You may see things that you did not formerly, such as shapes, flashing light, or auras. Blurred vision and a difficulty focusing can cause you to feel ungrounded.  All of these symptoms mean you are shifting your reality from the old to new consciousness within you.

11)  Energy surges and changes in body temperature that have nothing to do with menopause or andropause. You might have lots of energy and then crash with fatigue and lethargy. Either you are too hot or too cold. You will need more rest as you shift and integrate new consciousness.

12)  Skin issues such as rashes, acne, hives, herpes and shingles. This is a sign that you are repressing your inner turmoil and need to release anger or shame in another way that is more conscious.

13)  Waking up one day to see life differently, a desire to change your life in some way, searching for your soul purpose, needing to be more creative, bursts of creativity, feeling unsettled in current relationships, noticing that certain relationships are toxic or are holding you back from shifting in your life.

14)  Wanting to be out in nature more, connecting to Mother Earth in new ways, becoming more tuned in to the seasons, the moon cycles, your menstrual cycle, solar flares, seeing signs from nature. Feeling more compassion for animals, plants, and other sentient beings.

15)  Suddenly needing more time alone for introspection, soul searching, and spiritual curiosity—beyond religious affiliation.

16)  A desire to de-clutter and clean your living area, work space, or car. The desire to renovate is also another level of spiritual transformation.

17)  Serendipitous moments start to happen frequently, you feel compelled to speak your truth and impeccable integrity becomes very important to you, you feel you want to share your talents with others but struggle to know how, you want to explore your emotions more than your intellect.

18)  Increased or sudden connection to other “entities.” Psychic awareness increases, you may receive messages, you see or hear angels, spirit guides or other divine entities. You may suddenly be able to communicate with animals, plants or crystals, or experience an increase in awareness of  the animal or plant communication around you.

19)  A strong desire to find your soul mate. Understand that this means you are simply trying to find yourself, so do your inner work to manifest the person who will truly reflect your loving essence.

Remember that we have the opportunity to use these signs to explore and shift into a whole different level of spiritual living if we choose to surrender and trust our personal growth process. There may be physical issues tied to these symptoms that may require support, so let your inner knowing be the guide and seek help when needed. These are just some of the common spiritual awakening signs I am seeing in my clients, but if you have any more to add please leave me a comment!  Enjoy the journey—it is always unfolding and full of surprises. How you walk through your own ring of fire is entirely up to you!



Important Cosmic Dates for April, May and June 2012 that will affect us physically, emotionally and energetically and allow us the opportunity to awaken more fully: 

April 21st, New Moon

May 5th, Full Moon

May 20th, Ring of Fire- Annular Solar Eclipse (New Moon)—this is the strongest eclipse of the year so get ready for mega-energy!

June 4th, Partial Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon)

June 20th, Summer Solstice 

Remember to protect yourself a few days before and during these intense energy dates by getting plenty of rest, drinking lots of water, eating well and surrendering as best you can to any changes around you.  I drink Healthy Boundaries tea and Soul Chakra tea  to more easily hold my boundaries and keep me grounded.  I also use the Warrior Elixir to stand in my power and soften any resistance to change.  And the Sage Elixir to connect to my inner knowing more easily and to protect my energy field!

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