Being Called to Service: The Mystic Archetype (Part 2)

“We very often find ourselves teaching others the things that WE most need to learn….or serving others in ways that our hearts yearn for…..and in teaching it, or giving it….we learn it best ourselves. Life is really beautiful like that.”  –Brave Girls Club 

“Servant-leadership is more than a concept, it is a fact. Any great leader, by which I also mean an ethical leader of any group, will see herself or himself as a servant of that group and will act accordingly.” –M. Scott Peck 

“We are here to add what we can to, not get what we can from life.” –Sir William Osler 

The season of summer slowly wanes and with it the confusion, uncertainty and fear of the past few months of our personal and collective ascension process.  During June and July, the Universe lovingly pushed us to take a deeper look into our Shadow Self; and with this exploration the anger, the grief, the control, the aggression, the fear that surfaced within us in persistent waves showed us what needed healing in our lives.  We now have a deeper perspective on the events that have unfolded around us and we are seeing with more clarity the far reaching consequences of our choices and actions.  Most of us are gaining more certainty of our life path and soul’s purpose and tweaking or taking action that was stalled during Mercury Retrograde.

We are finding that as we continue to release anger, aggression and shed more tears that our power is again softening.  Our second and third chakras along with our inner Sovereign and Warrior archetypes are starting to sigh with collective relief and surrender to more balanced power within.  A part of us has died and we are being gifted with rebirth and newness once again!  Have you noticed that your digestion is improving slightly?  That your body is relaxing and your shoulders and neck are not as stiff and sore?  Are you feeling that you do not fight with others as much; that you can state your position without as much aggression or violence?  Or that you do not have as much tolerance for those that bully, guilt or blame to move you to their position of power?  That you want to help others more and they help you? That you are drawn to more softness and love?  That your interactions with others have more emotional depth?  It is subtle but the new co-creative value of balanced power is continuing to permeate a larger part of our collective conscious.  Our internal struggle with Shadow (our Lower Self) and the masculine and feminine is finding the next level of love and peaceful truce.

At this point we are being asked to operate more from the feminine flow of energy and our masculine is starting to bend and back off.  As we take a few more steps toward Sacred Union we are being asked to be mindful of allowing power to flow from within versus using force outside of ourselves.  We are being compelled to honour the wisdom of both the masculine and feminine.  Some of us will need to fire people from our lives if they are still too aggressive and are not shifting to co-creation.  We need to be ever more mindful of using a gentle and compassionate approach to people and situations.  And we are being called to serve humanity in this way no matter who and where we are in the world.

The Mystic Archetype is an evolving archetype that is growing within us (see page 118 in my book).  It is the representation of service in alignment with compassion and Unity Consciousness.  In our everyday reality this means learning to break free from our current spiritual glass ceiling of religion, New Age jargon, North American yoga classes, workshops and retreats.  Not that we will let go of these human made spiritual institutions anytime soon, but they will evolve with us and be redesigned to align better with the new paradigm of consciousness.   Living the Mystic archetype means realizing and connecting to a reality beyond what we can interpret intellectually, within a structure and with the ego.  Some call this the 5th dimension versus the 3rd dimension that we have lived in prior to 2013.  In my little world this means feeling a connection to all living things and awe for the sacredness of our existence with sky (traditionally the masculine) and earth (traditionally the feminine) beyond our finite human comprehension and control.  It is transforming one’s life from naval gazing, materialism and personal desire to a life of courageous and humble service.  Living a spiritual life through service intertwined with soulful earthly purpose, enables us to create more enlightened responses to the collective challenges that we are facing in the world.  It allows us to truly work in partnership, instead of trying to assert power and control through dominance, force and ego-based, personal self interest.  I want to mention that the shadow archetype for the Mystic is the Martyr – we need to be mindful to not martyr ourselves (instead of being of service); meaning we neglect ourselves in favour of others and lose our balance between giving and receiving.

Echinacea is the main plant ally in my upcoming Mystic Elixir and Essence combinations*.  It is the herb that asked most ardently to be the major second chakra healing agent in this part of our evolutionary process- for good reason.  Echinacea reflects the parts of ourselves that we have not fully integrated on our path to wholeness or unity and works on the issues we carry in our second and third chakras.  It helps us to integrate and strengthen our core self which, in our industrial and technological world that has reached its peak of disconnection from nature and generally lacks warm human community, has been severely impacted and has fractured our self identity.  Many people are still floating around aimlessly, conforming to the norms of our culture but feeling empty, purposeless and occasionally hopeless.  Or they are pushing their outside agendas without regard for the inner values that really sustain and nourish their souls.

Echinacea’s Spirit is needed right now as it helps support our immunity during this intense ascension period while at the same time realigning us with our core values and awakening us to our true inner Self.  It is especially helpful in healing emotional or sexual trauma in the second chakra and issues surrounding force and violence in the third chakra. It integrates and elevates the vibrational energy of the second and third chakras.  It is therefore one of the most important plant allies to help us with Sacred Union within ourselves.

Nurturing others, healing others and being of service to others are the new normal in 2013!  We can accomplish and change more with this kind of gentle power while creating peace and harmony for all around us.  As Martin Luther King Jr. said:  “Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve…You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” 

Peaceful blessings,


*I expect to launch my Evolving Archetype Elixirs and Essence sometime in October before the next Mercury Retrograde.  We will need them!

Physical and Psycho spiritual symptoms and suggestions for the rest of August:   It is important during August to rest as much as possible (napping is allowed!), feed your body nourishing foods and drink lots of water and healing teas (see below), support yourself with nature’s allies and take time for stillness so that you can continue to integrate all that you learned in June and July.  Reflection is the key ingredient to wisdom.  Our cellular structure and DNA is clearing and healing after the tumultuous past two months so we need to support this regeneration process.  Know that reflection and rest are necessary as we will go through this again in October/November!

As you shift in the next couple of weeks you may have moments of feeling ungrounded, headaches, absentmindedness, lack of clarity, throbbing throat, vivid dreaming, fatigue, heart palpitations and surges of nervous energy.  Do not be afraid of these physical symptoms or your Lower Self that is emerging and being cleared as it means that most of us will gain our strength and health back again if we are facing and healing this layer of our inner wounding and past karma. Be vulnerable and honest with yourself and others.  We are moving further into living an authentic life in alignment with cosmic and earthly consciousness.  While this is a tough process it brings great rewards.  We will still be bumping into each other so that we can transform the old power forces into co-creation.  But you will have more “tra-lala” peaceful moments in August.

Plant Spirit Allies that will support you to walk more in co-creation and service:  Other than Echinacea there are several other plants that have been talking to me lately:  Plantain, Nettle and Passion FlowerPlantain is basically a first aid kit on its own; this plant literally helps with everything traumatic that can happen to the body such as wounds, bleeding, stings, snake bites, burns, bruises and more.  It also releases mental blocks and draws off negativity, and supports the inner marriage of masculine and feminine energies.  It grows everywhere in Alberta so is always close at hand to help.  Stinging Nettle is great for arthritis and other joint pain, and helps to clear your thinking so that you can see and respond to unhealthy, toxic or abusive situations more appropriately.  Passion Flower is used to promote calmness, relaxation and soothes the nervous system. It also helps us understand the deepest possible meaning of our own personal suffering, after which it assists in the ascent to our truest calling of service on the planet. It also allows us to release our inner Muse so that we can honour our spiritual creativity.

Senses of the Soul products that will support you: I am combining Sacred Union tea and Goddess Tonic tea and drinking it almost every day.  It is really helping me through this transition!  Feel No Fear tea is also a good addition! The Warrior Elixir is still my favourite for on-going digestion issues that are emotionally related. The Lover Elixir is useful for staying heart centred, easing heart palpitations and opening to more compassion.

Important Cosmic dates for August and Sept:

New Moons – August 6th and September 5th

Full Moons – August 20th and September 19th

Fall Equinox – September 22nd

(Pictured below:  Passion Flower)