Breaking Free: Recalibrating and Realigning for a New World

Go back a little to leap further.” – John Clarke

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

In the last week we have been through three significant astrological events:  Mercury going direct (or the end of Mercury Retrograde) and at least four large solar flares were released from our sun while the sun is in the middle of reversing its magnetic poles. If you do not think these energetic cosmic happenings have significant impact then take an inventory of your emotions, thoughts and actions these last few days. The reversal of the sun’s poles are the most significant and mark an ending to a 11 year cycle of our sun being in a certain position; it also marks an ending in our personal lives and the final death of our patriachical world.  It is said that this new sun position will give the feminine the energetic helping hand that it needs to secure maternalism within our collective psyche and our DNA.

Endings can be painful and grief maintains a strong presence within us.  The death of our industrial world through grieving is necessary to impart the full meaning of what we have learned and create an opening for co-creative new beginnings!

At this crossroads the Universe is asking us to take big risks, conquer our fear and break free of habits, thoughts and beliefs of lower vibration to bring balance and spiritual purpose back into the human collect consciousness. We need to let go of our obsession with safety, security and materialism for the promise of deep love, contentment and meaning.   Here is what we need to focus on right now to allow us to break free and move forward into this new reality:

*Learn to balance work with play, relationship time with alone time, social time with quiet solitude, giving with receiving, and resting with physical activity. This will bring back more life force and contentment within ourselves.

* Take risks with our hearts, be vulnerable and dissolve blame, stop running from or antigonizing relationships and sit in them instead.  We must reach out to one another with no expectations of appreciation or approval, and have deep, intimate talks so that we can have more loving connection with one another.  This will allow us to come up with new choices and solutions for each other and our world.  Yes, this means you!

* Step up into the next level of higher potential within ourselves – this involves loving ourselves and our feminine self more than we can imagine and daring to dream big.

*Move past our inner fear, which is downright debilitating right now, and let the world hear us ROAR!  I had two friends today tell me that their favourite video right now is “Roar” by Katy Perry, which perfectly embodies this lesson. Do not give up, retract or hide!

*Boldly go where we have not gone before – this is the Year of Possibility and Transformation remember?  We need to get out of our own way and think through the issues in our lives differently.  If all we see are barriers then we must try on different solutions until one feels right, detachment from the chaos around us is imperative so that we can sit in our hearts.  Be still, silent, inward and meditative for the remainder of November.  This will help one be more peaceful and hear the whisperings of our souls, versus listening to our over active and destructive minds.

*Deepen our level of TRUST – that what is unfolding before us is the right path and then grab onto the reins!  The shift to higher consciousness- from 3D to 5D, from patriarchy to co-creation, from isolation to Oneness- is within our reach.  It may seem elusive, one may feel lost or in limbo, but this means it is time to deepen our trust in our healing process.  Look beyond to where we want to be, and if we do not know where that is then just put one foot in front of the other until our path is clear.

The choice is within each of us….do you feel you can break free, make a difference and live a meaningful life? Even if you do not know exactly what that difference is just having the willingness and the intention is a place to start!   We have within each of us the wisdom to do this – Co-creation and Sacred Union is slowly becoming a reality that will fill us with hope and passionate meaning once again.

Blessings and love,


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I recommend the following Senses of the Soul products for the rest of November:  The Mystic- to balance the material with the spiritual and anchor soulful purpose, The Spiritual Warrior – for psycho-spiritual endurance, The Sage – for gleaning wisdom from one’s life, Feel No Fear tea, Release the Fear tea, Love Chakra tea and Sacred Union tea.

Physical and Psycho spiritual Symptoms for November: expect weight gain and slow bowel movements until you let go, sleeplessness, headaches, fatigue, immune issues (flu with sinus and lungs symptoms), grieving, the urge to purge, depression, more grieving, heaviness and the need for quiet time.  We will gradually align, attune and open to more joy, clarity and meaning by the end of November. Reflection, patience, courage and perseverance will be required so do not give up!  Step into your role as a leader by living your personal truth.  Make your choices wisely and carefully. Time will seem to speed up and synchronicities will happen more frequently.  Find comfort in small things, hugs others as much as you can, have baths with epsoms and himalayan salts to cleanse your energy field and rest when you can.

Important cosmic events for Nov and Dec:.

New Moons – Nov 3 (Hybrid Solar Eclipse), Dec 2

Full Moons – Nov 17, Dec 17

Mercury Retrograde – Oct 21st to Nov 10th (the planet Mercury’s shift into retrograde will actually begin Oct 1st and end Nov 27th – the time between Oct 1-21 and Nov 10-27 is not as intense in terms of shadow healing and communication issues.)  This last Mercury Retrograde of 2013 will be an intense time of death and rebirth!