Cementing In Our Destiny

“Honestly, if you’re given the choice between Armageddon or tea, you don’t say ‘what kind of tea?”― Neil Gaiman 

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”― Rabindranath Tagore 

“We cannot live in a world that is interpreted for us by others. An interpreted world is not a hope. Part of the terror is to take back our own listening. To use our own voice. To see our own light.”― Hildegard of Bingen

If you could speak with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?  Who would you choose to have a conversation with?  For me it would be St. Hildegard Von Bingen (or in English, Hildegard of Bingen) a 10th century visionary and one of the newest saints, who in 2012 was named a Doctor of the Church.  I have been an admirer of this “unruly” mystical nun since early on in my natural medicine career.  She had vast creative genius, was an herbal pioneer, made many contributions to the world, and had a prophetic gift and great depth of vision.

Despite what church doctrine taught her, she strongly connected to and believed that earth was our Mother.  And that all creation and sustenance came from her.  She believed in Oneness and that everything flows through us and is connected to all that is around us.  Very early on she had visions and heard voices, and she knew she was connecting to “God” through images, words and music.  And most importantly that He showed himself through the splendor of the natural world.  She also saw how the earth was being violated, and was very clear on the corruption and the injustice of the church and State.

At a time when women were not heard – she chose to speak out even when she was told to keep silent.  At the age of 41, after spending the first half of her life in relative silence, she received a divine call to write and created her first book.  The Holy Father sent a “commission” to investigate.  She was found to be truthful, chaste and competent, and encouraged to continue writing.  So thoughtfully, carefully and at great peril,  she found allies and channeled most of her works, always careful to find support when other clergy challenged her lowly female status within the church.  Despite mounting male opposition, she wrote books on herbs, medicine, theology, devised her own language, and created many pieces of music and art.  She also became a famous spiritual leader who preached to a great following that came from all over to hear her,  unheard of at that time for a nun in a cloistered monastery under the direction of a male priest.  She had great political clout because of her direct experience of God which transcended reason.

Seeking higher truth, self-determination and greater knowledge she cemented her soulful destiny on earth.  While she faced many trials, and often doubted herself, she choose to listen to her own inner voice and her own spiritual connection.  She resolutely believed that by surrendering, the Divine would lift her up and carry her forward without great effort on her part.  She also firmly believed in working within a community to achieve her soulful purpose.  She spoke about Green Spirituality, drawing the connection and relationship between human, nature and Spirit, not the separateness espoused at that time by the church.  Her words and music still resonate with us now, and bring much wisdom, wholeness and healing to those who know of her.

As we move into September, I mention the life of Saint Hildegard of Bingen to bring inspiration, resolute faith and hope.  While this short blog by no means does her life works justice, I chose to write about her because she shows us that we are unlimited creative beings on our own authentic journey despite what is happening around us.    And we will need her determined energy as we move through the rest of this self-defining Year of Sovereignty.  From September to November we are anchoring in a karmic staging cycle for the next few years of our life, for humanity and for our planet.  And it will take a renewed sense of our courage, self-love and tenacity to cut through any remaining illusion to cement in a positive destiny.

In Love and Service,


Physical and Psycho spiritual symptoms and predictions for September:

This autumn the world will become more chaotic and explosive; there will be more death and rebirth, more weather consequences of climate change, political unrest (and certain leaders will become more volatile and paranoid), and more financial fall-out.  Nothing will feel stable and there will be great anxiety in the collective consciousness.  September will be a powerful time for change, endings and beginnings, and more opportunity for you to step into your authority and refine your boundaries.  As we get rebooted after August’s Super Full Moon, those that decide to step more into their power, will feel energized and ready to move forward.  If you have felt powerless and stuck this will change and you will start to move and therefore will need to make choices and decisions.  There will be obstacles and challenges along the way which will require you to choose the next part of your destiny.  It’s important that you be even more empowered, practical and real.  Challenge yourself to cut through any illusion about yourself, what you really love and where you are going in your life.  There is no room for fanciful thinking or dreaming in September.  Continue to clean up and weed out anything that does not serve you with clarity and razor sharp focus.  It will be interesting to see if Canadians and Americans will be realistic about who they vote for in the national elections, given the state of the world and the peril of our environment; my feeling is that we will be surprised at the outcome.  In North America our cost of living will continue to rise, so people will have to learn to be more creative and do with less.  Most are not going to like this and it will cause internal/external strife and greed, unless one can understand that abundance comes in many forms and that industrial materialism is not sustainable anyway.  We need to reduce and declutter! The more we share the more abundance will come back to us.   I cannot stress how important a time this fall is in anchoring in our soulful purpose and our future.    It’s time to be even more flexible with our thinking and continue to learn this year to integrate our feelings to make decisions and choices for the higher good of all.

It’s cold and flu season again, so protect your immune system and get plenty of rest. There will be more viral outbreaks this fall as they are related to fear and seem to follow each upshift in frequency.   We will experience sinus, lung and nasal issues, weepy eyes, red/irritated eyes, more emotional release, periods of grieving and anger, tense muscles all over, digestive disturbance, frazzled nervous system and sometimes feel mentally unstable.  As we upshift to higher consciousness continue to get lots of rest, drink lots of water and eat well, as this will help you interact better with others and keep your body and mind anchored.  Otherwise your health issues will spiral and you will find symptoms increase.

Recommended Senses of the Soul products:  The Earth Mother Elixir returns us to a safe and nurturing place within. It connects and grounds us with the energy of Mother Earth, reminding us of our earthly purpose. Allows you to walk your path without fear and shed the shadow archetype of the Victim, contains Dandelion Root to stimulate bile flow, increase serotonin and ease muscle tension. The Warrior Elixir helps you transform feelings of anger, rage and hurt into happiness, courage and empowered action. It gives you the confidence to protect our boundaries and stand up for what is true for you, provides digestive support that heals, calms and soothes. The Mystic Elixir or Essence ignites the creative energy of your second chakra in resolute faith of a higher calling. A balancer of polarities, the Mystic will also facilitate Sacred Union of the feminine and masculine within to allow you to live a spiritual life with soulful earthly purpose, the herbal elixir also cleanses lymph, heals “fluish” symptoms, eases digestive issues, soothes and calms. Magical Child Elixir returns joy and innocence to your being and opens your heart to love, infinite possibility and light again, contains Elderberry and Rose Hip for immune support Teas: Healthy Boundaries Tea, Feel No Fear Tea, Thrive Immune Tea, Release the Anger Tea, Sacred Union Tea, Release the Grief Tea

Important cosmic events for September:

As I mentioned in my last blog – monitor yourself around the Moon cycles as they are becoming more powerful and are influencing individual and collective behavior!

Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo, New Moon- Sept 12/13 – a shift in masculine energy within us.  We may see breakthroughs in technology and health care – meaning new thinking and new projects launched.

Total BLOOD RED Lunar Eclipse, Super Full Moon- Sept 27/28 – A HUGE influx of feminine energy so it will be a very emotional and unstable time.  Lots of upheaval and death – however this will lead to a raised sense of consciousness, love and more compassion in the collective.

Fall Equinox-Sept 23

August 27 – Pre-Phase of Mercury Retrograde starts

Mercury Retrograde – Sept 17 to Oct 9.

Oct 13 – Mercury goes Direct (end of Retrograde)

MUSIC TO INSPIRE – click here for original composed music by Hildegard Von Bingen.  And still more Hildegard music.

Pictured:  Saint Hildegard of Bingen