Climbing to the Summit

“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.” ~Muhammad Ali

“Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” ~John Muir

“Always continue the climb. It is possible for you to do whatever you choose, if you first get to know who you are and are willing to work with a power that is greater than ourselves to do it.”  ~Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Mt. Fuji is the highest peak in Japan and is named for the Buddhist fire goddess “Fuchi”. In July and August thousands of pilgrims and tourists climb this sacred mountain, many through the night to see the sunrise at the summit.  “Tradition said that Fuchi, goddess of the mountain, would throw from her side any climber who was not pure of heart.” The climb is not easy and in fact, “the Japanese say that everyone should climb Mount Fuji once, but to climb it twice is foolish”.

Our soulful journey this year sees us halfway through, and we are already weary from the climb. To continue forward in this year of reclaiming our Sovereignty we will need to draw upon the energy of the Goddess Fuchi, and keep our focus on reaching the summit.  Fuchi’s fiery archetypal energy creates strength, endurance, hones instinct/intuition and fuels relationships with genuine warmth.

The first half of August will allow us some respite, a chance to stop on the path, linger, rest, take in the view and assess.  By August 12/13 we will be on our way again with more changes, chaos, new projects and with little time to “think” about decisions.  As the ascension process continues to speed up within us; our cells, our DNA and our body are changing rapidly in biological composition and therefore we are feeling the effects more and more physically.   As we continue to receive more “light” from above, we will need to change quickly and adapt, continue to cleanse and rest when needed.  Turning to our instincts is paramount to surthrival going forward– which is the deepest inner sense of our personal truth and must be acted upon moment to moment.  If we allow this process we will be able to read the emotions and energies of others and learn to trust ourselves and our feelings.  This will lead us to the answers we seek – as we will not have time to linger in intellectual doubt going forward, without feeling completely overwhelmed.  The key to this next phase of the climb toward the summit is to heed the above, otherwise when we doubt, suppress, or go against our feelings we will observe a decreased energy, a sense of powerlessness and emotional and/or physical pain.  We must draw upon Fuchi’s wisdom as this will give us the endurance, courage and strength that we need to continue voice our truth, make changes and navigate the challenges ahead.

The second theme this month that Fuchi’s igniting energy can help us with is about genuinely connecting with others on a One Heart level.  True warmth, caring, listening, willingness to make relationships work and putting the time into it is our challenge and we will be reciprocally rewarded if we open our heart, take the risk and cultivate compassion and care for others.  Co-creation requires us to learn to sit in our heart’s center and act from this place as this benefits the highest good for us and others to bring about the compromising changes that must be made to heal the planet.  As the chaos heats up again we will be pressured even more to galvanize relationships that are forged in deep respect and love for Oneness.

Blessing and love,


Physical and Psycho spiritual symptoms and predictions for August:

As Above – PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE MESSAGES FROM THE COMING MOON CYCLES:  The moon sends us messages with each cycle and she is getting stronger in her intention!  Consult the current moon cycles as they come – while they make us feel slightly “lunatic” – luna being the moon – it is a predictable catalyst for manifesting change.  Follow the phases of the moon – the two weeks leading up to a Full Moon means you need to complete projects or finish off or bring closure to parts of your life.  The two weeks before a New Moon means to empty and begin again, to initiate new projects, a new path or a new relationship as you continue on your soulful journey.  Do not second guess the moon’s counsel!  Learn to be guided by the moons rhythms.  Learn when to power through and get things down, when to take the risk to start anew, when to cleanse, when to rest.  LISTEN TO HER AND TO YOUR INNER KNOWING as she will keep you sane and grounded.

So below – We start a fresh journey in August – you may be weary and feeling slightly hopeless.  We are feeling so much more deeply now, as this creates a fully empowered human being, and this is a double edged sword as it requires us to make more time for emotional processing and to be true to our hopes, fears and dreams.  Doors are opening up for you in new relationships, work or life opportunities and to ignore this means you will suffer more psycho spiritually and physically this month.  This is not a time to be in denial, to minimize yourself or your talents.  And while you may feel this is “not your job” to help the planet or better a situation around you, the opportunity is yours to walk further down your soulful path and gain more spiritual growth.  You can create a life that is meaningful but it takes dedication and work.  You have come too far now to stop and to refuse to go further would negate all that you have achieved this year.  Our journey is still moving upward so is a steep climb but we are through the first half of the year;, we have become pilgrims on an ascension up the sacred mountain and we are halfway there, the summit is in view and we are cleansing our impurities and past pain as we walk each step toward more death and rebirth.  Slowdown when you can during the first 12 days of August, survey the scenery around you, pause, reflect, know you have come this far and that you will find the willingness and courage to continue the remainder of the way.

This month you may experience digestive issues, immune issues, fatigue, bursts of anger, depression, tight shoulders, back pain issues, heart palpitations, heart ache, rapid downloading type dreams, disturbed sleep patterns, more tears/grieving but not as much tearful releasing as we had in July.  You may feel a pulsing or energy shift in the second (sacral) chakra area of the body, may feel more amorous and even sexually ignited as this area shifts to more Creation with All and your passion for life is ignited in a different way.  Our fifth (throat) chakra will also be shifting more this month so you may have more congestion in the eyes/sinuses and in the lymph system around the throat/thyroid area.  Support your adrenals and thyroid with nourishing food and a good basic adrenal product.  Support your immune system with a good immune product (see below in the product section).  If you have thyroid issues monitor how you feel in the throat area as you may need to support it with a natural thyroid product or increase dosage. 

Recommended Senses of the Soul products:  The Mystic Elixir or Essence ignites the creative energy of your second chakra in resolute faith of a higher calling. A balancer of polarities, the Mystic will also facilitate Sacred Union of the feminine and masculine within to allow you to live a spiritual life with soulful earthly purpose, the herbal elixir also cleanses lymph, heals “fluish” symptoms, eases digestive issues, soothes and calms. The Prophet Elixir allows you to claim your truth and integrity, anchors in co-creation to your throat chakra, balances hormones, is a blood and lymph cleanser.   Magical Child Elixir  returns joy and innocence to your being and opens your heart to love, infinite possibility and light again, contains Elderberry and Rose Hip for immune support, Lover Elixir helps you to forgive those who have hurt you and calls forth the unconditional love and compassion already in your heart, increases circulation in the digestive and heart area, releases heart pain, is a heart tonic, gives one emotional courage. Teas: Thrive Immune Tea, Love Chakra Tea, Release the Anger Tea, Sacred Union Tea, and Sunshine Tea

Important cosmic events for August:

New Moon –August 13/14 –a clearing, seeing a way through, and a surge forward in your life

Perseid Meteor Shower – August 13– expect flashes of insight, and perhaps unusual and unexpected things to happen to illuminate you on our path

Full Moon –August 28/29-Preparation time for September’s intense eclipse period (more in my Sept blog).  By the full moon in August we will be in the throes of intense change.

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Pictured:  The Sun/Fire Goddess