Comfortable In Our Own Skin

“The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.”-Carlos Casteneda

“These fifth dimensional energy fields are as fragile as butterfly’s wings, in that we can’t try hard to touch it or to hold it. Instead, we have to be “still as a tree,” “soft as the grass,” and “as changeable as the sun” We also need to feel the Love of Venus and accept the mystery of the Moon.”- Suzanne Lie

“Mindfulness (or Consciousness) is the art of being fully in the present moment with acceptance and an open heart. It is a practice that enhances our well-being in every way, from developing increased mental clarity and deep relaxation, to handling stress in healthier ways and escaping the grip of our reactive emotions. And perhaps most importantly, it addresses a core longing we all share-a desire to feel at home with ourselves and others, to be centered and comfortable in our own skin.” – Jack Kornfield

Over the course of this “mind blowing”  year we have gone through extensive internal wiring of our inner self, which has stripped us down and turned us inside out.   All of this downloading, shifting and releasing has hit us with many physical symptoms as described in my past blogs with the goal to enable us to live in our Higher Self.  Many are calling this the mass spiritual awakening of humanity which has unearthed our essential core and forced us to look at the shadow within ourselves and the world as a whole.  Many are confused, shaken, uneasy and tired.  If we shied or tried to shield ourselves from these changes the universe has pushed us to make them anyway. August was more preparation for this as we cut out, rooted out, clashed and tossed out anything or anyone.  Unfortunately there was collateral damage as tempers flared, hurt abounded and many mistook healthy boundaries for personal attack. 

As Autumn approaches we are moving into the Fourth Wave of this massive shift in consciousness and to put it into pressured perspective, the Third Wave in the year 2016.  Like increasing storm waves that crash into the shore, we will be carried again on yet another acceleration of consciousness due to the influx of  Light from the cosmos in September.  This is a big month, very big, so big in fact that many will wonder how they will make it through if they are not properly aligned between Heaven and Earth.  However the incoming energies of Ascension offer tremendous opportunity to create our life in a way that supports us being comfortable in our own skin, being fully responsible for creating our destiny with the Divine, and anchoring in the fifth dimensional and co-creative aspects of reality.  

If we grab hold with wild abandon and no fear, we can invite in expansive opportunities, new projects, passionate ideas and better relationships into our grasp. Great psychospiritual transformation is possible with the two eclipse energy portals this month, along with it being Mercury Retrograde and the Fall Equinox.  But as always we set the pace of our growth;  it requires the willing participation of our Higher Self, our patience, our inner stillness, our ability to detach  and our belief in ourselves.  There is no outside person, place or thing that will do this for us.  And if you have been growing this year, there is no one left to blame.

Yes, we are fatigued, bone weary and soulfully sore.  However we must carry on as the accelerated changes are the new normal.  Our learning in this continues to be to dig deeper, be spiritually stronger and find the best of ourselves while facing the worst.  We will continue to rewire our brain to the fifth dimension, so there will be fall-out around us; more deaths, more letting go of relationships and situations that do not serve our ascension, more accountability that we perhaps do not want to step into. 

Being non-reactive, being inclusive and seeing possibilities from different perspectives will help steady us.  Reaching out for support and learning from others who seem stronger can help one be more resilient.  And strengthening our faith to persevere in our actions until we come to resolution or acceptance of our difficulties will sustain us.  Above us we must cultivate love, acceptance and gratitude in every moment as gracefully as we can, while being forgiving of our momentary inertia and mistakes.  We are learning that all of us are different,delicate, beautiful shells in the same universal sea.

Still learning to be in service,


Psycho spiritual and physical symptoms for September 2016:

Oh what a tangled web we weave!  So much undoing and redoing, so much inner struggle and chaotic, busy dreamtime.  We continue to process so much so it seems as if we are living many lives as we work out issues here on earth and in our sleep which takes us into more shadow and other dimensions.    There is still an increase in certain ascension symptoms such as draggy feeling, sweating ( although that is lessening), higher than normal internal heat, up and down weight increase, eye issues with prisms, lights and other floaters showing in the corners of the eye, red eyes, bouts of weeping, sinus and lung congestion, denseness in the waist area (or as I lovingly call it the growing Buddha Belly!), abnormal menstrual cycle, and more fatigue than usual.  It feels as if we can barely move some days and many things take effort.  However, you are moving through it.  Even if you feel you are not doing/being it well you are making progress and can still feel more self worth, wisdom and self truth seeping into your soulful pores. You see more clearly where your sabotaging patterns are keeping you locked into mediocrity. It is becoming VERY uncomfortable.  Your conscious higher brain is taking over more than your reptilian lower brain more often.  You continue to grieve your old self- waves of it at the most odd times.  You  are closing past doors and awaiting the future.  All the while awakening your desire.  This month you must find the will to marry your desire with more passion – instead of being angry or depressed, afraid or confused.  It is important to take any intensity and channel it into action in defense of your own needs!  And put it towards getting projects done!

Cosmic Dates for September:

New Moon / Annular “Ring of Fire” Solar  (Masculine)Eclipse – Thursday, Sept 1 – The old industrial masculine in us is dying, and will so more rapidly after this eclipse.  More of the old us will break down so there is a shift to far less greed, control, aggression, anger, materialism, and pride within ourselves.  Our ego is being deconstructed piece by piece. In comes more strength, courage, boldness, support, abundance, integrity, spiritual truth and protection of the feminine.  We all benefit from this divine masculine energy!  

Full Moon / Penumbral Lunar (Feminine) Eclipse- Friday, Sept 16th – a softening energy to the divine masculine, more sacred union within, we regain more of our inner balance and form more intimate connections with others through our vulnerability.  Stay in Love, stay in peace as much as possible in all your actions and words.

Fall Equinox – Thursday Sept 22nd – we reap what we sow, so if you are doing your inner work then you will see the benefit.  Focus on what you want to create and then work on the details. Continue to take a balanced, harmonious and peaceful stance in all areas of your life. Stand strong in your personal convictions and act accordingly.

2nd New Moon – Friday Sept 30th/ Saturday Oct 1st – Time to pull out of the lower energies that you continue to struggle with – you must pull out of fear and judgement and grow spiritually through the practice of compassion to liberate yourself to greater peace, love and freedom.  More psychospiritual transformation!

Mercury Retrograde:  August 30th to September 21st, Sept 22 (end of Mercury Retrograde), Sept 23 to Oct 7th (post shadow phase).

Key words for September’s journey:  Self Worth, Balanced Power, Will, Self Truth, Wisdom, Intuition, Psychospiritual Transformation, Dreamwork, Multi-dimensional Consciousness.

Recommended Senses of the Soul products:  The Warrior Elixir or Essence helps you transform feelings of anger, rage and hurt into happiness, courage and empowered action. It gives you the confidence and willpower to protect our boundaries and stand up for what is true for you, Marshmallow root and Peppermint provide digestive support that heals, calms and soothes.,  The Enchantress/Enchanter Elixir allows full and complete alignment with your Highest Truth. It allows you to live in your Higher Heart, embody Light and love unconditionally, enables you to deeply connect to nature, animals, cosmos and intrinsically merge in a state of Oneness, us it this month to navigate shadow healing in your dreams. The Sage Elixir reminds us that we have other ways of knowing. Divine guidance and the voice of the heart are speaking to you. The Sage restores clear vision by helping you to access your inner wisdom: your intuition and inner knowing, contains Yarrow to protect one from psychic energy and balance the energetic field, lessens brain fog, cultivates healthy empathy.  The Alchemist Elixir or Essence –facilitates psycho spiritual transformation, personal transmutation and clarity of purpose, contains Wormwood for liver and parasite cleansing, Reishi Mushroom for immune support. NOTE:  use Elixirs if you need more earthly, hard hitting help for deeply rooted physical and psycho spiritual symptoms, use Essences for more higher realm, subtle, fine tuning of physical and psycho spiritual issues.  I have suggested what I intuited the majority of us will need this month, but trust your own guidance when it comes to using any Senses of the Soul product.

Teas: Sunshine Tea, Urban Warrior Tea, Love Chakra Tea, Release the Anger, Healthy Boundaries Tea, Feel No Fear Tea, Release the Heat

Pictured:  St. John’s Wort – it’s plant Spirit brings in more Light into the body and the soul. It is useful for mild to medium depression when one cannot see the end of their dark spiritual tunnel. It also helps with nerve damage, cradle cap, certain skin issues, wound healing, SAD (seasonal affected disorder) and is strongly anti-viral.

Matthew Wood in his Book of Herbal Wisdom suggests that St. John’s wort is a remedy for the solar plexus, the portion of the autonomic nervous system that oversees digestion. This area is also the home of gut instincts or the ability we have to be connected to our “guts” or inner knowing.  The solar plexus is also the third chakra in the body and helps us stay calm and centered in a crisis.

This plant’s medicine is useful when we have a difficult time trusting ourselves and may be plagued by fears, anxieties and self-doubts. St. John’s Wort strengthens this area, improving digestive disturbances (such as burping, bloating and pressure) caused by nerves and stress and allows us to be calm and centered.  It can be taken in tea form, capsules, tincture or rubbed on in an oil base such as olive oil.

St. Johns’ Wort is in my Sunshine Tea and Feel No Fear Tea.


St Johns Wort