Creating Your Life

Blessings on the Summer Solstice! From January until now, we have all been grappling with a sense of ambiguity about our spiritual and soulful destinations. This has also been a time of grieving and letting go of the past; we have had to collectively take the time to honour our healing process for ourselves and humanity. As part of this process, we have had to work hard to shift stagnant energy—that required many of us to get angry enough about our situations to finally get the impetus to take action and move past the Victim and Silent Child archetypes (see my book) that were keeping us stuck.

And there’s no doubt about it that cutting out the dead wood in one’s life to remove old debris in order to push ahead and grow is an exhausting process.  Our bodies reacted: lymph, lung and sinus congestion, flu-like symptoms, heart palpitations/heart ache (and heart attack), low iron level, cold hands and feet (and other circulation issues), gallbladder symptoms/attacks, constipation/slow bowels/diarrhea, thyroid issues and extreme to mild fatigue were extremely prevalent throughout this process. Many of us are now fatigued and afraid, but we are also on the brink of finally surrendering to something new.

As we head into the second half of 2012 and the Summer Solstice releases the first breath of summer, there is now the faintest glimmer of what lies ahead. Learning to create our life with inner truth and soulful purpose is the next phase of 2012. This new phase is about operating from a place of impeccability and integrity, and aligning with our soulful calling. This facet of our humanness resides in the fifth chakra (see pages 161-171 in my book) and teaches us that rewards come to those that stand in their truth and walk through life with integrity—no matter what forces try to divert them from this path. It’s a recognition that we are here to serve, and an acceptance of our calling with grace and willingness. And yes, this also means dropping our personal agendas and ego-driven goals—so that we can embrace our Higher self and walk forward in alignment with Divine intention.

Not all of us are eager to heed the call. There is a huge collective resistance to aligning fully with Spirit and acknowledging our spiritual destiny. This refusal to fully surrender is exacerbating some health issues and preventing physical symptoms from completely abating. We must find and utilize our talents to their full potential!  The Universe is demanding nothing less of us at this time in history. This is what we need to realize from the core of our soul. However, our full potential cannot be realized until we surrender that which no longer serves us. So look at all aspects of your life and purge whatever it is that is holding you back. It will otherwise feel, as it has for many of us over the last couple of months, like we are having a breech birth: a difficult labour that may have a devastating outcome.


Creating your life: tips to help you move forward

  • Remember that you always have a choice.
  • Set your intention to align with your Higher Self, not your ego.
  • Release your personal agendas and be open to receiving abundance—then the Universe can show you the way.
  • Silence the negative thoughts and voices.
  • Know that creating your life also means taking some risk.
  • Ask for help when you need it—from friends, family, the Universe.  Help is always there for you; you do not have to go through life alone.
  • Remember the 4 Ps:  Permission, Process, Persistence and Patience (see page 85 for more details) –there are no quick fixes in life or in health.  Stay on the path of elevating your consciousness and finding/refining your purpose; even when you stumble or fall, pick yourself up again and keep moving forward.
  • See below for a list of products that will physically, emotionally and energetically support you through this process.

The above tips will help you find the wisdom, courage, persistence and strength to ensure an easy labour and quick delivery into a new state of understanding and growth. Only by doing this will we be able to surrender to a new phase of co-creative human consciousness, one that is unlike anything we have seen before. What we do now will affect future generations. As I say to my clients, “The work you are doing now will lighten the backpacks of your children and their children.” Choosing not to grow serves no one. Is this is the path you want to travel until it is time for you to leave this reality?

One of my clients remarked to me last week, “I am so sick and tired of growing; all you tell me to do is surrender to growth so that I can feel better!”  I replied that grace and inner peace is achieved through hard work; understanding one’s learning and completing the tests of initiation that present themselves to us will result in finding one’s personal power. (Ill health is just one path of initiation, but often the one given to those who do not walk their path with consciousness or allow fear and apathy to stunt their spiritual and soulful growth.)

Our lives wind and spiral in ways that we do not have any control over. If we have the courage to follow the path the Universe sets out for us (not the one we have been conditioned to follow), joy and peace will be ours. The learning, while holding hard work and many trials, will be deep, profound and full of wisdom.  This is living our true soul’s calling.

Co-creation is the next phase of our 2012 growth, and the topic of my July blog. Until then….!


(PS – I always love to hear from you!  Please share your thoughts and comments with me about my blogs!)


If you need vibrational medicine support during this phase of your growth, I recommend

Healthy Boundaries tea– for flu symptoms, fatigue, better boundaries and replenishing your energetic field

Illumination Tea – to allow clear thought action and divine inspiration to flow and to release old thoughts and beliefs that do not serve

The Sovereign essence – to align you with abundance and creation

The Prophet essence – to align with creating your life and to speak your needs

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