December: A tentative time of Hope

Hurrah, today is the end of Mercury Retrograde! – so celebrate the fact that you made it through the toughest and most internally transforming time of 2012!! Many on our sacred planet did not stay with us in this reality and passed on, so take a moment to send them love and peace. We still grieve their loss and the loss of the old way of living as a race in the human collective consciousness.

This week we head into a full moon and lunar eclipse on Wednesday – which brings energy to allow final integration of our masculine and feminine energies into wholeness.  The internal struggle between these two halves of our whole is starting to wane.  This does not mean that we are totally “healed” but it does bring the potential for greater transformation and brings forth unknown blessings as we head into December! The feeling of hope is also back on the horizon. We will pull out of the deep sadness, fultility and desolation that many have been carrying during 2012.

So this means being patient for now.  And sitting in self love with ourselves versus judgement and blame of ourselves and others as the energies of the Universe meld together to bring forth and unfold the new paradigm.   Our new path will unfold with it one step at a time.  Sending you love and hope!



Hope on the Horizon

Hope on the Horizon