Do You Remember Who You Are?

Forget me notIt definitely feels to me like January has started out quietly. For the first time since the frantic, revolutionary energies of 2011, many of us can breathe, be still, and take a panoramic snapshot of our lives. We are now sitting in stillness and reflection as we ask ourselves “where are we going now?” It may be that the plans that we thought were set for this year have morphed into another reality, or perhaps we are experiencing an emotional inertia when it comes to making them happen. The world at large seems to be contemplating the next phase of its journey and we are in flux. While we continue on living our busy lives, the frozen earth around us whispers the question “Do you remember who you are?” I hear this everyday and am reminded to keep moving forward (or sometimes slogging forward!) in service, humility and authenticity. It is not easy and some days I definitely stumble! 

 Re-assessing our lives can be a lonely journey: it can be easy to feel isolated and forget that we have a soulful connection to others. Our sense of deeper human connection has been replaced by the superficial connections we forge through the daily grind of life. But in 2012, this is starting to shift; we are dipping our toes into soulful collaboration with others.  

As we continue to shed the skin of the industrial age, we are craving a deeper and more conscious connection in our relationships. These relationships can take many forms, including human, animal, plant, earthly, karmic, and cosmic. One of the flower essences that is helpful for those of us who are trying to connect on a deeper level and mindfully tap into the new co-creative energies is Forget-Me-NotForget-Me-Not is a small blue flower that reminds us of the potential for co-creative connection in all of us. As we move into deeper relationship with other beings and dimensions, we step into our authentic selves and into our full potential in our endeavours with others. The archetypal energy of Forget-Me-Not tempers the ego self and guides us toward expansive love for the universal family. It fosters a greater awareness of the incredible depth, breadth, and possibility of soul-based relationships. We can then release old relationships, re-assess current ones, and begin to cultivate new ones that support our soul’s purpose, not that of the selfish ego. This is timely and essential if we are to plant the seeds of consciousness necessary to grow a healthier, self-sustaining world. If you are in the process of   reviewing your relationship with yourself and others, then invoke the intention of Forget-Me-Not to get the most out of your soulful and spiritual growth during this phase of human evolution.  

On the physical level, the body will continue to call urgently to its owner this year. I am seeing a  build-up of toxins occur at a fast pace in all my clients as the body tries to rid itself of all destructive cellular memory from our DNA, our ancestors, and our current life so we can move forward. Those of us that resist this process and fail to listen to the body will see the consequences (this means more cancer diagnosis this year – currently 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men will have cancer in their lifetime). We are becoming more energetically sensitive on all levels, so watch your physical symptoms and treat your body with respect and kindness to help it as it purges that which no longer serves us. 

 I mentioned in my previous blog that 2012 would be “The Year of the Heart.” I am already seeing this manifest in physical and emotional symptoms:  restlessness, insomnia, a heaviness in the chest, lethargy, circulatory issues increasing, sinus/lung congestion (the lungs protect the heart), grieving/crying for no reason, loss of passion, and bitterness. As well, the fall virus that is still lurking continues to affect people, most notably in the lung/bronchial area. 

 Some of these health issues are the after-effects of indulging over the holidays, but much of these symptoms are connected to a deep grief in the heart and lungs that needs to be released.  Last year’s tumultuous events have left us all spinning; it is now time to process, integrate, and grieve that which has happened. This has inspired me to launch a new tea: Release the Grief.  Releasing our grief enables us to let go and move forward on our life journey. One of the ingredients in this tea that helps with this is Poplar buds. Poplar spoke to me last fall when we were placing our usual herbal order. I did not know why it was needed at the time, but, as with all my intuitive conversations with plants, I knew at some point this tree’s strength, endurance, and budding potential would be needed. And now is the time. This tea is available at Nurture Health & Wellness and This is the Year of the Heart: release your grief, remember who you are meant to be, and start co-creating! 


Release the Grief Tea:  Wild Cherry, Mullein, Yarrow, Poplar Buds, Licorice Root

(Awesome lung and sinus support!) 

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