Dying into Big Love

“I give you this to take with you:  Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting.” – Judith Minty, Letters to My Daughters

October 2013 marks the biggest death yet of our inner selves and for the old way of living for our species.  And with any death comes a roller coaster of emotions, including grief, letting go and then ultimately rebirth.  However, before this rebirth of ourselves can gel into solid form, we need to let go of more outmoded habits, attitudes, and relationships.  A part of the shadow Self must be set free – again.  It is best to assist this process during this month by consciously looking at what needs to leave our life.  If we are not sure, then know that the Universe will certainly let us know.  The general theme going forward for the rest of 2013 is that we need to stop doing what we think we are supposed to do, and come up with a new way of doing it.  And, just so that you are prepared, 2014 will be about learning to live this radical make-over.  As I mentioned in my January blog, this is the year of possibility and transformation; as we head toward the end of this year we are in the last big push to stop living in duality (our black and white reality), and must start to walk the path of masculine/feminine balance within ourselves.  I call this “Big Love” – or Oneness.  In the new world that is birthing around us, the Age of Love means seeing all the shades of gray and accepting them with equal value.  It means living authentically and in harmony with all, not just talking about it or wishing for it.

Alas, right now most of us are walking around paralyzed, fragile, frantic, slightly broken, grieving, annoyed and ill, instead of changing ourselves for this vision.  However it is important to remember this:  we decide who we are and where we are going.  The rest of the floundering frenzy and confusion around us is not for us to worry about.  The Universe is pushing us again to show our natural talents, know our worth and grow. Step up, live your truth and be a role model.  The feminine in us is being nudged forward once more, but she is faltering, and the masculine is puffing up his chest in annoyance and condescension. Women in particular are being asked to step up into their power and make needed changes in our world; this will strengthen the feminine within everyone.   Time is running out to complete the ascension process of Oneness and there is no more room for self doubt.  We may feel that others around us are the annoyance but really they are a mirror that is reflecting the challenges that will teach us to love ourselves more.  Three of the biggest lessons we can take away from this year:   do not take anything personally, focus on balance within and be responsible for our own choices and actions.  Playing with our shadows instead of being enmeshed with them helps us to keep our perspective and our humour.

Here is what we need to be conscious of for the rest of the month so that we can soften into Big Love:

Decisions:  Make them now; stop procrastinating, stop hiding behind other people (i.e. your spouse or your children) and move forward.  Be courageous, walk the path of beauty, choose and do not look back.  If the decision of another has left you in a precarious position then make new decisions of your own; it is time to think outside the box (better yet, get rid of it) and take risk.  Consider all possibilities, consider the higher good and then act.  Find your truth and follow it. Know that by doing this you can slow down, enjoy life more and align with your authentic self.  If you and another party are polarized in decisions then find a compromise and move forward; release your ego and walk the path of grace (Someone should tell the U.S. government this…).

Focus:  Choose your priorities wisely.  Know that you cannot get everything done.  Work on what is really important to you and serves your higher purpose.  October is going to be really busy, slightly overwhelming and with many projects coming to fruition.  Many of us have been going through big changes this year in work and relationships; now we will start to see the gold at the end of the rainbow!

Create:  We will be exceptionally creative and intuitive this month, so do not hold back and enjoy the process.  With any creative process you cannot control when and how the creation unfolds.  So just go with it.  Sometimes you will be working long hours and then resting the next few days to incorporate this creativity into your live.  Let it flow, relax and smile just a little bit.  You are learning to create your life, not do it.  Know that you can be spontaneous, flexible and open – this creates new possibilities and allows more joy to flow.

Discard:  Get rid of anything in your life that needs to go…clean your house, your office, your desk, your garage, your personal life…everything that you can purge then do so.  Cleanse your mind, heart and body, eat lightly and drink lots of water and nourishing tea.  We need to let go of anything and anyone that is impeding our ascension process.  Smudge and move the energy around in your life so that you can align for the next phase of your life.  We have been lining up for this since January – so if you have not been consciously clearing out the clutter then you will be forced to do so.  This is also why many of us are sick with the “flu” virus right now; more cleansing!

Attune:  Listen to any signs around you for messages and the inner knowing that is growing inside of you.  Our psychic and intuitive faculties are expanding even more now.  The Wild Feminine continues to grow inside of us and she is gently demanding that we listen to her.  More information is coming to us in our dreams, through daily signs, nudges and synchronicities.  Pay attention and act when it feels right. 

Soften:  Instead of lashing out, being annoyed and impatient, try softening into your heart.  Step back and gain perspective, find quiet time and focus on compassion for others.  Rose Quartz is a great crystal for tuning into your heart center!  Be vulnerable even if you are afraid to and do not make your love conditional.

The last three months of this year are going to demand our excellence, our skill, our willingness, our courage and an open, flexible heart.  Gain wisdom and power through knowing what has arisen, lived and died within you.  Review your life and own your grief.  Focus on the higher good of Big Love and keep moving forward!  We are almost through the portal to a New World!



Physical and Psycho spiritual Symptoms for October: flu virus with sinus congestion, sore throat and coughing.  This can also mutate into Strep throat, ear infections and pneumonia.  Tightness in shoulder blades, the neck and back, gurgling digestion, throwing up, nausea, headaches, plugged ears, vertigo, ringing in ears, being light headed, low energy, extreme fatigue, sore knees/hips/back and vivid dreaming.  Addictions to anything and everything will come and go.  Emotions will range from intense moments of grief, to anger, to crying, to futility.  Then there will be bits of clarity and love in between.  Our bodies are cleansing mentally, emotionally and physically at a rapid rate and we are downloading a huge amount of new consciousness about love and Oneness. This rearranging and purifying of our cells, our body, soul, mind and our human DNA – is creating low life force as well as a great inner unsettling, anxiety, fear, ungrounding, fogginess and sense of fragility; our energetic field and physical self is taking a constant beating.You may feel like your entire world is falling apart and that there is too much change.  Let it all go and let it change. Lean into it and love yourself.  The flood gates are opening and you are on the raft.

Herbal Allies for October:  Hyssop – for lung congestion, releasing grief and finding new solutions to the same issues, Motherwort – heals the anxious mind and heart,  helps calm the nervous system, balance hormones, reduce fever, decreases stress on the heart and spread joy and calm. It opens us up to the loving arms of the Divine Feminine. Horse Chestnut – for strengthening veins and heart muscles, and for knowing that you will not make the same mistakes.  Echinacea – for walking the path of the Mystic, supporting immunity and allowing balanced power in the second and third chakras.

Senses of the Soul products that will support you: Release the Grief tea, Healthy Boundaries tea, Love Chakra Tea, Sacred Union tea and my new Evolving Elixirs and Essences that will be launched on Oct 21st (the start of Mercury Retrograde)!!

Important cosmic events for Oct and Nov:

New Moons – Oct 4, Nov 3

Full Moons – Oct 18, Nov 17

Mercury Retrograde – Oct 21st to Nov 10th (the planet Mercury’s shift into retrograde will actually begin Oct 1st and end Nov 27th – the time between Oct 1-21 and Nov 10-27 is not as intense in terms of shadow healing and communication issues.)  This last Mercury Retrograde of 2013 will be an intense time of death and rebirth!

Pictured below:  A heart rock that I dug up on the weekend while planting Saskatoon bushes at the Senses of the Soul Herb Farm!