Ending Illusion to Live Co-creation and Inner Truth.

Your problem is how you are going to spend this one odd and precious life you have been issued.  Whether you’re going to spend it trying to look good and creating the illusion that you have power over people and circumstances, or whether you are going to taste it, enjoy it and find out the truth about who you are. – Anne Lamott 

Illusion is the need to disguise the emptiness within – Arthur Erickson

In our natural state, we are glorious beings.  In the world of illusion, we are lost and imprisoned, slaves to our appetites and our will to false power. – Marianne Williamson

I have often described the Ascension process, or the waking up of humanity to embrace co-creative values and priorities, as trying to fit a bowling ball through an eye of a needle.  Some days it can seem impossible; the human issues insurmountable and the amount of anger and apathy disheartening.  As well the damage that has been inflicted on the collective human psyche and on our planet appears beyond repair.  Making changes in our own lives, which have been largely governed by fear and illusion in the old paradigm, can also be extremely arduous and impacts us psycho-spiritually.  The Ascension process is like a series of falling dominos – a shift occurs in the planetary and human collective vibrational field, then hits us individually and cascades into our mental, emotional and physical realm, as well as clearing old cellular memory.  Each hit that we take, or shift in consciousness, creates more psycho-spiritual trauma as the illusion falls away; therefore it can be difficult to cut through and embody the spiritual wisdom.  Our soulful self ends up in a darkness that is difficult to transverse.  Fortunately the month of May is bringing in new light so that we can head out of the darkness for quite awhile and lean into a new direction.

The month of April was a chance to seize the opportunity to clear away all the final clutter within our lives – whether by choice or not – no one escaped dramatic change. We got a full dose of reality and truth hit us between the eyes.  For well over a year we have been clearing and grieving the “old” in our lives with bouts of letting go.  And the end of April was the final push down the birth canal to new beginnings!  Still feeling newborn and shaky after the Solar eclipse on the 28th of April, we then plunged into self doubt and addictions as we made our way into the first week of May.  We must understand that there is much fear when we create something new out of letting go of the past or when we embark on a new phase in our lives.

We have now fit the bowling ball through the eye of the needle – we have crushed it with each shift to new consciousness and shoved the rubble through the hole.  This is why it has taken so long and many of us are very weary after so much clearing and realigning to live a life that has more purpose and meaning.  Even though one may feel like a battle weary, Spiritual Warrior, we are now being asked to move forward into the unknown and live passionate co-creation.  May signals the end of illusion and the living of co-creation and inner truth. No more thinking about it – we must “be” it.  Many of us have or will be making brave changes so that we can create a different world that we are proud to pass on to future generations.  Others will be living co-creation by challenging the still crumbling patriachical system and practicing Unity by embracing the diversity of others.  Individual rights and freedoms must be respected while creating a “wholeness” approach to being in service to humanity and our planet.

These aspects of the new co-creative paradigm are reflected in the second and fifth chakras which are now fully ignited; equally giving and receiving, sharing, heartfelt feeling, creating abundance for all, peaceful communication and passionate living.  Anything that does not live up to this standard will fall from our lives. We are on the precipice of creating a new life story and a new future for our world. So we must choose wisely and carefully with intention of ONE HEART.  We still have a bumpy road ahead of us – we must find more courage to move forward and stand up for a just and balanced way of life as the old power structures struggle to hold on.  Through this next phase of our journey we will find more self actualization and growth.  By the end of May we will have dusted off our bruised and bloodied selves and headed in a different direction with new hope and a fresh perspective.

In service and light,


Physical and Psycho-spiritual symptoms for May:  After the April 28th eclipse the flu symptoms made another round so many are still suffering from sinus congestion, lung congestion, red eyes, watering eyes, nausea, sleeplessness, constipation, and/or just generally feeling very exhausted. Heart palpitations/ strange heart rhythms and other health issues such as tightness in the body, digestive issues, disturbed sleep, fatigue, achy joints, shoulder blade pain and flu like symptoms will continue to plague us as we align with universal energy and shift to altruistic consciousness.  Stay hydrated and cleanse your vibrational field frequently. There is also a great amount of anger, grief and heartache moving through us rapidly so many are feeling emotionally ungrounded and scared. We are clearing out old wounding with increasing momentum but this will ultimately usher in more self acceptance and hope by the end of May.  Rest often, detach from drama and chaos as much as you can, focus on the positive changes in your life, stay persistent and true to yourself, open your heart to love and find the blessings in your current situation.  Go outside into the sun and soak in its life force – you have been through a big transformation and now it is time to rest, plan, tidy up the remaining debris and build up your reserves.

Herbal Allies for May:  Echinacea – continues to be a herbal ally as we transition from April to May as it calms the mind, integrates the second and third chakras for balanced power and spiritual integrity, increases immunity when outside forces are too much to handle, aligns body, mind, spirit, addresses sexual imbalances.  Allows one the ability to keep one foot in the material world and one foot in the spiritual world without depleting life force.  Allows one the ability to let go of old self-image and transition to new ways of being. Astragalus – supports the first and third chakras and stimulates the immune system, reenergizes the cells and soul, and is especially effective for those suffering from deep exhaustion.  It is an adaptogen, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor, and a very revitalizing energy tonic.  It strengthens life force.  Borage – an ally of the fourth chakra it helps to heal old heart wounds and emotional pain so that we can forgive ourselves and others.  Borage fosters courage, strength, virility and well-being.  It is an anti-inflammatory, adrenal tonic, is helpful for throat irritation, coughs, fever and a variety of digestive disturbances.

Senses of the Soul products:  Urban Warrior Tea, Thrive Immune Tea, Healthy Boundaries tea, Love Chakra Tea, The Mystic Elixir or Essence, The Lover Elixir or Essence, The Prophet Elixir or Essence.

Important cosmic events for May & June 2014:

Full Moons – May 14, June 12

New Moons – May 28, Jun 27

Summer Solstice – Jun 21

Pictured – Borage Flowers – to heal and soothe the heart and soul, for emotional courage, strength and well-being.

Borage flowers