February 2024 Ascension Update: 20 DAY DNA Upgrade!

February’s theme: DNA 1-6 Activation and Remembrance

February Keywords: communication, co-creative action, impassioned purpose, soulful co-creation, spiritual inspiration, ignited imagination

Chakra Focus: 5th 

Feb Archetypes: The Prophet (Shadow: Silent Child), The Muse (Shadow - Hedonist)

Feb’s Cosmic Creative Cycle: FIRE (passion, growth, accountability, patience, balanced effort, directed action)

Hello Beautiful Soul!

February’s energy codes support us to move to another level of growth, freedom and creative expression!  Incredible creatrix energy is streaming in to awaken humanity and ignite our soul’s purpose. I have never felt this kind of Divine Creation energy before! We will be awakening the limitless creative forces within our DNA. This is a monumental time of personal evolution that will transform us to our very core!

This month we are in a DNA upgrade that gives us the leverage to break free from karmic patterning and emotional trauma that was lingering in our conscious and subconscious minds and body, and therefore find more solid footing going forward on our earthly journey. As we release conformity through this process and let go of past pain, we are stronger in who we are and can be more passionately connected to our life purpose.  

The weight of the past is lifting, your body is healing, and your vibration is changing!  You will continue this month to assimilate the lessons needed to transform your past into personal empowerment, healthier boundaries, and augment your self worth. Shifts will occur through this DNA upgrade to inform and illuminate your higher mind so that you can leave the safety (or fear) of what you know and take risks to move into a new layer of being and living. 

Prepare for deep healing, integration and Ascension! 

The DNA Upgrade Gateway begins Feb 2, peaks Feb 11, and finishes on Feb 22. This will be a 20 day period of  accelerated psychospiritual transformation and impact your fifth (throat) chakra and your central nervous system. Upon completion of this upgrade your vibrational field is attuning to this new version of yourself - until the next DNA Upgrade in August, during the 888 Gateway. 

The throat or 5th chakra will be the most impacted this month,  and as it shifts and attunes to this new vibration you will be able to release any stagnation and fear of being heard and seen, so that you can follow your inner guidance and access spiritual inspiration and direction. The two archetypes for you to work with are The Prophet and The Muse. Each of which will assist you to stand in your soulful truth, and follow your Soul Pathwork with impassioned purpose and ignited inspiration.  As you do you will feel more rooted and live in your own unique way. 

As with all upgrades as you are given your unique talents, gifts and purpose by Spirit, there is increased accountability and integrity required! 

How does the DNA 1-6 Upgrade work?  

The process of returning to twelve strands of DNA in our earthly human form is a part of the Ascension process.

There are 12 Strands of DNA in the human body. There are two physical strands with another ten inter-dimensional etheric aspects upon them. They hold the knowledge of All That Is and Divine Remembrance.

During this upgrade / ignition process, at the etheric level, strands 1-6 of the ten inter-dimensional strands of DNA are connected and then expressed within the circuitry of the cellular system of the body and the brain.  

DNA Strands 1-6 hold the vibration and embodiment for more: Gratitude, Inner Child, Childlike Wonder, New Beginnings (through erasing old stories about ourselves), Intuitive Insight, Divine Connection, Non-attachment, Deep Faith, and Unabiding Trust.

As the embodiment elevates in vibration, and as the new DNA is connected / expressed, fear-based patterns and beliefs are released simultaneously and make room for the experience of more joy, creativity, and self-expression. Each level of upgrade / ignition heightens and embodies YOU in these traits.

This energetic transformation allows YOU to release the Victim archetype (the old paradigm of living) and live in the 5th dimensional, empowered True Self. 2024 is the year that we are able to fully shed the Victim and grab hold of our own destiny if we so choose. 

By activation of these dormant gene codes, you are also opened to an infinite source of evolutionary wisdom and flow of abundance.  

Why is your Vibrational Frequency so important to your evolution?

Vibrational Frequency is the new sexy, the new normal, the new black (Think: Orange is the new black) - it is exceptionally important going forward to understand this! (see my video for more about this!)

To understand that the frequency you vibrate at is more important now than your material reality and your material / earthly sense of self is crucial going forward, as this is the turning point in evolution from your perception as an earthly being to spiritual being.

Your nervous system and brain are evolving during this process to carry more "light" codes and information. You are now a tuning fork for All That Is, and as such can pull in information as needed via your intuition, your inner know, and then go with the flow of cosmic wisdom and insight. 

This is truly an exceptional transformation that will continue during each DNA upgrade and requires you to stay grounded in your body!

For more about the DNA Upgrade, 5th chakra archetypes and how to support yourself during this incredible month please see my video below.

Learn more about the Prophet and Muse in my book or Oracle card deck.  Explore these two archetypes and their 5th chakra influence more deeply in Course 1 in my Soul Full Self-Mastery Portal.

In service and divine liberation,


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Muse Essence and Elixir: supports you to live your purpose through your own unique creative expression, to manifest your truth in soulful co-creation with the Universe.

Fire Element Essence: supports you to shine your light, engage in DNA remembrance to be in your True Self and willingly engage in the next level of your Soul Pathwork.

The Galactic Shapeshifter Essence: vibrationally supports you to fulfil the role that you play in certain learning, in humble service to others, in your everyday challenges that test your determination, and to walk this path so that you get to the heart of who you are, as you traverse the Galactic Hero's Journey in the New Earth paradigm.

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February psychospiritual and physical symptoms: 

Primary symptoms: knowing your truth, more passion and sense of direction, taking more action, feeling thirsty, stiff neck, sore throat, ear infection/plugged ears, thyroid fluctuation (watch thyroid function overall!), fatigue, achiness, low immune issues (especially Thymus related), needing more sleep, burning or sharp pain, stemming from the neck and travelling to other parts of the body, tingling or numbness in the fingers or hand, weakness in arm, shoulder or hand, anxiety, apprehension, grief, fear, worry, nervousness, skin issues, large intestine issues (constipation/diarrhea).

Secondary symptoms: tail bone or lower back pain, cold/flu symptoms, headache, gut tension, digestive issues, leg/feet/knee issues, adrenal fatigue, ear buzzing/ear/lymph congestion, hot flushes, dizziness, restless sleep, needing more sleep, low mood, anger, frustration, neck/shoulder pain, hip issues, weight gain. Inability to lose weight, weight fluctuation, feeling drained, intense dreams, sinus issues, kidney issues, feeling stressed, interdimensional/lucid dreaming, shifts in perception of your reality, crawly brain, up and down energy

Areas more affected this month: neck, mouth, throat, ears, Thymus, parathyroid, thyroid, cervical plexus nerves in neck/ base of skull, digestive tract

If you have any concerns about your health and wellness, please consult your health practitioner immediately.

I am now accepting new clients for Health and Psychospiritual consultations.

More about the Ascension process and a complete list of Ascension Symptoms HERE

February 2024 Cosmic Events:

Feb 2 - 2:2 Gateway - Start of DNA Upgrade 
Feb 9 - New Moon in Aquarius @ 2:59 PM PST
Feb 11 - DNA 1-6 Upgrade peaks
Feb 22 - End of DNA Upgrade
Feb 24 - Full Moon in Virgo @ 4:30 AM PST
Feb 29 - Leap Year

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