Finding Courage In Uncertain Times

For the past couple of weeks the herb, Echinacea, has been nudging me to talk with it so that I can help others.  I often receive this intuitive feeling of what is happening in me, and in the collective consciousness that we are all part of, by listening to the plants around me.  The more connected to the earth that I become, the more plants tell me about the state the world is in and how their energy can help us heal.  It is for this reason that when I choose plants to help my clients it is for the Plant Spirit connection with the client, not just for bio-chemical reasons.  This energetic connection fuses earth/plant consciousness with my clients’ consciousness and helps them heal beyond their symptoms.

Echinacea has been calling to me urgently, both at work and at home in my garden.   I then had an urge to go to the local green house and was searching for Borage and other medicinal plants, but ended up coming home instead with 6 Echinacea plants of 3 different varieties.  Not like I needed more – I already have a ton growing in my yard.  But when I asked the plants where they wanted to be, it was below my Swedish Aspens, in a protected part of my yard where no Echinacea was currently growing.   Hmmm…that made sense to me.  Aspen’s vibrational energy helps us with vague fears and anxiety. Their fluttering leaves remind us that even though we may tremble before the unknown it is important to stand rooted in our power, feel our fear and bravely move forward (so hug one when you feel scared!).

Echinacea reflects the parts of ourselves that we have not fully integrated on our path to wholeness and works on the issues we carry in our second and third chakras.  It helps us to integrate and strengthen our core self which, in our industrial and technological world that has reached its peak of disconnection from nature and generally lacks warm human community, has been severely impacted and has fractured our self identity.  Most people are still floating around aimlessly, conforming to the norms of our culture but feeling empty, purposeless and occasionally hopeless.  Or are pushing their outside agendas without regard for the inner values that really sustain and nourish their souls.   When this becomes part of the body’s cellular reality it will contribute to immune illness such as colds, flus, allergies, skin rashes, pancreatitis, cancer, thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and a host of other auto-immune related diseases. Many of these diseases are escalating in severity and others show no sign of slowing down their deathly carnage.   Echinacea’s Spirit is needed right now as it helps support our immunity during this intense ascension period while at the same time realigning us with our core values and awakening us to our true inner Self.   It is especially helpful in healing emotional or sexual trauma in the second chakra and issues surrounding force and violence in the third chakra. (If you are having vivid dreams or nightmares lately pay attention as these are messages of what is not fully integrated within you. )

We need this support more than ever, as our world continues to rapidly change and our internal soul revolution is increasing in intensity.  Our physical and psychological bodies will continue to take the hit as our internal reality is being ripped apart piece, by piece.  This internal shifting will not stop until we completely surrender to living authentically and in harmony with each other, nature and the universe.

This is the time to pull out all the stops on your soul evolution journey and find the courage within you to change.  It is easy to get distracted, feel hopeless, blame others and give up. Look at what is not fully healed within and stay on the path of cleaning up and healing your current physical symptoms and psychological wounding. This is how you can be the change you wish to see in the world.

Plant some Echinacea, or try some Echinacea tea or tincture if you need some extra reinforcement right now on this often uncertain human journey, especially if you start to feel a cold or flu coming on in the next few weeks (also good for supporting the immune system as we start to head toward fall!).  Elderberry also energetically poked at me this morning when I was ordering bulk herbs for my store; it said to add it’s Spirit to Echinacea as it will support us in knowing that we will get through this particular phase, lift the vague lethargic depression that is currently in the air and help us to be true to ourselves.

Sending courage, persistence and hope to you!