From 3D to 5D: The Tipping Point of Evolving Consciousness

“Conscious of my destiny I let my body become dream” – Myriam Michaliski, We’Moon 2013, (pg 166)


Hello Soul Family!

True to form Mercury Retrograde’s shadow energies have delayed the launch of my Evolving Products!  Or rather the launch is not quite going the way I had planned!  So rather than sit feeling helpless while my new newsletter with its time sensitive content sits in the electronic ethers, I thought I would reach out to you through my blog instead! Time to think outside of my box!  My birth sign is Taurus; Taurus’ are tenacious and do not give us easily – something that comes in handy when I work with clients and my own healing process.  Not so good when I need to surrender to the flow of life!

The Year of 2013 has brought many changes, challenges and mind bending moments.  Essentially we are in the throes of shifting from the third dimension (3D) to the fifth dimension (5D).  What does this mean for each of us and humanity as a whole?

1) It does not mean that we will literally be in another dimension, it simply mean a state of new consciousness.

2)  3D is the old paradigm; duality, separateness, victim consciousness, low vibrating feelings (such as blame, shame, fear, conditional love), in authenticity, reacting to situations around us, rigid structure, materialistic living,  being weighed down with trauma, wounding and emotions, head centered living, unconscious thoughts and judgements, no soul purpose, goal driven, competitive.

3) 4D is the growing pain stage; it allows a wider range of thoughts, beliefs and possibility, we start to remember who we really are, there is more flow of grace and ease in life, more detachment, more responsibility for ourselves, letting go of our past (karmic and real time), letting go of clutter in all areas of our life, learning that we choose our reality, aligning with our soul’s purpose and bridging of head and heart.

4) 5D is the co-creative world; connection to our innate ability to heal ourselves, Oneness (with each other, nature and the cosmos), mysticism, fusion of science and spirituality, knowing who we really are, living with grace and ease in our life, detachment, total responsibility for ourselves, living our truth, being solely in present time with no past or future attachments, unconditional love for self and others, infinite possibilities and abundance, heart centered living, conscious communication with each other, full use of our intuition and psychic faculties and  living with higher purpose.

5) Not everyone will be in 5D by the end of this year – only a handful will but enough high vibrating, heart centred consciousness will be in the human collective unconsciousness to create a tipping point of even more change next year!  To understand more about this quantum principle read about the 100th Monkey Effect.


Whether we know it or not, we are all part of this process of shifting into 5D.  Everyone is doing it in their own way in their own time.  All of our old power structures and ways of being in this world are in question and being transformed into something completely different.  Everything must be questioned in our lives, our culture and our world so that we can draw in this new co-creative consciousness into our DNA.  We have been like generations of cattle who have been herded to the slaughterhouse and numbly accepted their fate with resignation and terror.  However many of us now see a hole in the fence and are faced with this truth; to step into freedom or perish in the stockyard.

That which we know and that which is unknown, brings equal terror as we let go of the patriarchical paradigm and step into our emerging New World. 

We are on the edge of the fifth dimension and the last two months of this year are the final push down the birth canal.  It will not be easy; it will take courage, risk, perseverance and tenacity.  It will require acceptance of our talents and more self love then we feel is possible.  Many are in the throes of being conscious co-creators of a sustainable and fulfilling future on the planet. More are waking up every day to the realization that they have a choice to create a different world.  Living from our heart is the only way we will create the outside change that we all ache for in our soul.



Announcing my new Evolving Herbal Elixirs and Evolving Flower & Gemstone Essences!

For over a year I have been channeling the earth medicine for the Evolving Archetypes, which embody the new 5D consciousness that is coming in for the human collective. It is the next phase of my soul’s purpose to help others shift from 3D to 5D.  These 14 products are based on the 7 Evolving Archetypes which are described in my book:  Opening the Senses of the Soul.  If you would like to know more about the   7 Evolving Herbal Elixirs click here.  To know more about the 7 Evolving Flower & Gemstone Essences click here.

Physical and Psycho spiritual Symptoms for November: expect more indigestion issues, sleeplessness, fatigue, immune issues, grieving, the urge to purge, resignation and the need for quiet time.  Those of us who shed victim consciousness and the fear surrounding letting go of our old 3D reality will finally shake the flu symptoms that are constantly circulating.  Reflection, patience, courage and perseverance will be required in November.  Step into your role as a leader by living your personal truth.  Get rid of everything in your life that does not support your personal growth and inner self love.  Only choose projects and people who make your heart sing. If you choose to not heed this inner call for authenticity then your life may become very uncomfortable!

Important cosmic events for Nov and Dec:

New Moons – Nov 3 (Hybrid Solar Eclipse), Dec 2

Full Moons – Nov 17, Dec 17

Mercury Retrograde – Oct 21st to Nov 10th (the planet Mercury’s shift into retrograde will actually begin Oct 1st and end Nov 27th – the time between Oct 1-21 and Nov 10-27 is not as intense in terms of shadow healing and communication issues.)  This last Mercury Retrograde of 2013 will be an intense time of death and rebirth!

Pictured below:  The Magical Child Mandala– for luminous innocence, infinite possibility, pure courage, joyful awe.  Corresponds to the 4th chakra.  If you find yourself disheartened or disillusioned, it’s time to call upon the Magical Child. The Magical Child will return joy and innocence to your being and open your heart to love and light again. When all you see are dead-ends, let the Magical Child remove your blinders to reveal a world of infinite possibility and help you see the good in your current situation. (Source: Artwork from my Magical Child Elixir and Essence labels!)