Full Moon Friday Shake-up

As we move, albeit stumbling here and there, into co-creation I have made it my co-creative mandate to connect more with my blog followers on a regular basis.  I realize that many of you do not frequent or use Facebook or Twitter where I post tidbits more often on what is happening in and around us.  So I will now post here more frequently to keep you  in the souful loop!

Friday, August 31st, 2012

FULL MOON FRIDAY SHAKE-UP! Well this has been quite a day for many of us! A big earthquake hit the Phillipines  today- 7.9 magnitude! A similar energy intensity to the large earthquake last Sunday off the coast of El Salvador.  There have been over 300 earthquakes this week all over the earth.  On a human level this sees us continue to vibrationally re arrange, transition, feel stuck, then move forward. This week  saw many of us literally “shook up” with grieving, tearful, re-evaluating our lives, short tempered and pondering our life direction with more intensity than usual. Many are exhausted – so look after yourself, nurture your inner child, find play in daily moments. More self love is coming in for us  but until then it will be rocky and self doubt will linger. We are in transition within and without.

Full Moon Friday Shake-upI told one of my clients yesterday that it feels like an emerging part of ourselves is wiggling down the birth canal and cannot quite birth yet! Let’s birth this next phase of self-love and self-acceptance already! Hang in there, keep connected with those around you, focus on your soulful purpose and know that we are all going through the same dark nights of the soul!
Sending a nurturing hug to all.
To help you through this phase of your soul’s journey I recommend:
Soul Chakra tea – to keep you on your path, define your soul purpose and to help you nurture your inner child
The Warrior essence – to keep you motivated and moving forward fearlessly!
(Mother/child image from www.motherink.org)