Heading for the finish line

Wow, the world is in a tizzy isn’t it?  It seems that changes are happening with more frequency and intensity as each week goes by.  As the new world paradigm continues to unfold around us, many are jumping in with both feet to change our world and themselves, while others, unsure of how to shift or contribute, still hang on the fringes.  Many others continue to flounder or move forward apathetically and narcissistically with no sense of purpose or accountability at all.

It is like watching a herd of antelope scatter when they sense danger – some go left, some go right, others are too slow and huddle frantically in the middle, a few give up, and one is eventually taken down by a predator.  Then the herd cautiously regroups and it starts all over again. We are all heading for the same finish line.  However, it feels to me that we are still undecided and squabbling over the right course of action and we are struggling with finding the collective courage to do it together.   As frustrating as this process may be, it is necessary to release old dysfunctional human patterns before we cross the finish line and shift into the next stage of healing and new growth on the planet.   My clients know that I call this kind of roller coaster turbulence and uncertainty a “Healing Crisis”.

The larger the Healing Crisis, the bigger the shift in overall consciousness. When I work with a client to heal a long standing physical health issue which has many layers of psychological and spiritual wounding, the process can seem daunting.  It takes time, perseverance and great courage to go through the ups and down of healing the body, mind and soul.  As each layer is exposed and healed, there is new consciousness gained.  And then it starts all over again.  As a practitioner I have a sense of the healing trajectory, can suggest the protocol and be supportive, but I cannot ultimately control the final outcome of the process.  The client’s willingness to heal is an important factor and the rest is left to destiny.  We both must be accountable and work together for healing on all levels, but at the same time are detached from the outcome.  This type of mindset provides the greatest opportunity for success.

In the case of our current world Healing Crisis, where we end up as a species is not as important as how we all step up and work together to get there.  Surrendering to the process of healing is important, so that we can gain consciousness and a sense of achieving wholeness within ourselves.  We should not focus on a particular goal, or, in the case of health, the absence of symptoms.  It is the learning about ourselves through any crisis, be it individually or collectively, that brings dynamic health, peace and enlightenment.
So my suggestion for the remainder of the month is to take a deep breath and plunge into any unresolved issues you are pushing aside, finish up projects that may be lingering, stand firm in your boundaries, step into your personal power more fully and be the change you wish to see in this world.   Love yourself and others equally and with compassion.  Remember to turn any anger you are experiencing into directed purpose and action in defense of your own needs. These are stressful times and it is easy to blame, shame, guilt and sabotage ourselves and others instead of being there for one another.  Do not give up on yourself or your healing path.  Cheer on others that are struggling to get to their own finish line.  Release relationships and situations that you have outgrown. This will help all of us move energetically forward each day even though we do not know at this point where we are collectively headed.

On a physical note, there is a fall cold floating around, so stay warm and rest, drink hot or warm fluids such as teas and soups that have garlic, ginger, chili, clove, cinnamon and onion in them.  These herbs warm our life force and increase circulation.  Eliminate dairy, sugar and flour as much as possible as these congest the body, deplete immunity and are a beacon for bacteria to invade the body.  Echinacea, Elderberry and Astragalus provide wonderful deep immune support, so keep them handy in case you start to feel ill, or take them regularly as a preventative.  As I mention frequently, my Healthy Boundaries tea works wonders this time of year to keep one physically and energetically healthy.  Many of my clients are reporting digestive disturbances this month.  As we sift through what no longer serves us and filter in our new reality it will make one’s digestion more disturbed than normal.  This will pass in another few weeks.  Make sure your bowels are moving daily – this is a necessary action for the body so that we can release and surrender old ways of thinking and doing.

My book is heading to the printers within the next few weeks!  I am putting one foot in front of the other and making it to my own personal finish line, which I know will benefit and empower others!  Stay tuned for details about the book launch which will be posted soon!