Honouring Our Inner Sacred Rhythm

“The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures. It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth in numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.” ― Rabindranath Tagore

“Life has its rhythm and we have ours. They’re designed to coexist in harmony, so that when we do what is ours to do and otherwise let life be, we garner acceptance and serenity.” ― Victoria Moran

“During the day I would move my body to the rhythm that only I could hear. I would try and connect with everything in my surroundings thinking that it somehow connected to who I was and was secretly sending me messages about what was in my soul.”
― The Hippie, Snowflake Obsidian: Memoir of a Cutter

Fatigue has a way of slowing us down, and with this comes more time for embodiment of wisdom and re-entrenchment of sovereignty.  Whether it feels that there is a 200 pound weight on our chest or just a slight sense of surrender, July 2016 will be a month to come back into self care, self nourishment, and alignment with our inner sacred rhythm.  Sacred rhythm allows us to measure in the moment what it is we need and follow the inner pull to lead us forward with cosmic timing to develop our soulful talents and gifts.  As we embrace the essence of ourselves and our true path forward, we innately connect to harmony, wellness and wholeness.  

Following the huge energetic shift upward in consciousness that opened during the June Solstice Portal, we need time to rest, ease our uncertainty and align to this new sense of 5th dimensional living.  We have been required to dig very deeply to heal and shift in these last six months and now need time to refill our cup.  As the illusion of media, geopolitical issues, violence, upheaval and excess materialism continues to fall away, what is left is what matters – community, family, relationships, the beauty of nature, and a deep connection with ourselves and Spirit.  Personally I will be taking the next 6 weeks off of my clinical work to rejoin with all of these soulful aspects within myself.  I wish you a month of grounded re-connection to that which fills up your cup with joy, passion, willpower, self worth and the internal energy to flow forward to the next stage of your destiny.  

Restful blessings,


Psycho spiritual and physical symptoms for July 2016: I wish I could say that all our inner processing was over but that is not the case.  So it is imperative this month that you rest, relax and listen each day to what you need versus what needs to be done.  You will still be releasing lots of hurt and wounding, more so during the night time, so expect lots of vivid dreaming to continue, along with fatigue, sinus, headaches, sore kidneys, delicate nervous system, throat, immune and digestive issues.  You may become easily confused and feel very vulnerable if you push yourself too much or doubt your next steps.  Our newly birthed co-creative masculine (outside self) is now learning to pair with our co-creative feminine (inside self) to allow us to follow our passionate purpose.  Finding balance is paramount.  5D living means we must learn to live in balance on all levels.

FEAR is the key emotion this month and needs to be released, whether through letting go or taking risks.  Follow your own rhythm, review your options and sit with each choice, project and relationship you have in your life:  what needs to stay, what needs to go, what do you need a break from, what can be refined?  Each choice dictates your creative process and teaches you how to listen and apply it.  As you slow down this month, see where your options are, open up and look for the opportunities that are coming your way.  You may end up growing through an alternative route than how you first thought you would.  Be flexible even if there is a “shock” of the new!  Release where necessary, don’t hold on so tight, and allow the universe to step in.  Let go of fear and trust in Spirit and yourself.  The new sense of inner wisdom and inspiration that will come will then nudge you forward and should be honoured with gratitude.

Cosmic Dates for July:

New Moon – Monday, July 4th

Full Moon / Full Buck Moon/ Full Thunder Moon/ Lunar Lammas- Tuesday, July 19th

Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower – July 12 to Aug 23 (peaks July 28/29)

Key words for July’s journey:  Spiritual Inspiration, Ignited Imagination, Wisdom, Safety, Community, Self Worth, Will.

Recommended Senses of the Soul products:  The Muse Elixir or Essence helps the voice of your soul express itself! The Muse is here to support you to live your purpose through your own unique creative expression. Breathe life into your dreams: inspire and be inspired. Call on the Muse to discover how to manifest your truth in soulful co-creation with the Universe, contains Passionflower and Hops to soothes the nervous system as you rethink and rewire, helps support a more restful sleep. The Earth Mother Elixir returns us to a safe and nurturing place within. It connects and grounds us with the energy of Mother Earth, reminding us of our earthly purpose, contains Dandelion for liver and digestive support. The Warrior Elixir or Essence helps you transform feelings of anger, rage and hurt into happiness, courage and empowered action. It gives you the confidence and willpower to protect our boundaries and stand up for what is true for you, provides digestive support that heals, calms and soothes. The Sage Elixir or Essence reminds us that we have other ways of knowing. Divine guidance and the voice of the heart are speaking to you. The Sage restores clear vision by helping you to access your inner wisdom: your intuition and inner knowing, contains Yarrow to protect one from psychic energy and balance the energetic field, lessens brain fog, cultivates healthy empathy.  

Teas: Release the Fear Tea, Sacred Union Tea, Thrive Immune Tea, Feel No Fear Tea, Soul Chakra Tea

Pictured:  Valerian in sixth chakra garden (also in the first and seventh) at the Senses of the Soul Botanical Sanctuary & Farm  It has grown over six feet tall this year!  Valerian’s Spirit promotes tranquility and inner equilibrium, allows one to have confidence in the future due to peaceful acceptance of life experiences. Allievates nervous agitation, worry, unease when facing future intuition and inner knowings that may be viewed as challenging.  Helps to calm heat in the body generated by physical events such as menopause, high blood pressure and psycho spiritual growth.  Can generate breakthrough healing as it allows one to find the higher meaning in situations.  Because it calms and soothes it enhances vitality and helps rebuild the immune system and life force.  Encourages one to follow one’s soulful purpose, duty and willingness to serve.