How To Navigate The Abundance Timeline!

Dancing with the Flow of Creation and Navigating the Abundance Timeline

We are in the process of Shape Shifting to galvanize the lessons we are here to learn as a soul. This includes embodying a new level of sovereignty to reclaim our creative power, and the ability to shift our perception of reality!

This intense process requires immense inner transformation in the body/mind, and you may be feeling more fatigue, emotional trauma intensity and body pain as a result. You may be questioning your existence, your path and your place in the world. You may be struggling with self-care and unhealthy habits.

Wave after wave of cosmic light coding energy continues to stream in and is supporting this massive rebirthing of our sovereignty, inner freedom and ability to create our lives.

In this Year of the Reaping and Realisation, embodiment of our sovereignty, in the form of the Sovereign archetype, allows us to connect with a higher vibrating timeline, the abundance timeline, that is being facilitated via two upcoming March 2024 gateways: 
March 19 - March Equinox  @ 8:06 PM PDT

March 25 - Full Moon & Penumbral Eclipse in Libra @ 12 AM PDT
The energies during these gateways will flow in and compress us like carbon into a diamond, gifting us brilliant, clearer levels of perception and awareness that allow us to dance with the flow of creation. Through this new awareness we innately connect with the 'spinner and weaver’ within that is able to spin and weave into existence only that which is in perfect accordance with our destined Divine Blueprint. 

Flowing with Divine Creation means releasing control, finding inner balance, surrendering to events and circumstances as they unfold and not forcing the timing or trying to “think” our way through them. 

Working with Divine Timing also means surrendering our desires, and reining in our emotional triggers (such as fear) when something does not go according to our plan, or how we perceive things in our life should unfold.  

Allowing the “unfolding” is the key to moving to higher levels of perception and tapping into our intuition. Like a plot in a well cultivated and fulfilling story, our lives have twists and turns, and if we do not allow ourselves to courageously follow the winding, unknown path of our lives, we often misinterpret, feel existential angst and never achieve full clarity. Nor do we fully live our potential as a human soul. 

What are two things that you can do to be in this higher level of consciousness and embrace the abundance that is available in it?

First…Breathe, breathe, breathe

Secondly, take a step back and survey the bigger picture of your reality

Allow yourself the time to percolate and gain detachment and neutrality as this new timeline starts to open during these two gateways. Having patience with yourself and being tolerant with others allows the space for things to be in the right place and right time for timelines to continue, or end or to be created. It allows flow and creates a clear vision of what lies before you. This allows you to be a clear channel for divine guidance; intrinsically knowing when you should act, and then wait, and then act again. Or to embrace the wisdom of not acting at all. 

It therefore breaks the cycle of past patterns in all areas of your life which played out the same due to fear and lack. This is a key part of how to navigate spiritual embodiment of the higher vibrating, abundance timeline, and allow the wisdom in your higher chakras to filter into your earthly reality as you move to this next stage of your ascension process.

It is a tapping into the ebb and flow of “All that Is” energy that connects to Divine Creation, and allows the highest version of reality to unfold with infinite possibilities so that the best possible outcome for your highest good is created between you, your higher self and Spirit.

In these times of great change you have the choice to either be on this accelerated path of Ascension expansion or be further caught  in your reactivity/polarisation as a victim of your circumstances. 

So surrender, flow and allow the energies of this second half of March to support you, so that you can rise to Oneness, wholeness and embrace the abundance timeline that is waiting for you!
Love Samantha


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