Is Sacred Union Possible?

As we venture into Mercury Retrograde today, it feels to me that we have reached another tipping point for Unity within or what I refer to in one of my recent blogs as Sacred Union.  I stressed in my book that the unity of the co-creative masculine and co-creative feminine is one of the necessary ingredients to achieve wholeness and to catapult us into the next phase of human evolution.  I also said that this would be an arduous, terrifying process for most of us; that anything new for humans requires much effort and inner struggle.  This is the path we must follow to heal ourselves and our planet.  Here is an excerpt from my prior blog about Sacred Union:

 “The new paradigm of Sacred Union is the coming together of our masculine and feminine into peace, harmony and true equal partnership.  It is the spiritual fusing of love with sexuality.  It is the forgiving of the masculine by the feminine and the surrender of masculine abusive power over the feminine.  It sees us integrating two dysfunctional and co-dependent parts of ourselves into a dynamic of mutual empowerment.  It is true healing into wholeness.  This applies equally for men and women as we all experience aspects of these two parts inside and outside of ourselves (see pages 39-55 in my book for more on this topic). 

The main theme behind this Sacred Union process is that we are purifying into deeper love, compassion and connection with ourselves and one another. It is affecting our second, third and fourth chakra energy centers and reopening deep human wounds around sexuality, creation, power and love.  Fusing our spirituality with sexuality, power and love will be the most daunting next step of our evolutionary process and is showing up in many outside events in our lives as well as creating tumultuous emotions and dreams within us.”

I wrote the above words in March.  Four months later we are knee deep in the Sacred Union process.  And right now, on the day of Mercury going Retrograde, its feels like we are tentatively stuck in the proverbial mud with seemingly nowhere to move.  Many of you may be wondering if Sacred Union is even possible.  The feminine collective consciousness in us- which bared her teeth in Dec 2012 and said “NO MORE” to the decimation and mistreatment of women, children, animals and the planet- is growing battle weary.  In my practice I am seeing this show up in clients whose adrenal glands are far more compromised than usual for this time of year; extreme fatigue, insomnia, general malaise, lack of hope, depression and low serotonin levels.  Our bodies are tired and sore, our digestion is still rattled with holding onto the past and then purging it sometimes rapidly via the bowels or bladder (some have been having symptoms like a bladder infection these past few months).  We have all been working through various layers of emotional wounding and core dysfunctional beliefs relating to the old paradigm of sexuality, creation, power and love within us.  We have been learning to love our feminine selves more in all these areas.  More specifically we are embracing our emotions, compassion, divination, intuition, self healing ability and psychic gifts at a rapid rate.  Our patriachical masculine ways are dying a slow death but not without a struggle; wooing the masculine into co-creative partnership is proving very challenging.  The feminine is embracing this process much more easily but is exhausting herself by trying to pull the masculine along.

 If you do not think this is an intimidating process then think again – it is affecting all on this planet and since our culture has taught us to either discount or fear the feminine we are not moving through this process of Unity with much grace and ease! The recent floods around the world, including the flooding of my home town of Calgary, are a testament to the energy of the Wild Feminine that is rising and the power she has over all of us!

Some of us have been tested beyond what we feel is an acceptable level of endurance these past two months.  Yet in all of this there is a gradual release of the ego, with no expectation of what lies ahead, and a grieving surrender to what is.  As we continue to bump into one another and learn about balanced power, spiritually infused sex, creating our life (versus the goal oriented “doing”), co-creation with each other (versus the “winner takes all” belief in our culture) and heart centered love, we are beginning to realize that we have no choice but to go with the tide of change toward balance and peace.  How Sacred Union plays out for each person inside and outside is slightly different.  Our lessons may appear in the form of issues that need to be resolved with family, friends or at work.  Many relationships will continue to fall apart or be redefined as we move into the Soul groups that we need at this time in our lives.   Holding our boundaries, knowing we are worthy, knowing we are worthy of love, speaking our truth, living by example – all of these will help us move more toward Sacred Union within ourselves.  I ask all my clients to consciously watch how these lessons are unfolding day to day and affecting their body/mind health and what their soul is telling them is their sacred path in life.

In writing this blog I am appealing to the masculine in all of us; we must continue to use masculine warrior strength to move forward and make the necessary changes in human collective consciousness and on our planet.  However, please know dear masculine that the feminine is tired of waiting for you to meet her in the middle.  She is trying to forgive your stubbornness, your ego, your aggressive nature, your fear of emotion, your control and your prideful energy. She beckons you to meet her in co-creation. She will no longer reach over to pull you into a relationship with her or berate you for not being “good enough”.  She is realizing that she just needs to draw her line in the sand, stand firm in her earth roots, take responsibility for herself and asks that you step up and take the mutual risk of vulnerability and empowered love. In doing this the balance of power in our culture and our collective consciousness will tip and shift.  One must understand that the fear in this process is at an all time high and will continue to plague us at each tipping point – to give up ego based power in love and sex will be a struggle, our dark self sabotaging behavior will surface, one may lash out at others or berate oneself.  The best way to deal with this tide of destructive thoughts and emotions is to be non-judgmental and have faith in the process of conscious evolution.  

As we move forward toward Sacred Union (in my opinion we are only a third of the way there) and we feel more love for ourselves, we are experiencing a gentle but powerful opening of energy in the third chakra – our power center – we are more willing to stand tall (and stick out our belly button!) and be all of who we are meant to be.  This higher vibration of self-empowerment will empower others.  And our fifth chakra is also continuing to open and will strengthen if we continue to speak our truth, share our feelings and our wisdom (hence all the throat symptoms we are experiencing).  We need to speak up for what we feel is important – this helps us co-create with others and is also part of claiming our inner power.

If you are reading this blog please remember; you have chosen to be part of the small but growing group that the Native Americans call the Rainbow Warrior generation – those who are pulling the rest of humanity with your higher vibration toward co-creation and Sacred Union!

In love, light and strength,


More symptoms that you may experience in the month of July:  The flu virus is still mutating; this is because it is attached to the vibrational frequency of fear as each wave of inner and outer change hits us.  It is hitting the stomach the most (so some are having violent vomiting), along with also mutating into a sore throat, strep throat, extreme fatigue, achiness and fever.  The best herbs that I am finding for supporting immunity during this time are Reishi Mushroom, Astragalus, Echinacea, Lapacho (Pau D’arco) and Cat’s Claw.  Get lots of rest, slow down, eat nourishing foods, sit in the sun, hug a tree.  Focus on being more loving and compassionate as each lesson comes up for you. As your reality keeps shifting you may experience dizziness, out of body symptoms, memory issues, throat symptoms, mood swings, headaches, shoulder blade pain, pounding or fluttering heart rhythm, periods of extreme anger or grief and sexual impotence, low sex drive or increased sex drive. Phew!

Plant Spirit Allies to help you through Mercury Retrograde:  As mentioned above there are some immune herbs that I recommend you take during the summer – we have had an exhausting six months so far this year and our life force is very low.  Take the time to build up your body and nourish yourself during July and August.  Also useful are some of my Senses of the Soul products:  The Warrior Elixir – excellent for heartburn, acid reflux, that pit in the stomach feeling and indigestion. Helps you stand in your power and digest your daily life.  I always carry a bottle in my purse!, The Lover Elixir or Essence, The Sovereign Elixir (good for fever, flu and for nurturing one’s self),  The Prophet Elixir or Essence.

Announcing my new tea:  Sacred Union!!  Available July 3rdin store and on-line!  A tea blend that alchemizes the energy of the co-creative masculine and feminine into Sacred Union!  I have been channelling this tea since February and it is now time to launch it so that it can help us reach Unity consciousness!

Important Cosmic Dates for July and August 2013:

Mercury Retrograde:  June 26th – and then lasts three weeks.  Officially Mercury Retrograde ends on August 3rd.  It is advised to not start anything new, make no large purchases, be careful with how you communicate to others and tie up all loose ends in your life.

New Moons:  Monday, July 8th and August 6th

Full Moons:  July 22nd and August 20th