It All Comes Out In The Wash

Keep the circus going inside you, keep it going, don’t take anything too seriously, it’ll all work out in the end. – David Niven

I think the world is filled with so much hype and PR bull. Frankly, it all comes out in the end. Good or bad, I’d rather just let our accomplishments really speak for themselves.-Bill Ford

“Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralysed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.” Jalaluddin Rumi, The Essential Rumi

“For one human being to love another human being: that is perhaps the most difficult task that has been entrusted to us, the ultimate task, the final test and proof, the work for which all other work is merely preparation” – Rainer Maria Rilke

We have come to the last month of 2016; a year full of chaos, uncertainty, psycho spiritual crisis, nail biting anxiety, heaviness, catharsis and betrayal.  A year where individually and collectively we were traumatized, became more untrusting, and sometimes allowed our emotions to get the better of us.  Many relationships suffered while we explored what was true for us, and blamed or excommunicated others that did not measure up to our expectations.  Friend against friend, neighbour against neighbour, loved ones broken in half.  Was it worth it we may be asking ourselves now?  There has been much unkindness, isolation, jealousy, incredulity, shock, anger and so many tears, along with a jarring realization that no one is going to save us but ourselves.   We have been humbled and all has fallen down as the last veil of illusion has been striped away and we stand naked in our individual authenticity.  Humanity’s mirror is shattered and the mask is off.  

We have questioned our abundance and our ability to prosper in relationship to ourselves and the impact it has on others, our prejudices have been unearthed and we now face a global future amplified in division and mistrust due to our inability to understand that there is enough for ALL.  In the candid words of one of my clients:  “Everything has been kicked to shit”.

There is much we can love about our current predicament and much we should be deeply ashamed of.  It is not that pretty to see our shadow selves but at least we know where each of us stands;  we see our folly and that of others with laser like focus.  ALL of us is flawed in one way or another.  There is something singularly beautiful and honest in that.  It gives us a chance to see it and therefore heal.  At least we are on an even playing field and each of us is being forced to face our darkest fears.

So where do we go from here now that our vulnerable parts are exposed? We see the world with 20/20 vision; Rome is burning and the ashes are falling from the sky.  There is a bad taste in our mouth that we cannot get rid of. From newspapers to social media we can feel that the whole tone of daily events has changed. Battle weary, cagey and wide eyed we stumble into December looking for clarity, something to hold onto, a way through, and a place to call home in 2017.  No matter who controls government or other institutions what we now know is that we are solely responsible for creating our lives.  Most of us have had ENOUGH of being told what to do and how to think.  

As the saying goes:  Eventually it will all come out in the wash.

There is no need to fear even though we cannot see the horizon – The union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine is imminent – a merging of divine feminine and divine masculine energy has been occurring over the last four years and now it is all coming together.  A co-creative partnership of equality is coming together in each of us.  It may not feel like it at the moment but the stage is set for a New Dawning in 2017.  And as with any new relationship it will have its bumps!  All the rage and angst we feel is building to a crescendo of more respect for each other, the earth and ourselves.  We are tapping into the heart and guts of a brand new vision for this world, so now we must dream big and let go of of any attachment about how it will look in detail.  

All the best to you however you choose to celebrate the holiday season (or not),

Samantha <3

Psycho spiritual and physical symptoms for December 2016:  I want to be clear that it is not all doom and gloom, but you will need to continue to clear mixed emotions in December and look at your life in sobering detail.   Don’t hide from anything. Rage, cry but do not give up!   There is something else that you may be experiencing as well during the holiday rush, it could be a glimmer of passion, a chance at something new, a vision of something that will carry you differently into 2017.  You have learned to think differently, so now you can see other options and apply what you have learned.  Do so carefully and with consideration.  Take your time.  Now that you are learning to live in the 5th Dimension you can see through many lenses, so choose the direction that feels the best in that moment of decision.  Being here and now is very important, as many are trying to still ignore the obvious and sedate themselves.  Trust, trust, trust in what your are perceiving as your new direction even if others are putting limitation on you or are pulling away their support.  

December is a time to heal, to surrender to no control as the world seems to spin more out of control and regroup as you explore new choices, new ways to be creative and put salve on your wounds.  Clearly what you have seen this year will not work for you anymore.   The pain is easing, but reality has sunken in…there is no way out but for you to change!  

Have gratitude for what you do have, honour the earth, participate in loving activism, build an altar for the joining of Divine Co-Creative masculine and feminine together in equality, love and harmony – we need as many people as possible holding this intention!

Anger is running high and we continue to clear at an amplified rate so there will be hot flushes, energetic downloads, impatience, restless legs, disturbed sleep, digestion issues, kidney and bladder issues/infections, heart palpitations, red eyes, sinus issues, headaches, shoulder blade pain, tingling in the torso and sexual feeling in the reproductive area as you tap into co-creation with the Divine!  

Cosmic Dates for December:

Mercury Retrograde – Pre-shadow phase December 1st to 15, Mercury in retrograde is December 19 and finishes January 8th. During this time we must be extra patient with ourselves and others to avoid miscommunication, blow-ups and misunderstandings!

December 12th (12:12) – brings a portal of change…enough mulling or procrastinating, it’s time for inner decision and the need to step out of our comfort zone and take new directions and/or begin new projects and ventures that we have been wanting to do for a long time now.  It’s time to release our fears and apprehensions and get on with pursuing our passions and purpose. Staying positive and being grateful for our current prosperity is also important and encourages further abundance.  Even if you will not or cannot take immediate action you need to clarify your intent – NOW!  Allow new thoughts and ideas to gel, be brave!

December 13th/14th – Full Moon in Gemini – that which remains unseen can fool us and perhaps even be dangerous and damaging.  It’s time again to release any shame and guilt around parts of yourself that you do see and are not happy with so that you can move forward into more possibility.  It’s also time for more deep healing so allow feelings and thoughts to arise in the consciousness so that they can dissolve. See yourself as healed, whole and complete, and it will be!  You can then feel strong enough to let others see more of your authentic self.

December 14 – Geminid Meteor Shower

December 21st – Winter Solstice (in northern hemisphere) – acceleration of more Light starting to come back, and therefore more detoxifying of mental and emotional states must happen to bring you into balance – there is a strong call from Spirit to balance the masculine and feminine parts of yourself  (Sacred Union)- you must reclaim a creative part of yourself that is buried within your soul so that you can be more fully engaged in life and pull in you Divine Feminine! This is a time of more harmony if you allow yourself to let go!  Find grounding, be vigilant and know that you are stronger than you think!  You seek steady and calm in the midst of turmoil outside of you – this may require some effort on your part  -stay detached from your feelings and thoughts as much as possible.

December 22 – Ursid Meteor Shower

December 28th/29th – New Moon in Capricorn – The last moon in the Year of Passionate Ingenuity.  Wow – quite the year!  We have had to rethink so many things in our life, and the universe certainly threw its share of curve balls!  Now take what you have learned and move forward.  Significant changes and choices must be made as you enter 2017.  With effort, hard work and determination you can do it, be flexible in your mind and focus!  Stay apart from the outside chaos as much as possible during this time and hold the values of co-creation in your endeavours.  Your soul craves balance and harmony so look where you need to make adjustments – materially, in love, relationships, business, career, spiritually – what do you seek?  Be honest and responsible for the choices you have made thus far and will need to make in 2017.   Outside events in 2017 will require that we be even more firm in our inside truth, co-creative values and inner knowing.

Key words for December’s journey: creativity, balanced power, imagination, resolute faith, spiritual/material balance, joyful awe, infinite possibility

Recommended Senses of the Soul products: The Warrior Elixir helps you transform feelings of anger, rage and hurt into happiness, courage and empowered action. It gives you the confidence and willpower to protect our boundaries and stand up for what is true for you, Marshmallow root and Peppermint provide digestive support that heals, calms and soothes. The Sovereign Elixir invites us to step into our own authentic power and embrace our co-creative masculine and feminine energies. When we are connected with our authentic power we can maintain healthy personal boundaries and relationships, channel creativity, manifest abundance, and live a life of co-creative service, contains Calendula to support the immune system, nurture the soul and strengthen our power center.  The Sage Elixir reminds us that we have other ways of knowing. Divine guidance and the voice of the heart are speaking to you. The Sage restores clear vision by helping you to access your inner wisdom: your intuition and inner knowing, contains Yarrow to protect one from negative psychic energy and balance the energetic field, lessens brain fog, cultivates healthy empathy. The Mystic Essence ignites the creative energy of your second chakra in resolute faith of a higher calling. A balancer of polarities, the Mystic will also facilitate Sacred Union of the feminine and masculine within to allow you to live a spiritual life with soulful earthly purpose, the herbal elixir also cleanses lymph, heals “fluish” symptoms, eases digestive issues, soothes and calms. The Magical Child Elixir returns joy and innocence to your being and opens your heart to love, infinite possibility and light again, contains Elderberry and Rosehip for immune support.

NOTE:  use Elixirs if you need more earthly, hard hitting help for deeply rooted physical and psycho spiritual symptoms, use Essences for more higher realm, subtle, fine tuning of physical and psycho spiritual issues.  I have suggested what I intuited the majority of us will need this month, but trust your own guidance when it comes to using any Senses of the Soul product.

Teas:  Illumination Chakra Tea, Feel No Fear Tea, Release The Fear,  Sacred Union Tea

Pictured: Jasmine  – Jasmine oil is contained in my new Love Chakra Spray, Jasmine’s sweet Spirit asks us to be here in the NOW, and helps us unload the burdens of the past so that we can leave them behind.  It releases old hooks that remain hidden. These hooks may be past traumas, old loves or stagnant emotional patterns. Jasmine brings them into our consciousness so we may clear them in order to make spiritual progress and have a sense of mental clarity around these issues.