It’s a Mad, Mad World

“Catastrophe can become grace, and disaster possibility, only if we transform their energy by accepting what they have to teach us and acting with complete sincerity to transform ourselves” – Dr. Andrew Harvey

“Unless we awaken to the mystery of the Sacred Feminine, of the Feminine as sacred, and allow it to illumine and penetrate every area of our activity and to create in them harmony, justice, peace, love, ecstasy, and balance, we will die out and take nature, or a large part of it, with us.”  – Dr. Andrew Harvey

“Everyone’s life is of value and we should make sure they have the opportunity to live a beautiful and productive life” – Derrick N. Ashong

As we stumble our way into August, the return of the Sacred Feminine into the human collective consciousness is gaining ground and we are in complete chaos as a result.  The whole point of this Year of the Spiritually Fittest is to bring Her back into our daily lives.  To unearth and invoke the feminine power within to create and co-create that which we deeply yearn for, and is essential for our future survival in an abundant way:  love, harmony, peace, equality, wholeness, soulful purpose, spiritual connection, community, creativity, authenticity, self-expression and joy.  And as I mentioned in an earlier blog, we are pulling in the concept of the “Rainbow Warrior” into our cells – everything we do and say should be looked at in terms of how it impacts seven generations in the future!  In essence we are trying to reclaim the World Soul.

August, September and October are going to be the defining months for humanity and there will be much more change in the air.  So at this point we must decide if we are going to stay stuck in our collective muck and try to maintain the status quo, even though the Universe is going to make it increasingly uncomfortable for us or are we going to take a leap of faith and go with what we are really yearning for deep within our heart and soul?  All illusion has been stripped away so those that try to hang on to the old by a finger nail will be exposed, and others will free fall into the abyss of depression, anxiety and inertia as more changes takes place.  Many are feeling completely rootless; this is needed so that we can rethink and create a new way of living on earth.  However those that bravely forge ahead and live the new co-creative values as described above, and embrace the uncertainty will find joyful terror and a new path as they push their comfort zone.  Anything can happen in the remaining months of this year – we truly hold our fate and the fate of humanity in our hands and within our heart at this point in time.

So, in the rough months to come through this realignment with the Sacred Feminine we can stay more rooted and on task by asking ourselves:

1)       Am I living a life that honours my higher purpose?

2)      Is my daily life aligned with my moral and spiritual values?

3)      How do I contribute to the whole to which I am intimately connected?

If we pull everything we do into these questions then we will be living co-creation and can decrease the chaos!  For those of you who are feeling lost, disillusioned, grieved, apathetic, and/or numb and are having a hard time moving forward or understanding your purpose, it will be valuable to remember the 4P’s from my book:  Opening the Senses of the Soul.  I learned the 4 P’s from Mother Nature and from working in partnership with my wild feminine horse whose name ironically is Quest.  All change takes effort and to change an entire world of seven billion people to come into a loving, sustainable and equitable community is going to take courage and perseverance beyond anything the human soul has had to endure before.  But the more of us that step up and make the conscious choice to jump on the co-creative wagon, the easier it will become.  I feel there will be a massive wave of grass roots awakening in October in a way that we have never seen before if we hold the course of LOVE, collaborate to find solutions and steer this human ship through the storm!

The 4P’s of Opening the Senses of the Soul and how they apply to the human ascension process:

1)      Permission – we must give ourselves permission to heal and be honest about what we need to shift within ourselves.  We must give each other permission to heal.  No more anger, shame, blame, guilt or other negative emotions that keep us down. No more competing or wanting others to fail so that we can feel better. No more comparing ourselves through status and materialism.  We are here to help each other and can create a world of abundance for all. Period!

2)      Process – we must view the ascension process as just that; a process that takes time and with each step forward and sideways we are learning to LIVE co-creation more fully.  No matter how hard it can be to endure, this is a process and will not be achieved over night or in a single human lifetime.  As many as possible must be in this for the long haul – for at least seven generations ahead of us.  And we must be willing to take action and stand up for changes that need to be made when necessary.

3)      Patience – It is important that we be patient with ourselves and others in our healing process.  Extremely patient – the patience we will require to see our inner and outer realignment with the feminine and the new paradigm of co-creation will need to transcend all sense of what is reasonable. Change is a scary idea for most people.

4)      Persistence – we must each cultivate the art of perseverance in order to anchor in those feminine aspects of ourselves (see first paragraph) that have been so sorely missing from our world and that must become the priority instead of the materialistic and selfish culture that we have created.

An example, creating the Senses of the Soul Botanical Sanctuary and Farm is definitely an exercise in the 4P’s for me – meaning it is requiring me to have patience, persistence and perseverance through all the scary ups and down of creating something totally new and unknown.  I have to constantly give myself permission to make mistakes and be conscious of where I am blocking my own Higher Self agenda, all the while having faith that I am heading in the right direction.  What keeps me going when I hit a wall is connecting with the natural world and knowing I am supported,  and that I have loving family, friends and clients who are helping me co-create something of beauty and harmony that has and will touch many people’s lives and help a small piece of the earth in a positive way.

Keeping our center and our heart open is crucial moving forward.  We must be prepared to let go of anything old, no matter how uncertain our life may be, and we must say and do what is necessary to bring the Sacred Feminine back into humanity so that we can live in a world full of love, compassion and tolerance!

I will end my August blog with a trailer for a movie called The Shift.  I donated to this movie a few years ago when the idea was first conceived…I am so excited that it will finally be launched soon!



Physical and Psycho-spiritual symptoms for August: It is time to review your life and make new allies.  You have realized or will realize that you need to release some long-standing relationships, involvements and communities that no longer serve your soulful growth.  Others will lose people they love so that they can move on too.  New bonds will be formed whether through business, friendship, couples or soul family from this time forward.  Write to those that you need to write to, have difficult conversations to get things on track or to end it.  Practice intimacy and love over doing and busyness.  Release any anger as well so that you can create what you need to in order to move your soulful purpose forward!  August is also a time of reaping what we have sown so projects or relationships that seemed to be fractured or stalled may now come back on line.  We will continue to grieve the old well and purifying ourselves into December during this process!  So know that this is what you will be working on inside too.  When you have days of joy relish in them and then continue grieving when the grief takes hold once more.  More self acceptance and clarity are coming each day and this will continue from now until end of August. If one does not move on with and let go then health issues will increase in symptomatology and severity.  Addictions will increase too.  Something will eventually give if you do not make choices and wriggle free from your cocoon – and it may mean a severe health crisis.  Trust your choices and listen to your inner voice. Meditate and find stillness daily so that you can connect with your inner knowing.  Breathe and just be.  Continue to understand that you are part of Oneness just as much as you are alone. Allow your life to unfold and make conscious choices from your heart.

Senses of the Soul products:  Goddess Tonic Tea (to stay rooted in the Sacred Feminine), Moon Goddess Tea (for women to drink prior to and during your moon cycle to align with your inner wisdom and  feminine essence), Feel No Fear Tea,  The Earth Mother Essence and Elixir (to stay grounded, for connecting to your soulful purpose, to feel safe to choose, to move past perpetuating one’s own suffering or illness), Lover Essence and Elixir (to stay heart-centered), The Alchemist Essence or Elixir (for personal transformation/transmutation, alchemical transition).

Important cosmic events for August & September:

Full Moons – August 10 (Lunar Lammas), September 8

New Moons – August 25. September 23

Lammas – August 2

Fall Equinox – September 22

Pictured:  Senses of the Soul Second Chakra Garden after the pathways and beds were put in (and a very tired me) and after the planting!