January 2020 Ascension Update


This month’s theme:  Reframing

Hello Soul Family, 

This is a tipping point year in the Ascension process, all of our hard work, tears, grief, frustration, cleansing, and instability will now begin to shift into a year that is all about aligning ourselves with more of our true self, our destiny, and will unlock skill-sets and talents that we did not exhibit before.  There will still be tests and challenges, but no extremely difficult trials (as there were in the last two years). We are rebirthing our powerful inner self!

What we create and build this year will have a solid foundation and feel much more authentic and aligned with our soul’s purpose.  

We enter the Twelfth REALM of learning on January 6th, with January 25 being the true start to 2020’s energies.  A penumbral eclipse on the 10th helps us align into more wholeness to kick start the year.

Most of January sees us dig deeper for inner healing, especially of the heart, to help us prepare for the upcoming year.  There is a need to REFRAME when negativity and past hurt arises in order to move forward. Joy is slowly coming back on line with the acceptance of past experiences, and a new found, practical wisdom that will allow us to much more easily discriminate between the desires that are healthy for us and those which carry the seeds of destruction within them.  We are now better at discerning and reorienting our life stories from a place of higher consciousness, thus creating more peace and ease in our life and our relationships. 

See my video for more details! Happy New Year!  May your year be blessed with miracles and new found joy.

Love Samantha  xo

Archetypes for JANUARY (what we are learning):  The Mystic, The Lover, The Guru

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Psycho spiritual and physical symptoms for Januaryredemptive dreaming continues, sleep issues, deep heart healing, grief, anger, hostility, watch the health of your nervous system, heart,  liver, spleen, lymphatic system. The brain will be aligning with higher energies, thought patterns will shift, you may experience buzzing, sinus issues, ear congestion, dull headaches and high pitched frequencies.  Our digestion will still be challenged as the Solar Plexus continues to shift so cleansing out toxins will be needed in January. We will still have some skin issues and heat flushing. Take the time to ground, center and nurture yourself daily.  Stay hydrated - it’s very important for this phase of healing. Stay conscious of reframing your experiences, release and clearing out any clutter (inside you and in your personal space), allow time to grieve and heal, stay positive and dig into your resilience and commitment to yourself.


Cosmic Events

 Jan 3/4: Quadrantids Meteors peaks

January 10: Full Moon (Cancer) and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (Calgary, AB, MST) - A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and the Moon are imperfectly aligned. So too our heart will continue to cleanse and heal, more wholeness is forming within, the feminine comes more on-line within us to balance out the new masculine energies that came in during the last Solar Eclipse.  We become more balanced and aligned with our true destiny at this time in the Ascension process.  

January 24: New Moon (Aquarius), Calgary, AB, MST

January 25: Chinese New Year (Year of the Metal Rat) -  this is when the energies of 2020 truly begin. Good fortune and luck are traits of a Rat year.


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 Samantha Orthlieb

Follow my blog for intuitively channelled insights on our Human Ascension process and the embodiment of a new Human Evolutionary Template within ourselves.   My blog contains the latest themes, patterns, and common health and wellness issues that are affecting each of us and the collective consciousness as we upgrade and heal during this new paradigm of Love and Light.