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July’s Ascension Theme: Leaving the Lower

Hello Awakened Soul!

“Leaving the Lower”  is the overall soulful theme for July!

By July 2nd we begin to shed June’s lower, denser and stagnant energies that were designed to dissolve a massive amount of trauma, shadow, and ego and bring us into more peace, humility, and grace. Through this healing, we also integrate more of our Empowered Feminine with a growing Awakened Masculine to create deeper partnership within. This further feeds into the next stage of Oneness and co-creation! The New Earth Timeline is now rapidly appearing and the old Earth timeline is unraveling and dissolving.

What is the Empowered Feminine?

For millennia our collective consciousness and society have been dominated by masculine attributes, like competitiveness, intellect, hostility, greed, selfishness, and destruction. But now we are being called from within, to give Light to the Divine Feminine attributes like cooperation, intimacy, caring, acceptance and intuition. She is present in both men and women, who need to reclaim her goodness, her softness, her passion, and her abundance. This reclamation of the Empowered Feminine encourages self-awareness of oneself and the inner calling of our self-expression and creativity. This new sense of the feminine then extends to relationships with others. 

What is the Awakened Masculine?

Our Awakened or co-creative Masculine is here to be in service to our Empowered Feminine. This level of service goes beyond ego and gender-based sense of self. As with our current cultural sense of our feminine Self, the masculine is beginning to awaken and be released from his chains. He is weary of funneling his soul into drudgery, being controlled/manipulated by the dominating concrete, cultural forces, and numbing his emotional pain. A part of Him yearns to again be connected to nature and nature's regenerative masculine energy; to find his Shamanic life force, tenacity, and wild survival mechanisms that are inherent in his DNA. He craves to reconnect, flow, and dance with the Empowered Feminine, instead of being angry with Her, controlling Her and dominating Her fiery, visionary, and passionate spirit. He understands that he can manifest creation and prosperity without control.

Are you seeing anything shift within you with regards to the above? If not you will this month, if so Sacred Union within you will continue to increase dramatically! 

Please watch my video below for more details!

In loving service,

Archetypes for JULY (what we are learning/healing):
The Priest/Priestess (Esoteric knowledge, Spiritual Altruism)


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Psychospiritual and physical symptoms for July:
this month you will continue to let go of of the past (stories, anger, guilt, pain), old emotions, or trauma lingering in the conscious or subconscious mind so that by the end of the month more sweetness and joy will flow. Surrendering to this process with more humility and gratitude will open you up to a higher form of spiritual learning. You are learning to embrace the Priest /Priestess archetype so that you can free yourself from your own self-serving agenda to show up in more Oneness. In releasing control and personal gain, you make yourself more available to be a conduit for Light and Love with all around you. From there you naturally attract who and what you need. Give it a try! 

Also focus on releasing hard, rigid thoughts and feelings, so that you can move towards altruistic, heart-based living. Letting go and flowing in this way ultimately leads to inner cosmic illumination and mystical expansion. There is more here than you can see or know at the moment so stay open to everything and watch for synchronicities! Spirit has a plan so keep the faith! Your next level of Soul Pathwork is unlocking and manifesting. You have the opportunity to  reinvent, retune and reposition yourself if you listen and take inspired action where needed, 

Ascension symptoms for July include: humming/ringing in the ears, grief, energy, and heat fluctuations in the body, new truths and perspectives, better boundaries, deeper integrity, more creativity and connecting with your passion and desires, letting go, sadness, more clarity, up and down intensity of emotions, emotional sensitivity, throbbing of the throat, dry throat, swollen tonsils/tongue, soreness in the thymus area, jaw/neck tension, plugged/pouring sinuses, stuffed up head/ears, achy, achy/sore joints, heaviness in the chest, poor digestion/ pain in solar plexus, red/dry eyes, kidney pain, some heartache and pain, shoulder blade pain, watery/blurry eyes, low-grade headaches, pain behind the eyes.

Cosmic Events

July 2 - Post shadow Mercury Retrograde ends, and this creates a release from lower energies

7:7 Gateway - Up you go out of denser energies, now you will move forward!  

July 9 - New Moon in Cancer, 18:17:43 PM PDT 

July 23 - Full Moon in Aquarius, 19:37:27 PM PDT 

July 28, 29 - Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower peaks

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Senses of the Soul Seaside Garden

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Senses of the Soul Clinic News

The clinic is CLOSED on Thursday, JULY 1ST FOR CANADA DAY.

Senses of the Soul Clinic / Ammolite will continue to operate in Cochrane during normal business hours for Pandora Star sessions and pick-up only (Thursday to Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm).  

Moving date for the clinic and Sydney to Vancouver Island are unknown at this time so stay tuned for details! One step at a time!

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