June 2020 Ascension Energies Update

This month’s themes:  Strength and Beginnings

“It's through the darkness that deep healing comes to enlighten us. Don't be afraid of the dark and keep your Faith high instead. A healing process will only take place when we surrender to our own rebirth and a new Life will come from a stronger heart.”
― Ana Claudia Antunes, The Tao of Physical and Spiritual

Hello Soul Family,

The Fourteenth (14th) Realm of Learning in our Human Ascension Process begins on June 4th and ends on the powerful Leo August  (8:8) Gateway.  

The June to August summer months are action packed with cosmic dates that will dramatically change our inner landscape, harness our inner fire, and shape our co-creative destiny in a way we may have not expected.  

June’s cosmic energies will manifest more heartfelt passion and Light within us during the June 5th Full Moon/Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Gateway, June 20th Solstice Gateway and the June 21st  New Moon/Annular Solar Eclipse. While Mercury Retrograde, which begins June 17, will significantly magnify emotions and any shadow patterns that need our attention so that they can be felt and healed.  The month will also kick off with the strongest solar flares in almost 3 years. Phew!  

We are being aligned for our largest upshift in co-creative consciousness yet that will require strength and courage as we move forward! The incoming energies will take it up to another powerful enlightenment level x 30!  

We will delve deeply into our shadow side to retrieve parts of our soul which has been lost to cultural illusion, control, misuse of power and distorted relationships.  This can be a dark, emotionally charged and sometimes frightening journey, which requires us to stand our ground, as well as cultivate spiritual backbone and endurance. 

Old power structures across the planet that are not in alignment with co-creation and inclusion will be revealed and continue to fall apart due to societal unrest.  What we are feeling on the inside will be mirrored on the outside as we create a new type of world! 

So, hold on to your energy field and know that you are learning to cultivate even deeper resilience, fortitude, grace and surrender, while firmly holding your boundaries and living your Highest Truth!  

Co-creation continues to seep into the collective consciousness at a very fast rate, with Empowered Feminine and Awakened Masculine values anchoring ever firmer into our sense of soulful Self.

For  more details please watch my video!

Blessings and love,

Archetypes for JUNE (what we are learning):  The Enchantress/Enchanter, The Sovereign, The Prophet

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Psychospiritual and physical symptoms for June:  

June’s energies will definitely see us needing adrenal support. Self care and downtime are a must!  We will still have bouts of extreme fatigue as we continue to purify, raise our frequency and integrate our masculine and feminine in a new way!  

Set your intention during this powerful month...ask yourself what you need to see that will help you grow, find your purpose and shine your talents.  See what the energies bring to you in terms of illumination throughout the month!  Sit with your emotions, feel them to heal them!  They will inform you and bring you clarity around certain situations and relationships.  Then stand up and hold boundaries where needed!

You will still have redemptive dreaming at night with vivid dreams, deeper processing, downloads and insights during that time which will help you to heal. There will be lots of anger, and some grief and heartache, but you are becoming wiser as a result of letting go.  

You are still clearing in the Thymus, thyroid and throat (5th chakra) areas this month as you come into alignment with co-creative universal energies.   Lots of throbbing, tingling, twitching and scratchy and/or flushing skin or skin breakouts  in these areas.  Sinus and lungs are taking a hit, and the sinuses either run continuously, or vacillate between running and then feeling dry/irritated. The eyes can be quite dry, irritated and red.  Those with spring allergies will feel it more than usual.  The second and third chakras are clearing and shifting, so there may be phantom-like pains in these areas, around the vaginal/prostate area, bladder, liver, stomach, solar plexus and small intestine.

Support the health of your nervous system, heart,  liver, spleen, lymphatic system. Vascular issues (vein pain, migraines, headaches, throbbing), dull headaches and pressure behind the eyes will continue.    There will still be some intense heat flushing and sweating.  Please stay hydrated - it’s still very important for this phase of healing.  Consume extra minerals and vitamins as needed to support your body.  

Cosmic Events

June 5   - Full Moon / Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, (Calgary, AB, MST) - You are clearing  up more physical and psychospiritual garbage that keeps you from aligning with universal energies and the next stage of your destiny. Coming to terms with your past will allow more clarity about decisions, next steps and where you need to serve next.  Surrendering to Divine Will and releasing control are your best choices at the moment.  Eclipse gateways are powerful accelerators of destiny.

Summer Solstice - June 20 (Calgary, AB, MST)

June 21 - New Moon/ Annular Solar Eclipse in Cancer (Calgary, AB, MST) - Inner knowing and courage are building within you.  There will be some downloads of spiritual and cosmic wisdom to inform you as you move forward.  If you release emotion and judgements around situations or relationships you will see with divine childlike wonder and understand the connectedness of all things.  Eclipse gateways are powerful accelerators of destiny.

Mercury Retrograde (in Cancer):

Pre-shadow - June 2 to 16
Mercury Retrograde - June 17 to July 11
Post-shadow - July 12 to 26

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Using this essence blend aids one in attuning to the higher messages about the changes one  needs to make in one’s life.  Helps one to contact the collective consciousness of humanity, the planet and the universe.  Allows reclamation of one’s power, courage and responsibility in service to the higher good.

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 Samantha Orthlieb

Follow my blog for intuitively channelled insights on our Human Ascension process and the embodiment of a new Human Evolutionary Template within ourselves. My blog contains the latest themes, patterns, and common health and wellness issues that are affecting each of us and the collective consciousness as we upgrade and heal during this new paradigm of Love and Light.