Laos and Living Your Life Deeply

After attempting to write this blog about my Laos experience several times, I have surmised that whatever I say will be enormously inadequate.  Trying to convey in intellect and words what emotions and experiences teach us is never enough.  The amount of poverty and corruption in the Laos orphanages and villages that I visited, when compared to the beautiful souls of the children who survive there, was so contrasting and at times was so heart breaking that my senses threatened to shut down on me.  Suffice to say that now that I am back home and living North American reality, I will say that most of us have no idea how overly materialistic our lives are or how little we know about genuine abundance and truly living deeply.  We are so sheltered and live in a gilded cage, even when we travel.  Most of us do not venture outside of the safe tourist zones or the watered down cultural attractions.  Our overly protected and neatly packaged North American lives are filled with tempered emotions and detachment devoid of deep soulful meaning.

Our mind numbing living conceals and inhibits our innate ability to take visionary risk, feel hard core reality and admit the truths about the state of our world.  Everything is spun to shield us.  Perhaps I am being a bit too harsh on our culture; however, as a health practitioner I see how this kind of living is damaging our health, our psycho spiritual capacity and our creative passion. In this kind of superficial and hedonistic reality it is very difficult to build a collective future, heal the earth and ensure that there is a fair share for all.

After Laos, I find that I have less tolerance for drama or complaints of others (or my own) that go beyond basic needs.  And my heart went through such an enormous expansion during the last two weeks that I have no idea how to even exist in my daily life again.  I feel tremendous gratitude and love for my life but am overwhelmed by the poverty in our world.  I feel more out of tune with the dysfunctional parts of our culture; I am re-evaluating everything – my work, my relationships and my purpose in life.  And my psychic and emotional faculties continue to grow at a rapid rate which is creating a surreal vibrational reality that is askew with my current life.  Most days I feel like I am floating off the earth, my heart hurts, channeling psychic information is like breathing and my surroundings are blurry.  It is unsettling and exciting but at the same time I am left to ponder:  Where do I go from here in my soul’s purpose?  Even more than before I feel out of place in my daily routine but remind myself to simply deal with what is in front of me.  One friend commented that I must realize that I cannot save the world.  However, since January the whole way I perceive my reality has shifted and I feel more deeply driven to serve humanity by connecting people back to their wholeness and to nature.

I am not the only one feeling this way; many clients are echoing the same sense of discord in their life work and in their relationships.  Each of us is a fragment in infinity which is eternally connected to everything.  All of us are experiencing events or relationships in 2013 that are turning our existence upside down.  My soul piercing experiences in Laos run parallel to the Universal lesson being asked of humans during this time of harmonizing with conscious evolution – that being a deeper connection to our own senses, our soul and our Higher Self.  As we continue through this year of transformation we are tuning into the feminine within ourselves; more softness, more compassion and self-love along with more emotional risk.  While at the same time our bodies are sending us the message that we need time to rest, grieve, integrate this new consciousness and nurture ourselves.  We are slowly realizing that we cannot carry on as we have before; our humanness and the world around us are changing rapidly on all levels.  And any denial of these changes within and without is becoming more and more uncomfortable.

Are you living your life deeply? 

Here are some of the ways you can connect more deeply to your senses, your soul and your Higher Self.  In turn you will be helping to heal the planet:

  • Eating a healthier diet – eating more simply (with less packaging) and growing some of your own food
  • Being impeccable with your word
  • Having the courage to show others your talents and abilities without ego
  • Forgiving more easily and loving more freely
  • Asking for what you want
  • Allowing yourself to receive and give in equal measure
  • Seeing vulnerability and gentleness as personal assets and allowing both in yourself
  • Instead of talking about changing the world you live it (love in action!)
  •  Recognizing that your psychic faculties are expanding and trusting your intuition
  •  Loving yourself more – mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Realizing that your health issues cannot be “fixed” so you begin to see your health as a journey; one that is intricately intertwined with your life
  • Spending time alone becomes important to you; you take time to meditate and sit with your life
  • Live being and doing in equal measure – a balance between feminine and masculine
  • Following  your inner guidance and noticing the signs that the Universe is sending you
  • Seeing the richness and deeper meaning in each day– no matter what your day is like
  • Detaching from drama, and ceasing struggling, controlling or trying to figure life out
  • Realizing that inner spirituality cannot be found in doctrine or dogma, no matter what the religion or “spiritual” practice.
  • Living your spiritual truth no matter what the personal cost
  • Nature becomes your temple and you long to connect to it for more life force.  You know it feeds you and sustains you so you treat it with respect
  • Knowing that government, social institutions and religion will not give you inner power – only you hold that power
  • Collaborating with others either personally or professionally to create new ideas or visionary events or businesses that will benefit not only you, but many others
  • Serving the world  with no agenda and the values that you embody become secondary to how much money you make – money will flow with your impeccable intention
  • Developing a love affair with yourself first and others second
  • Being willing to sit with and in your pain, feel your heart ache and cry without shame
  • Taking responsibility for your actions and your choices
  • Knowing that you can heal yourself

May you find the strength and courage to continue to follow your transformational path so that you, and all those around you, will grow and heal collectively!

Love and light,


Cosmic Dates that will affect us in April and May:

Wed, April 10th – New Moon in Aries

Thurs, April 25th– Full Moon in Scorpio, Partial Lunar Eclipse

Wed, May 1st – May Day

Thurs, May 9th – New Moon in Taurus, Annular Solar Eclipse

Mon, May 20th – Sun moves in Gemini – this will bring about a HUGE shift for all of us – there is an universal energetic portal for seven days, starting May 22nd – hold on to your energy field!!

Friday, May 24th – Full Moon in Sagittarius, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Nature allies to support you through April:  Our digestion, circulation and immune system will continue to take the hit during this next month – if you can do a cleanse during this time then do so.  Hawthorn, Rosehip, Mullein, Poplar Buds, Rose petals, Borage, Calendula, Sage are excellent nature allies.  Sense of the Soul products:  A Walk in the Woods tea, Love Chakra tea, Release the grief tea, The Sovereign Elixir, The Warrior Elixir, The Lover Essence or Elixir (muscle test for which one), The Prophet Essence.

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