Manifesting is in the air!

Today a massive solar flare is hitting the earth (Saturday, July 14th ) – So protect your vibrational field and use this energy wisely! We are also heading into Mercury Retrograde on the 14th, a period of possible miscommunication and travel issues.  This solar storm combined with this astrological event will bring very potent energy to earth.   The next three weeks is not a time to try anything new, but to work on projects that one already has going or has left unfinished.  Many felt a shift in their lives yesterday and saw events gel just in time!  So allow life to shift into neutral, re-examine it, accept it and clean up loose ends!

Because the veil between higher dimensions becomes very thin at this time you can use it to set your intentions and in turn receive higher guidance and help more easily.  So I suggest that we can ask the Universe to align us with our higher good and inner truth and this will happen rapidly.  Meditate on this intention and release your personal agendas.  Watch for things to line up and for signs around you!  The next three weeks will be a great time to manifest if you follow this advice!

Know that there may also be more emotional volatility, insomnia and wired/tiredness, especially if you use this energy unwisely and are moving unconsciously thru your life.  I know I have already felt extreme energy bursts this week, swinging back to lethargy and grieving.  This is sure to increase over the next few days.  But out of this feeling of being kicked in the teeth by Mercury Retrograde and the accompanying solar flare energy, we will have great breakthroughs – emotionally, intellectually and/or spiritually!

Sage Plant – a wonderful ally during Mercury Retrograde

A wonderful herbal ally that can aid one during any time of upheaval is Sage.  The Sage plant’s energetic spirit provides us with deep inner peace and the opportunity to bring in non-attachment so that we may view our life from a higher perspective.  This wise plant allows us to reflect on our every day trials and tribulations instead of reacting negatively and destructively to them. In reflecting we glean the wisdom needed to enrich our journey on earth and embody more clarity, grace and inner stability.

Enjoy the unpredictable, evolutionary energy during the next three weeks!



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For added protection during the solar storm and Mercury in Retrograde:  use The Sage Essence (for mental /emotional fatigue) or Sage Elixir (for physical fatigue).   Also use my Healthy Boundaries tea and Walk in the Woods tea to protect yourself during this time period.  Wear or carry on you protective gemstones such as amethyst, clear quartz, black tourmaline, black obsidian and smokey quartz.  My Spiritual Sage spray is also helpful to clear blocks and negative energy around you.  And lastly go outside and bond with Mother Earth.  She will give you strength, keep you clear and align you with your inner truth.