March 2020 Ascension Energies Update

This month’s theme:  Spiritual Insight

Hello Soul Family,

“All the ancient knowledge down to genetic memory, all we think the soul's forgotten, we now remember” 

In March we continue our Ascension journey to the upper chakras (9-12) and our true Soul Blueprint within our vibrational field, opening new doorways to spiritual insight, fresh perspectives and renewal.  As of March 16th we move from the 12th REALM of learning and lessons to the 13th REALM. This next phase of Ascension brings in more balance between mind and body. There will be more Light, as the March Equinox brings in perfect balance. 

HOPE, a much needed tonic, begins to percolate as spring returns and life shifts to the next level.

As we cross from one Realm to the next our sensory system continues to evolve with enhanced intuition and psychic capabilities.  More feminine energies wash into the collective consciousness and ignite the start of spiritual abundance within us.

Mercury Retrograde ends on March 9th, with the post-shadow phase continuing until March 20th; this powerful and “difficult” retrograde period took us deeply into the Self to retrieve what was missing, the last parts of the soul left behind or forgotten, and now can be integrated once again.  We are becoming WHOLE again. Our wholeness is bringing cosmic union to the planet. No longer will we feel separate from the universal energetic field, we now intrinsically realize that we are part of it, and it of us. We are part of a timeless and eternal continuum that feeds us information from its Cosmic Mind.

We are learning to follow the natural rhythms and flow of life, instead of trying to direct, control or circumvent.  SURRENDERING allows us to rise to the height of our true inner spiritual power, as well as stimulates psychic perception, meditative visions and dream work. Our emotions are now magnified, and can no longer be hidden, thus activating the kundalini, life force energy of Feminine and bringing emotional balance to our Masculine.

Our physical body will continue to expand (including our brain), to allow energetic input that brings spontaneous bursts of enlightenment. For those spiritually stuck, thwarted, depressed or repressed, this will bring release from old concepts of dogma, religious restrictions and spiritual dead-ends. This next shift allows more space within our mind, and the right use of power. It brings truth into one’s perspective, helping one see themselves in the correct context without letting ego or illusion muddy the waters. We move into more genuine expression and communication without the trappings of the ego.

We will continue to increase our perceptive inner power and widen our insights.

Selective insight can have serious repercussions, both for ourselves and for those who are using their insight to advise others. For a strong sense of Self and earthly safety, we need to be able to see as wide a picture as possible. Life is grey, not black and white.  This may not be comfortable for the ego, but it is a necessary part of Ascension progress and allows more co-creation. Wisdom abounds when our higher mind comes into all aspects of our decision making.

We will gently be encouraged by our feminine to widen our horizons, to see that there are many levels of insight and perception. This helps us to gain the courage to go beyond our previous apparently safe boundaries into uncharted regions of the minds, without fear, knowing that what we discover will be to our soulful benefit.  

March’s energies bring in the promise that we will no longer be manipulated, controlled or exploited!  Higher wisdom, deeper self-worth and illumination are on the way!

For more please watch my video below.

In loving service,
Samantha xoxo

Archetypes for MARCH (what we are learning):
The Spiritual Warrior, The Shaman, The Sorceress/Sorcerer 

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Teas: Illumination Chakra Tea

Sprays:  White Sage Cleansing  Spray - Provides psychic protection and illumination, as well as releasing fear and connecting you to spiritual source.

Ceremonial Smudge: for clearing the last of the negative karmic energies from your vibrational field!

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Psychospiritual and physical symptoms for March:  Remember that you are still incubating and releasing old karmic residue through the body, mind and emotions.  You will still have redemptive dreaming at night with deeper processing, downloads and insights during that time which will help you to heal, there will still be periods of fatigue, grief and heartache, but you are becoming wiser as a result of letting go.  Watch the health of your nervous system, heart, liver, spleen, lymphatic system. Vascular issues (vein pain, migraines, headaches, throbbing), sinus issues, ear congestion, dull headaches and pressure behind the eyes will continue. Our brain in particular is “expanding”. The throat and Thymus is clearing and shifting (hence throat aching, scratchy, dryness and tightness in this area).  Our digestion is becoming better, but you may need to do some gut repair as spring approaches. We will still have some skin issues and heat flushing. Stay hydrated - it’s still very important for this phase of healing. Be very patient with yourself, stay committed to your healing, your self-worth. Know that you ARE aligning with your destiny and true Soul Blueprint. You will feel more illumination and hope from March 20th onward!  

Cosmic Events

March 9  - Full Moon / Super Moon (in Virgo) Calgary, AB, MST
March 24 - New Moon (in Aries), Calgary, AB, MST
March 9 - Mercury goes direct
March 10-20 - Post-Mercury Retrograde
March 16 - The 13th REALM of Ascension begins
March 19 -  Spring Equinox, Calgary, AB, MST

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The Thirteenth REALM Essence

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