March 2023 Ascension Energies Update

March 2023 Ascension Energies Update

March 2023’s theme: Creating with A Purpose

March’s Keywords: co-creative action, soulful co-creation, spiritual inspiration

Hello Awakened Soul!

March’s cosmic energies are supporting us to embody more creative action, live through our hearts’ (not our egos), and co-create our own life experience. After the psychospiritual shift and DNA upgrade in February, we are now recalibrating to step into the next phase of our inner transformation.  To learn to delight in and recognize the soul’s needs to express itself creatively as part of our journey to embody individuation and wholeness.

As constantly expanding and evolving beings, we fare far better when we view our life experiences with this in mind. Life is a journey, not a race to achieve our goals with perfection, nor should we react in fear suspecting struggle and lack are lurking around every corner. Abundance is our birthright. This month will gift us the opportunity for greater personal creative expression - Creating with A Purpose.  

We are being guided by the cosmos to unplug from mass consciousness in this way and find a more creative, loving, soul-satisfying way of living, to let go of a way that is too small for our soul needs. 

Therefore the focus is on our 5th, throat chakra, as it houses our power to express our creativity, co-create our own life experience, and bridge the inner Self with outer reality. This expresses the Spiritual Law of As Above So Below, As Within So Without, and in doing so we can give voice to our soul and live out its purpose.  

When our creative expression is off balance there can be anger, pain, despair, apathy, procrastination, self loathing and many other challenging emotions. Vital force energy becomes stuck in the body - we are not “in the flow”. Any feelings that are stuffed and suppress the authentic self will rise up and can manifest as a blockage that can keep us in destructive emotional and self sabotaging, mental patterns.  

When we create our lives we use the throat chakra to bring out our expression of our soul’s essence by communicating it in a way that is true to us, generally through our speech, co-creative action or a creative endeavor.  

In the Ascension process as we embody a new paradigm of co-creative values, we are attuning to life as a creative process, and like a musical masterpiece we have the choice to sing every note with inspiration and passion. 

In making this choice we improve the flow of creativity and artistic expression while reducing the fear and anxiety of expressing ourselves. We take more risks and put ourselves in touch with our heart’s yearnings.

Another part of co-creating our life involves speaking with purpose - speaking in a more conscious way so that we can transform conflict and heal our social wounds together. This will be another theme this month, therefore being vigilant about our words, choices, actions, and constantly assessing whether they create harmony or cause harm is key. It will be important to use our mind wisely, in partnership with our heart to support this. This inspires us to be more tolerant and helps those of us who are feeling overwhelmed by responsibility and accountability to find order and balance.

Know that the voice of your soul can no longer be silenced! You can live your purpose through your own unique creative expression. Breathe life into your dreams: inspire and be inspired. So this month you have the choice to discover how to manifest your truth in soulful co-creation with the Universe.

Listen to your soul….what is it saying….do you have the courage to act upon it?

For more on how to utilize March’s energies please watch my video.

For those of you with my book - you can find further support by reading the 5th chakra chapter!

In service and divine liberation,


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Archetypes for MARCH

Archetypes for March (what we are learning/healing/embodying): The Prophet, The Muse

Cosmic Creative Cycle that we are in: WOOD (soulful abundance, divine liberation, resolute faith)


*The Prophet Essence - attunes you to the vibration of integrity, truth, co-creative action, creative expression, supports moderation and responsibility for your actions, free flow of communication and self expression with confidence.

*The Muse Elixir - attunes you to the vibration of impassioned purpose, soulful co-creation, spiritual inspiration, ignited imagination, tames stormy emotions and channels them into higher consciousness and awareness. Clears debris from the psyche so that one can tap into one’s own talents and divine direction, releases blockages in energy pathways to allow more Earth energy to rise up into the body and into all of the chakras, supports integration of your experiences to become inspired if you find yourself stuck, bogged down or apathetic.

*The Wood Element Essence - vibrationally supports you to build internal energy to break through patterns/obstacles/internal self-sabotage, hold the overall vision and your dreams without wavering, more anchoring or expansion, purpose, new possibilities, truth, justice, transforms anger/frustration/depression into action, deep-seated transformation, being a conduit for spiritual wisdom, Spiritual/emotional/body integration, full spiritual potential integrated into daily life.

*Goddess Spray - this beautiful spray anchors the soul and connects you to the center of your world, bringing grace and peace into your life, connects you to the heavens, acting as a bridge between Sky and Earth and supports you to see the spirit in all things.

*Release the Fear Tea - promotes healthy kidney and bladder function, allowing the body to expel the negative emotions associated with fear. Feelings of criticism, disappointment, failure, shame and guilt need to be released from the kidneys and bladder in order for us to raise our consciousness and step into our power. 

*Illumination Chakra Tea - Aligns your higher purpose with intuition and co-creative action bringing you closer to removing the fear based ego from your thought process and back to a place of insight and perspective. 

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March Psycho-spiritual and physical symptoms: throat/thyroid/thymus/neck/mouth issues, sore throat/tonsils, dry throat, being thirsty, difficulties speaking or remembering words, low energy, low immunity, fear, anger, frustration, anxiety, liver pain, digestive issues, red eyes, kidney pain, sore back, sore hips, frequent urination, UTI’s, yeast infections, frazzled nervous system, feeling drained, intense dreams, self sabotage, procrastination, lack of motivation, apathy, depression, mental confusion, headaches, foggy brain, memory issues, dizziness, sinus issues, congested sinus/ears, heat flashes, skin issues, being flushed easily, feeling stressed, bouts of spiritual fear, interdimensional/lucid dreaming, shifts in perception of your reality, crawly brain, hormone issues, up and down energy, lymphatic congestion.

If you have any concerns about your health and wellness,  please consult your health practitioner immediately.

More about the Ascension process and a complete list of Ascension Symptoms HERE

March Cosmic Events

March 3 - 3/3 Gateway

March 7 - Full Moon in Virgo @4:40 am PST

March 20 - Equinox @ 1:25 pm PST

March 21 - New Moon in Aries @9:23 am PST


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This group is for you if:

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