MAY 2023 Ascension Energies Update

May 2023’s theme: Ascendance (Up We GO)

May’s Keywords: Divine Purpose, Spiritual Growth

Hello Beautiful Soul!

After the immense clearing and alignment of our second chakra in April, we move to a new Cosmic Cycle of Creation: Fire - this will shift us out of the slow, intense, deep, breakthrough rhythm of the last three months (Wood Cycle) into accelerated spiritual growth in May. All of our arduous inner work so far this year will start to pay off in May!

The focus this month is the earthly and spiritual alignment of our 7th (Crown) chakra, the “Seat of the Spirit”. It is here where we receive higher guidance (via the pineal gland) to uplift the human spirit and channel new ways of living in harmony, balance and reverence with ourselves and our world. It is also where our own energy or vibrational field intersects with the universal vibrational consciousness (Oneness, or All That Is). 

The pineal gland, located in the head, is an electromagnetic sensor that regulates various states in the body, from our moods, to our extra sensory perception. Its biochemical and electromagnetic interactions are directly tied to its role in our spiritual enlightenment. 

Authentic spirituality, via the seventh chakra energy and as we ascend to align with our 8-12th chakras, is about living with is true for us as individuals. Spirituality provides fluidity in our individual experiences: it is recognizing that what is true for me may not be true for you. It provides us with the freedom to experience life and create our own unique feelings, thoughts and interaction in relationship to the Divine and our higher purpose. These are the qualities of the 7th Chakra archetypes: The Guru and The Priest/Priestess 

When we live a spiritual life we are able to grow infinitely on all levels of our being.  We are open to life and the truths that we find in our immediate world, from our moment to moment encounters with others to how we connect with nature. Reality can change for us in an instant, and we can witness these changes through  accommodating eyes. Spirituality promotes a world where ALL are equal, and diversity and co-creative principles are truly embraced. 

May’s Ascension Energies are inviting us to move to another level of spiritual illumination that will inspire us to new personal heights and growth on our soulful journey!

For more on the main lessons, the shadow to watch for, and how to work with these energies to support yourself please watch my video.

For those of you with my book - you can find further support by reading the 7th chakra chapter! And/or work with the 7th chakra archetypes and plants in my Oracle Deck.


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Archetypes for MAY

Archetypes for May (what we are learning/healing/embodying): The Guru (Divine Purpose), The Priest/Priestess (Spiritual Growth)

Cosmic Creative Cycle that we are in: FIRE (GROWTH)


*Guru Essence and Elixir - (links spirit to soul) bridges the vibrational and physical body, it connects you to sources of ancient knowledge, often revealing your soul purpose and reminding you of your true identity. It helps you to reunite with your tribes, soul groups and spiritual families. Aligns your inner knowing with your higher truth. It bridges the energies of the third and seventh chakras so that you can be more clear and confident in your decision making.  

*Priest/Priestess Essence and Elixir - supports your embodiment as spiritual being, your enlightenment as a means to humility and service to others, not for your betterment or superiority, balances the increase in downloading that activates, attunes one to higher consciousness and new possibilities, helps the fusion of other worldly and Divine energies with earth energies. Clears blockages, aligns the chakras. Resonates with the crown chakra, opening it to receive the highest spiritual guidance. Supports qualities such as empathy and compassion. Helps access spiritual information through the intellect. Makes one aware of the cause and source of dis-ease in one’s self. Supports the releasing and healing process of Ascension.

*White Star Essence - supports the opening, connection of flow with your 12th Star chakra, supports your spiritual sensitivity so you can attune to Spirit, angelic presences around you, and your guidance from helping spirits and Ascended Masters. Supports you to reorient your life stories from your core self and a place of higher consciousness, creating more peace and ease in your life. Facilitates the clearing of debris from your psyche so that you can tap into your talents and divine direction, and supports you to access constant renewal from Source to support your ascendance.

*Fire Element Essence - supports you to Shine your light (no matter how seemingly insignificant), aligns you with DNA Remembrance of Your True Self, supports you to engage in your Soul Pathwork, raises your vibe to that of non-judgement, acceptance, creating your reality, action, engaged productivity, connects you to the Divine Feminine and your own creative energy, increases your level of accountability for thoughts, words, and actions on the soulful path, attunes you to burn-out levels and navigating creative blocks, helps direct fiery waves of emotion towards passionate love, creative projects, and new ideas

Overall Fire Cycle Learning: patience, balanced effort, directed action

MORE about how Archetype Herbal Elixirs, Archetype Essences and Ascension Essences help you and which ones to choose are on my FAQ Page.


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May Psycho-spiritual and physical symptoms: more spiritual awareness and connection, sense of higher purpose, sense of non-duality (life is grey, not black or white), tingling in the head, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, confusion, memory loss, increase in addiction, increase in self doubt/self apathy, poor reasoning, rigid belief patterns/mental rumination, ego identification, over intellectualization, depression, possible increase in reaction/ use of violence, heat flashes, emotional vulnerability, stiff joints, low energy, anger, frustration, liver pain, digestive issues (we are shifting in our 3rd chakra area all year!), red eyes, voluntary muscle movement impairment (clumsiness, inaccuracy, instability, imbalance, tremor or a lack of coordination), frazzled nervous system, feeling drained, intense dreams, sinus issues, congested sinus/ears, skin issues, being flushed easily, feeling stressed, bouts of spiritual fear, interdimensional/lucid dreaming, shifts in perception of your reality, crawly brain, hormone/endocrine issues, up and down energy, lymphatic congestion.

If you have any concerns about your health and wellness,  please consult your health practitioner immediately.

More about the Ascension process and a complete list of Ascension Symptoms HERE

May Cosmic Events

May 5 - 5/5 Gateway - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio @ 9:23 am  PST (Empowered Feminine Gateway)

May 5 - Full Moon in Scorpio @ 9:34 am PST

May 7 - 577 Gateway

May 19 - New Moon in Taurus @ 7:53 am PST

Mercury Retrograde:

Pre-shadow: Apr 7 to Apr 20, 2023

Retrograde: Apr 21 to May 15, 2023

Post-shadow: May 16 to June 1, 2023

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This group is for you if:

*You want more guidance, consciousness and spiritual support as you weave your way through the Planetary Awakening process and Age of Aquarius.

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