May 2023 The Reclamation of the Co-creative Empowered Feminine

The Reclamation of the
Co-creative Empowered Feminine


Eclipse Energy Season is now in process and is accelerating the Awakening on the planet!  

Eclipse energies support us in certain ways on our soul’s journey. These galactic gateways usher in evolution, new beginnings and allow us to release habits, behaviours, and emotions that prevent us from manifesting our intentions and Divine Blueprint.

Just as April’s Eclipse Energies focused on the Co-creative Awakened Masculine, there is another powerful Eclipse gateway happening in May that embodies potent Feminine Energy codes.  

Friday May 5:  Full Moon in Scorpio @ 9:34 am PST & Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio @ 9:23 am PST

The May 5th Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is accelerating release within us while simultaneously calling in the energy we need to replace what we are shifting. Overall, this shift is now in our feminine - from the wounded version to the co-creative Empowered version.  

In my last eclipse newsletter I mentioned that the  April 19th, Hybrid Eclipse is the start of us embodying The Resurrection of the Co-creative Awakened Masculine within the collective consciousness, and the embodiment ends with the last solar eclipse of this year, on Oct 14, 2023.  

The May 5th Penumbral Lunar Eclipse codes are supporting the collective to reclaim the Co-creative Empowered Feminine. Both the Awakened Masculine and Empowered Feminine Eclipse Gateways are a game changer for humanity! We are anchoring in the New Earth timeline and a new co-creative value system. The Empowered Feminine Gateway begins on May 5th, 2023 and ends on the Oct  28th, 2023 Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.

If you are concerned about the state of our world, have no fear, all is happening according to the bigger cosmic co-creative plan! As humanity moves through this eclipse portal the old “power over” structures and misuse of power are crumbling more and more, and will be replaced by the Awakened Masculine and the Empowered Feminine in us! There will be no tolerance within the collective mindset for the old, destructive values and ways. 


Specials Numerical Portals that also contribute to May’s transformative energies: 

557 - May 5th 

577 - May 7th

Both of these numerical portals will heighten your multi-sensory sensitivity! 

Here is how to work with May's illuminative energies:

*Honour your heightened multi-sensory sensitivity. Your increasing sensitivity is steering you toward making healthy changes in your lifestyle, your career path and choices, your home and your relationships. Confidently follow the promptings of your intuition and higher-self. 

*You can expand your consciousness and spiritual awareness by meditating, taking time to go within, listening to your intuition and following higher guidance. Be mindful to keep a strong, clear connection with your personal spirituality and the cosmic realm. This can feel like being calm, detached and egoless.

*Focus on your personal spirituality and give any fears or concerns to your higher guides, ascended masters, angels, elementals  for healing and transmutation and know that you are being surrounded, supported and guided by the higher realms and your ancestors.

*It is important to be aware of your thoughts about other people, as the way you think about others instantly affects the way you think about yourself. Therefore, strive to see the Divine spark in everyone and send out love and forgiveness to all.  We need to move to forgiveness as a society, and release the blame, shame and trauma once and for ALL.

What are the Empowered Feminine Values in YOU?


Our Empowered or co-creative Feminine is here to encourage a cooperative, compassionate way of living. 

For millennia our collective consciousness and society has been dominated by toxic versions of masculine attributes, like competitiveness, intellect, hostility, greed, selfishness and destruction. But now we are being called from within, to give Light to the Divine Feminine attributes like cooperation, intimacy, caring, acceptance and intuition.  

She is present in both men and women, who need to reclaim her goodness, her softness, her passion and her abundance. This reclamation of the Empowered Feminine encourages self-awareness of oneself, and the inner calling of our self-expression and creativity. This new sense of the feminine then extends to relationships with others.  

What are the Empowered Feminine Values?

*Responsibility for yourself

*Finding balance in your life

*Allowing for aligned, heartfelt connections with others, Mother Earth, the plant and animal realms and the universe

*Viewing life as a process and a journey, in which you weave your own labyrinth-like destiny, your own choices, your own learning and know that each step you take leads you closer to your authentic self

*Being mindful in each moment, knowing that life is tenuous and fragile, and therefore, you want to ignite the passion within to fully live each breath you take

*Embracing your intuition and inner knowing so that you can be a full participant in your life and make decisions that are not driven by external circumstances, past wounding/karma, fear, anxiety, judgment, perfection, apathy, guilt, blame, or shame


The Empowered Feminine embodies the energy of the Goddess and Priestess Archetypes which liberates your full and natural expression of Feminine Self. These archetypes also elevate your self awareness, reveal your soulful purpose and inspire you to live more authentically. More creativity, inner energy, and joy naturally arise.  

Ultimately you command the inner authority to align your Higher Self with your own truth and higher purpose via cosmic attunement. There is an inner freedom which encourages inner divinity, spiritual altruism and the thirst to expand beyond your limitations and self serving agenda to be a conduit for Light and Love. 


Need Support? 

Here is a Vibrational product box to help you raise your energetic frequency and embody the Co-creative Empowered Feminine:

The Empowered Feminine Box includes: 

1 - 100ml Goddess Spray

1 - 60 gram Goddess Tonic Tea

1 - 30ml Priestess Essence 

Dried Rose petals in an organza bag

All come in a white mailing box with crinkle paper, description and usage instructions. Buy it for yourself or gift it to someone you know who needs Empowered support!